Bisexual Phone Sex with Julia

Being a bisexual phone sex girl is so yummy. Getting to have my cake and eating it too… well, would you expect anything less from a girl like me? I love it when I get calls from people who want to hear about all of the bisexual experiences I’ve had. Being bisexual means the possibilities are endless when exploring sexual partners. Man, woman – it doesn’t matter to me. Sexy is sexy to me. But to be honest some of my most exciting experiences have been with couples. That’s when being a bisexual woman gets really hot!

bisexual phone sex

The first time I had sex with a couple was sort of by accident, but trust me, it was a happy accident. See, I was making out with this guy I picked up in a bar. We went back to his place and we were starting to get really hot and heavy and that’s when his roommate walked in. Most people would probably say they’re sorry and turn and walk out, but she didn’t. She came right up to me and started playing with my tits while he was fingering my pussy. I was kind of shocked, but it felt so good and I really didn’t want her to stop. I ended up sitting on her face while he fucked her and it was the hottest thing ever. I came harder than I ever had before. And that’s when I figured out that I liked pussy just as much as I liked dick.

Would you like to hear about the first time I went down on a girl and how I can’t get enough of juicy wet pussy on my face? All you have to do is call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia. Let’s share stories about our experiences and we can cum together during our bisexual phone sex call. I’ll tell you all about that and then some. I bet you’d really love to hear about all of my strap on adventures with women, wouldn’t you?

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Memphis

Take a look at this ass! It’s complete perfection and you are not even worthy to be in the presence of it. But perhaps it’s your lucky day, loser. I am willing to let you call me for ass worship phone sex so I can tell you every single way I would like you to worship it.

ass worship phone sex

First things first, I want you to get onto your knees behind me and look at it. Great visual right? It’s even better than you imagined huh? How much do you want to touch it? And how much do you want to smell it? You’re already drooling…Look at you! I bet you’d do just about anything to be able to bury your face right in it, wouldn’t you? I’ve been working out and I’m little sweaty but I’ve been told that makes my amazing ass smell and taste even better. If you’re a good boy and you beg me in a way that satisfies me, I will let you lie down on the floor and I will squat right  over you. I don’t even have to look at you to know that you’re still drooling.

Just know that when I finally lower my perfect ass onto your face, it will make your dick start throbbing! You’re still fully clothed, but I can see a bulge growing in your pants. I’ll be watching that bulge throb even more as I wiggle my asshole right down onto your tongue. Mmm it feels so good when you work it all the way in. I am going to squeeze my thighs around your face and grind on you until you beg for mercy.

Are you ready for ass worship phone sex with the perfect Goddess? Call me right now at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis.

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Julia

A lot of guys think that it’s a must to have to have some kind of far out there fetish, fantasy, or roleplay when they call me for  phone sex and to be completely honest that’s just not true at all. Sometimes the best thing is for both of us to just be able to lie back and talk about the things that get you excited or we can talk about the things you’d never thought you’d say out loud. We can even discuss how sweet or spicy you like to be with one another and no matter what your’re craving the only thing that I want is for  you to indulge in your phone sex journey because after we chat for a bit the possibilities become endless because you’re my priority.

anything goes phone sex

Simplicity really is the way to go sometimes. You can tell me what you’d love to do to my soft and sexy body while I touch myself and moan for you. In return you get to hear about all of the attention I’d be giving you and remember to pay attention to the details because the excitement is all in the details.  I welcome a change in pace sometimes and I’ve learned that sometimes we just need to slow down and enjoy the moment.

I just want you know that if you prefer a faster speed and intensity then this girl is for you as well. No matter what you need remember when you call me you’ll really get that anything goes phone sex vibe because we both have the same goal and that’s to get off;)Do you enjoy the simple pleasures or are you the type that needs to indulge a little more often than others? This anything goes phone sex girl is more than ready to get us hot and bothered. Call me right now at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Julia.

Domme Phone Sex with Memphis

I’m sure you can tell just by looking at me that I am the the very definition of a perfect domme phone sex goddess. My face, body and definitely that craved look in my eyes says it all! I control men very easily and you will be no different. So whatever theory you think you may have about being the one who can resist me…think again! Actions always have a way of speaking louder than words but trust me when I say that you absolutely will not be able to.

Domme Phone Sex

That burning desire for me to control you never leaves because unlike other women in your life I give you something different and that craving only intensifies. Once you get on the phone with me, I will be able to talk you into anything I want so come willing and open to make me happy. How much domme phone sex are you willing to indulge in? Do you need me to be sort of easy on you where we I assist you into being the perfect sub for me or are you the balls to the wall type of guy who wants extreme?  Do you feel brave enough to call me and find out what my mood is today?

What gets that mind running wild? Is it the thought of relinquishing so much of the control you’re used to having because you need a break from that role or are you a masochist just like most of the guys who call me? Can you handle whatever I dish out?  I guess we’ll find out soon, because I know your weak ass is about to call. I’ll say this enter at your own risk! You can’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Just grab your phone right now loser. You probably already have it in your hand, don’t you? Just call Memphis at1 888 402 8669 . Be prepared to serve Memphis during domme phone sex.

Roleplay Phone Sex with Memphis

I am totally in the mood for some roleplay phone sex today. I’m thinking that I could be your sexy secretary who NEVER does a good job in the office, but you keep me around because of how hot I am. I’m a little bratty and you are getting sick of my attitude and me thinking that just because I’m hot, I can do anything I want and keep my job.So, you call me into your office one day for a meeting.

role play

When I step into your office, you ask me to shut the door behind me. I roll my eyes and shut the door. You tell me very sternly to sit down. You ask me if I know why I’m there and my response is “Because you wanted to get a better look at my hot body?” and you tell me that I’m kind of right. You tell me that if I don’t want to get fired, I’m going to have to make it worth it to you or you’ll really have no good reason to keep me. You point out that my work isn’t up to par and that it doesn’t look like I am going to make any effort to do a better job. So that’s when I ask you exactly what I could do that would make it worth your while to keep me. And that’s when you get up and come stand in front of me. You tell me to stand up and when I do, you push me down onto my knees and tell me to unzip your pants and open my mouth. I tell you no at first, and then you threaten me with my job again, and I do as I’m told and start sucking your dick like a good girl.

Ready for some kinky roleplay phone sex with a secretary slut? Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis!

Submissive Phone Sex with Julia

Every now and then, I love getting a call for submissive phone sex. I do love being in control, but there are times when I just want to submit all of the control I have to a real, strong man. I won’t give it up to any of you losers reading this, so don’t even try it. But if you’re a real dominant man who knows what he’s doing, then I am the girl for you. I want you to really understand what a dominant/submissive relationship is. If you do, you’re absolutely the kind of man I will listen to and I’ll do anything you say.

submissive phone sex

I know it’s kind of basic, but something I really love is when my Master puts me on my knees and instructs me on exactly the way he likes his cock sucked. I’m very good at cock sucking, but only my Master knows exactly how he likes it. I will do every single thing you say to me if you call me for submissive phone sex. I’ll suck your cock just the way you like it. I’ll beg for you to cum in my mouth if that’s what you want. I’ll tell you what a dirty cum eating whore I am and how I NEED your cum down my throat.

That’s only one thing, but you can do anything you want to me when you call me for submissive phone sex. I will not say no to anything because I know I am not allowed to. I am your slave and your pet. If you want to fuck me 10 times a day, you may do it, Sir. If you want your friends to fuck me, then they may do so. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for me to do, Master.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to your submissive slut Julia!

Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Memphis

Have you been wondering what it would be like to suck a dick but you just haven’t had enough courage to go through with it yet for real? That’s what a gorgeous Goddess like me is for. I’ll talk you through it and if you need a little push, well, I’m totally okay with that, too. No matter what, when you call me for a cock sucking phone sex session, I will make sure that you finally seal the deal.

cock sucking phone sex

If you want to do it so badly, I’m curious about why you haven’t gone through with your cock sucking fantasy yet. I bet you are probably scared that you might not be good at it. I mean, we all have first time jitters. I’d be happy to talk you through it and help you with exactly what to do. Do you want to take it down your throat balls deep? Do you want to suck the head and jerk it off? Just do whatever it is that feels natural to you and I promise you, you won’t go wrong. I’d even stand behind you and put my hands on your head and give you a little push. Sometimes that’s all a natural born cock sucker like you needs to get started. You’ll be a pro at sucking cock before you know it!

Maybe you’re a cock sucking phone sex lover already and you just want a hottie like me to talk about it with. Maybe you want to share with me what a slut you are. I love hearing about how many cocks you’ve had total or how many you’ve had in just one day. Maybe I can talk you into upping your game a little.

Are you ready for hot cock sucking phone sex? Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis!

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Julia

I’m sure you have made tease and denial phone sex calls before. And you’ve probably found out that not every girl is good at it. Some can tease, but they kind of are a little loose with the denial part of the call. They just don’t get that you don’t deserve to cum. You don’t have to worry about that happening with me. It will take several long calls before I ever let you cum – that is, if I ever do. Are you willing to take that chance with me?

tease and denial phone sex

Look at me. You KNOW that you don’t deserve a woman like me and you know that you would be lucky to even be teased by me. I will tease you relentlessly with my perfect body and my filthy mouth. You’ll be so horny your dick will throb and you’ll be begging me to let you shoot your load. Sorry, but that is just not going to happen. Do you think I am going to be THAT easy? Oh, no. Not for the likes of you. Like I said, I may never let you cum. I could torture you for days, weeks, months…it doesn’t matter to me. I am not going to be the one suffering. You are. And your suffering will bring me so much pleasure.

Do you think you can handle being my tease and denial phone sex victim? You might think you’re strong, but trust me, you’re going to be putty in my hands and you’ll be begging for that release. It’s not going to do you any good to beg, though. You might not think I’m serious, but trust me, I am.

Call me now for tease and denial phone sex. Just call me at 1 888 402 8669 and tell them you want to talk to Julia!

2 Girl Phone Sex with Memphis

I know that sometimes one girl is enough, but there are times when you have a fantasy that requires two girls and that’s where two girl phone sex comes in, baby! I have so many hot girlfriends who would be happy to play with us! They are all equally as dirty as me, so you can be sure that they will be as eager as I am to make your hot fantasy come to life. No matter what kind of girl you want to join us, you’re going to find her, I promise!

2 girl phone sex

But what I am really interested in is what kind of fantasy you want us to weave together for you. Do you have any idea yet what you want to do with us? If you don’t, that’s nothing to worry about. Me and my girl are more than capable of coming up with a two girl phone sex fantasy that will make you shoot a big, juicy load. Maybe you want to have your limits pushed just a little bit. Well, we can definitely do that – we live to push men to the edge.

A lot of guys love to just sit back and watch two girls play together. You can just close your eyes and let us tell you all of the naughty things we would do to each other. I love pussy and all of my girlfriends do, too. I’m sure at some point you’d be so turned on that you wouldn’t be able to just let us play, though. You’d have to join in and fuck one or both of us, wouldn’t you?

Are you ready for your super hot two girl phone sex adventure? Just call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis and the girl of your choice. Let’s play, baby!

Phone Sex Confessions with Julia

Hello there, perverts. Yes, I know you’re totally a pervert and you’re always on the prowl for something really nasty to do with a girl. You’re so bad that you probably need to call for some phone sex confessions every now and then, don’t you? I have a really good feeling that someone like you is just full of things that you want to tell someone so that you can get it off your chest. It’s not that you feel guilty for doing stuff, but you just want to share all of your naughty experiences with someone just as dirty as you are.

Phone sex confessions phone sex

Well, it looks like you’ve met your match because I have some phone sex confessions to get off my chest, too. You aren’t the only one who has done super bad things. I’ve been a dirty girl my whole life and I bet some of the things I have done would shock you to your core. I’m nowhere near as innocent as I look. I’ve done things that I know for sure would make you blush. Are you brave enough to call me up and ask me about it? I bet we’re both gonna end up cumming really hard when we share our naughty confessions with each other. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done – I want to hear all about it. Even all that taboo stuff that you didn’t think you would ever be able to tell someone. Not only will I love hearing about it, I will match your stories and make you cum harder than ever.

Are you ready to tell me all of those phone sex confessions now baby? I’m more than ready to hear them and share my own. All you have to do is call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Julia.