Twisted Taboo Phone Sex with Erin

Destination Erotic Taboo Twisted and Pervy Phone Sex! You’ve reached your destination for the most taboo phonesex role plays. My mind is dark and deviant and I know yours is too. (Or else you wouldn’t be reading the deliciously dirty words I’ve written for you.) Let’s have a meeting of the minds, so to speak, and explore our most twisted desires. I can’t even list these depraved pleasures here because I’d get banned. So let your devious mind imagine what filthy fun we can have together.

twisted taboo phone sex

I’m in my late 20’s, but that’s not the age I like to play. I truly have no limits when it comes to the sick and twisted fantasies you have.  I’ve also lived some of the no limits pursuits that might be among your Taboo Phone Sex favorites. I wish the world wasn’t so puritanical when it comes to sex. Granted, America was first settled by Puritans, but we should have evolved to the point where we could explore our sexual desires and erotic needs without suppression. Do you want to find out all the dirty and pervy pleasures I masturbate to? Let me hear all about yours as well!

Just go give you an example of some of the twisted taboo phone sex fantasies, think religious blasphemy. Or a really taboo torture accomplice call. Naughty schoolgirl, pervy babysitter, and so many other things they won’t even let me tell you about here.

Your first call with me won’t be your last. You will want to revisit with me again and again to go deeper, darker, dirtier and more depraved. All of our kinky fetishes must evolve and intensify. There is no taboo topic to which I’ve ever said “no”. And I don’t expect there ever will be. Remember when it comes to taboo and twisted, I am your Destination!

Twisted taboo phone sex with Erin 1888 402 8669

Dirty Taboo Roleplay Phone Sex

roleplay phone sex

I know I look sweet and innocent, but looks are deceiving! If the perverted thoughts and fantasies that run through my mind were shouted out to the world, I think they would lock me up! This is why I am perfectly suited for taboo roleplay phone sex. I’m a dirty girl with a very dirty mind. You already can tell I have no limits when it comes to our phonesex calls and if you are like most guys who call me, you are sure you have just the fantasy to shock me or push my limits. Won’t you be surprised when I can outshock you. hah!

My favorite thing about taboo phone sex roleplay is exploring those dark and desperate corners of your mind. When I tell you that I really do want to know your secrets, I do. Or if you just want to hear some of my filthy fantasies, just give me a hint about the direction I should take. Taboo and role-play can go in so many different directions, what is “normal” to me is kinky to most and even sick and twisted to others. I wish I could tell you in specifics what I’m talking about, but you will have to trust that I will make even your most taboo phone sex fantasy come to life.

Domination, submission, accomplice, babysitter, teacher/student, young MILF, blasphemy, and absolutely everything else. I have my hand in my panties right now just thinking about so many of the things that we can and will talk about and play about on the phone. Let’s see if we can push each others limits and share the naughtiest fantasies and experiences we have had.

For fantasy taboo roleplay phone sex, call 1-888-402-8669 and ask our friendly dispatcher to speak with me, Erin right now!

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