Strap on Fetish with Memphis

I’ve always been called a nasty bitch, but the day I got my first strap-on, I deserved the label. Sure, I knew how to handle a sex toy, but that was the day that everyone else knew it too. I went to a sex toy party with a group of girls I know. I didn’t intend on getting drunk, but they all encouraged me to drink more than I should have Can’t deny a girl a few shots of tequila. Right? Little did they know how the night would progress. The girl running it all asked for a strap on fetish model.

strap on phone sex

I was addicted! All those strap-on dicks and pussy galore. Since these parties are all female, she asked me to practice hitting the target on my best friend. She even placed a paper bulls-eye on her pussy. I couldn’t miss that gaping pussy though. She was one of those girls with the big lips and massive pussy. I know my friend. She is a big dick hunter and never fucks the little ones. I always admired that about her. She is too picky, but that gives me a better aim with my beast of a strappy. I love taking the ass for the first time, can you bend over and beg for it? No worries if you can’t. I will force it in deep and hard. Mine all mine. Your ass is ready to be used and believe me your strap on fetish needs to match mine;)

Flashes went off, and the videos were posted to social media. I guess you can say I was an overnight sensation. These women wanted to play along with us after that. Me, the beast, and their pussies, mouths, and assholes. Oh, the ass. Imagine 11 inches of hot black flesh pounding that back door. You won’t walk right for a week. I’ll make sure of that. Also, I am not opposed to giving cock sucking lessons either. Wrap those pretty lips around my fake dick and get me off, well, not literally. I have found one that squirts now. Guess what I will be filling it with? Tell me your strap on fetish or would you like me to take total control? Pick your poison.

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Sensual Phone Sex with Julia

Chivalry isn’t dead, nor is sensual phone sex. People seem to forget that not everyone wants someone dirty and nasty. There is nothing wrong with that, but the whispers of sweetness in your ear, nibbles on the neck, and seduction is always a big turn on. I still enjoy candles and roses. Soft music and dancing, and the love that can be shared between two lost souls. It doesn’t mean sex is boring to want someone who loves you making sweet passion filled love to your brain, and body.

sensual phone sex

I came home to roses sprinkled all over my bed, a bath ready, and soft music filling my room. A friend of mine wanted to give me a fantasy night. He knew that I had a hard week, and he wanted to make sure I went to bed happy. I am sure you can imagine how excited I was for this. My pussy was wet, but I let him find that out when he undressed me. Yes, he did that for me too. Even kissed each naked spot on my body, telling me how beautiful I was. A woman needs to hear that more often than not and during sensual phone sex is a good place to start.

He made love to me. Not fast, or hard, but softly. His cock was big, though he made sure when he entered my velvet walls, I was wet. Some just like the hard and forceful fucks. Not this man. He wants to make passion, not fuck. We did speak a little filth though. Dirty words for such a pretty mouth he said. I blushed for the first time in so long. He called me a little foul-mouthed minx. I guess I was though. I let the speed of the fuck happen with encouraging pleads to fuck me harder. Nothing wrong with mixing things up when passion floods the soul. I promise to satisfy all of your needs during sensual phone sex. Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for sweet Julia;)


Humiliation Phone Sex with Memphis

Hello loser. Welcome to the world of humiliation phone sex boning. Did you think that I would sugar coat shit just to make you feel like a real man? Think again dumbass. I will drive you to the point of destruction. Cock too small? Wallet not big enough? Are you a fucking loser? I’ve got everything you need right here. My little pay piggy can’t get off unless I take it all. Guess what? I will take you so far down that the only thing you will have is your tears. I don’t give a fuck about feelings. Make sure you know that.

humiliation phone sex

Wrapped around my finger, your soul has been mine since the day we had our first humiliation phone sex session. You come to me asking for help with your girl. Why did she cheat? Look down mother fucker. She cheated because your cock is a worthless worm. Who the fuck wants that when they can find a real man? You’re just the one who pays the bills now. A wallet for her to use. Sorry baby, but there isn’t anything you can do when I take control of your mind, body, and soul.

Twinkle twinkle tiny  shit, you’ve got issues you dimwit!

I need a real man. Know any? Don’t bother saying you can do the job. We both know the closest you will ever be to being called a real man is when they screwed up on your birth certificate. I guess there was no spot for gender, bitch. I am blunt, to the point, and won’t lie to you. I want you for what you give me, and if you bring that dick close to me, I’ve studied castration. I won’t think twice about lopping it off and laugh about it. Hardcore humiliation is the name of my game. Cum over for a session with your Supreme Goddess Memphis. Call me at 1 888 402 8669

AIM: XXX_Memphis


Two Girl Phone Sex with Julia

Candles lit, I know what you need. I’ve been listening baby. I called a girlfriend of mine over for a double treat. A two girl phone sex session will make all your fantasies come true. It’s every guy’s fantasy to have two at once, and I am going to make sure we both focus on you. Perfect bodies, amazing tits, and minds so filled with filth that you’re already stroking. Let us do that for you. Four hands are better than two. We are made to please you, and you will never be the same when we’re done.

two girl phone sex


Down on our knees in front of you. Her mouth on your balls while mine coaxes your cock in my warm mouth. A slow blowjob, is what you need. Don’t be alarmed when she moves around and eats that ass. We might be a dream come true. Girls like us do everything your wife and girlfriend won’t. Mmm, baby, push the head of your cock deeper down my throat. We need you nice and hard during two girl phone sex. Notice how she moved behind me to eat my pussy. Her tongue deep inside of my beautiful pussy. Spreading my folds with the tip of her tongue. I love a soft mouth.

Ready for us? She is going to lay on me, and you will have a double the pussy. Fuck me, fuck her, fuck us both at the same time. Makes us beg you to cum inside of our pussies. You’ve always dreamed of this, and with a two-girl phone sex call, you can have everything right there in front of you. Sensual voices will guide you down a path of destruction. We’re horny and that cock of yours is all that will make us satisfied. Hurry over. I left the door open for you. Call Julia at 1 888 402 8669 .

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Spanking Phone Sex with Memphis

Over the knee, with a hand, or a belt, spanking the bare bottom is one of the hottest kinks. Not the simple “bad girl” swats. I like those spankings that leave you unable to sit for days and the remnants of handprints all over the ass. Welts and bruises are just a sign of a job well done during spanking phone sex.

spanking phone sex

Last night after a kinky spanking  phone sex session, I was so turned on that I had to do something wrong. I called a friend and asked him to come over and punish me. We’ve fucked in the past, so he knows what a freak I am. The thing was, I didn’t want to fuck. I wanted to be punished. Rules were that I could suck his cock, he could jack off on my face, but he had to spank my ass so I would remember it for days. If he left a bruise on me, I would make sure to do anything he wanted for a full month. I never go back on a promise. It took him less than 5 minutes to get to my house, and when he arrived, I was already bent over the edge of the bed and presenting my ass for his hand. No belt or paddle. I want those fucking hand prints on me. Wiggling my ass at him, he told me to count them out.

One, two, three, oh fuck, four, five.

He wasn’t stopping anytime soon. I know that he wanted to own this dirty bitch for a full month, and I would let him. My ass was covered in spank marks, and his dick finished off all over the red welts. He rubbed it in hard to sooth down the pain. All that did was make me want more. I need another spanking phone sex session so hurry up and dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis.

AIM: XXX_Memphis

Sensual Phone Sex with Julia

Beauty will only take you so far. You need to have the brains behind it. I’ve always been the perfect woman. Sweet, honest, and the kind of girl you can take home to Mom, but what if that all changed? I have days where my fantasies run wild in my head, and even I want to make something bad happen. When sitting at a local coffee shop and daydreaming, I couldn’t stop the overwhelming need to take things to a new level during sensual phone sex.

sensual phone sex

The couple sat across from me arguing. It wasn’t the time or place for that to happen. Both sipping a latte, their voices were low, but I heard it all. He caught her cheating by checking her phone messages. Remember to clean your cache boys. No one likes a cheater.

Though she kept denying the fact that she slept with his brother, he knew the truth. He had all the proof in black and white. She was seen giving his brother a long blow job at the last family party. Nasty whore should have known to take that elsewhere. When she excused herself to the restroom, I couldn’t help but go over and console the man to let him know how I could help cure his woes with sensual phone sex. He was crying and I knew that I could help relieve some of his heartache.

My hand went to his knee, patting it before rubbing gently, “You know she doesn’t deserve you, right? You happen to be a handsome man, and if you were mine, I would make sure you never have this pain. Being a sensual phone sex therapist, I know how to treat the broken. Moving my hand up his thigh, massaging over his dick, “How about I leave you my number, and you can call me sometime? We can have coffee and talk,” winking, he knew what I wanted. Pulling out my pen, I wrote my name on his hand before walking away.

As I left, I looked back to see them break up and grip his hand tight. I knew I would be getting a call that night.  Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia.

AIM: SweetJulia_4U

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Memphis

Three of my favorite words are “Bend over Bitch” I love anal sex, and the backdoor is always the loophole. I started using it back when I first started having sex. No better way not to get pregnant than to take the cum shot in the asshole. Plus, I cum so hard with a dick in my ass during ass worship phone sex. That stretch, burn, and pain, I thrive on it. When the rest of the women in the world tell you not in the ass, find your favorite anal sex slut and pound her asshole into submission.

ass worship phone sex

Stroking your cock and wishing the wife would take it in the ass? I am the ass worship phone sex slut that prefers it there. I have a huge toy just for back door fucking, but no worries. I will share it with you if that’s what you prefer. Remember the first time you placed the head of your cock on an asshole? The temptation you had to push inside. Do it. Smear the little rosebud with lubrication and push into it.  Spread that oil slick around with the head and slip inside. So tight it almost feels like a rubber band constricting the tip. Not a better feeling in the world that something too tight around your dick.

If she screams, fuck her harder. If she says ouch but pushes back on it, don’t stop. A true ass worship queen will love the pain you give her. Look down and watch her love chute open wider. Fuck, pull out and look at the damage you’ve done.  Balls were pounding her pussy lips, dick all the way in, you’ll be in heaven soon enough. Make sure to call the girl who never says no when you break the bank. I am the no limits, no taboo phone whore for you.  Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis!


Voyeur Phone Sex with Julia

Voyeur phone sex…ahhhh I love it. Showing off in public. Fucking without care, I am a voyeur phone sex dream. I will turn the tables on you though. Not only do I love to put on a show, but when my man does it for me, I get off hard. Sharing you with the world makes my pussy wet. Last night though, I went to a whole other level of twisted. Come a little closer and let me whisper all the dirty sexual details in your ear. Promise never to tell? Liar! I love when you tell all the other boys about your nasty phone fucks.

voyeur domination phone sex


Sending my caller out to the mall, I knew he couldn’t resist that bench in the middle of the food court. It was right in between a clothing store and a shoe shop. Both a toss-up on what he loves more. I know all the naughty fetishes. As the patrons walked by, I made him touch himself. First, adjust his zipper to the down position. Second, give that dick a rub. Making him hard with my sultry moans, I masturbated while the world watched him sit in discomfort. I told him not to rub his cock in public, but he couldn’t help himself because voyeur phone sex made him weak and my whimpers drove him insane.


I had him put a bag on his lap and stroke his cock while watching girls try on clothing and shoes. He would have to be careful not to get caught. Having him jack off in public was a voyeur’s phone sex fantasy. I could imagine someone seeing him and watching. Would they say something? Or maybe they would help. He couldn’t tell them no in fear of being caught. Imagine being a straight male and you must let another man jerk you off. Would you take the chance and say no, or would you allow it? I told him if that happened, he couldn’t say no and after all I’m the best phone fuck around and I know exactly what makes you cum hard. Call  1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia.

AIM: SweetJUlia_4U

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Memphis

This mouth was made to suck cocks, but not just any cocks. I need the big ones during cock sucking phone sex. The dicks that stretch your jaw to the point of fracture. I love when it hurts. When I gag, choke, and get to the point of passing out. I know I have done a good job. That’s what happened when I found myself on the receiving end of a throat train. Sorry honey, but when a man needs to cum, my oral skills are second to none.

cock sucking phone sex


Pulled to the edge of the bed during cock sucking phone sex, head hanging off the end. I love when my throat is elongated for maximum penetration. A real lover of oral sex knows this position well. Gag factor has nothing on me and I’m not afraid to show you my skills. I take it, break it, and wait for another to pump me full. I like when I’ve taken so many loads that my stomach protrudes from all the sperm donations. Not a beer belly, but a cum belly. Sloshing when I walk.


One by one they lined up to take a turn with the best cock sucker in town. A blow job Queen, who loves when her hair is pulled, her throat is thrashed, and her makeup is running down her face. I’m sure you understand how much I love pricks by now. Thick, veiny, and spurting cum. Watching them blow gives me an all over rush. I hope you need a horny whore who isn’t afraid to beg for it. A nasty, wanton woman will always swallow, so bring on the jack juice and filler up.


cock suckingl phone sex is the next best thing to getting blown. All the sounds of the real thing, without the fuss of pleasing someone else. Let me gag for you while you bust down my throat. Make a dirty bitch happy today. Call your cock sucking whore Memphis  at 1 888 402 8669 for the best blow job around!

AIM: XXX_Memphis

Sensual Phone Sex with Julia

I love when a man takes his time to please a woman; a giver by nature. This natural beauty will never let a good thing go unnoticed. That’s why when a friend of mine took me out for an expensive dinner and of course I made sure to thank him in a way he would never forget. A sensual massage was something he had always dreamed of having. Making sure that fantasy came true for him was my goal as it is always my number one priority when engaging in sensual phone sex . He will never forget the night I made his dream a reality.

sensual phone sex

Baby, close your eyes…hot oil, candles, soft music, and the bed sprinkled with your favorite perfume. Both naked, your cock is hard, but for me this is about so much more. Just like the night with my guy friend; I wanted him to get the full experience of a sensual massage. Body to body, our oiled up naked frames would be used to massage each other in the most erotic way. After checking out tumblr, twitter, and even some porn and learning from my own experiences, I put together the basics of giving the best sensual phone sex. No words needed, the body is the only tool we need tonight. Slick with sweet almond oil, I’ll slide my bare breasts up and down your back. My nipples become hard the moment we made contact. Physical touch is the most important human need. Without it, we cannot thrive.

Details of this erotic experience can be whispered when you call for a sensual phone sex session with me. I love being that one woman you never will forget. Unlimited pleasure comes from those late-night secret conversations. Phone sex with me will always bring you back for more. For many, I’ve become the addiction they can’t seem to break. Not that they want to. No one will ever know about the secrets that are whispered in the dark. Are you ready to book that session with your naughty phone masseuse? Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia.

AIM: SweetJulia_4U