Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Memphis

Have you been wondering what it would be like to suck a dick but you just haven’t had enough courage to go through with it yet for real? That’s what a gorgeous Goddess like me is for. I’ll talk you through it and if you need a little push, well, I’m totally okay with that, too. No matter what, when you call me for a cock sucking phone sex session, I will make sure that you finally seal the deal.

cock sucking phone sex

If you want to do it so badly, I’m curious about why you haven’t gone through with your cock sucking fantasy yet. I bet you are probably scared that you might not be good at it. I mean, we all have first time jitters. I’d be happy to talk you through it and help you with exactly what to do. Do you want to take it down your throat balls deep? Do you want to suck the head and jerk it off? Just do whatever it is that feels natural to you and I promise you, you won’t go wrong. I’d even stand behind you and put my hands on your head and give you a little push. Sometimes that’s all a natural born cock sucker like you needs to get started. You’ll be a pro at sucking cock before you know it!

Maybe you’re a cock sucking phone sex lover already and you just want a hottie like me to talk about it with. Maybe you want to share with me what a slut you are. I love hearing about how many cocks you’ve had total or how many you’ve had in just one day. Maybe I can talk you into upping your game a little.

Are you ready for hot cock sucking phone sex? Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis!

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Julia

I’m sure you have made tease and denial phone sex calls before. And you’ve probably found out that not every girl is good at it. Some can tease, but they kind of are a little loose with the denial part of the call. They just don’t get that you don’t deserve to cum. You don’t have to worry about that happening with me. It will take several long calls before I ever let you cum – that is, if I ever do. Are you willing to take that chance with me?

tease and denial phone sex

Look at me. You KNOW that you don’t deserve a woman like me and you know that you would be lucky to even be teased by me. I will tease you relentlessly with my perfect body and my filthy mouth. You’ll be so horny your dick will throb and you’ll be begging me to let you shoot your load. Sorry, but that is just not going to happen. Do you think I am going to be THAT easy? Oh, no. Not for the likes of you. Like I said, I may never let you cum. I could torture you for days, weeks, months…it doesn’t matter to me. I am not going to be the one suffering. You are. And your suffering will bring me so much pleasure.

Do you think you can handle being my tease and denial phone sex victim? You might think you’re strong, but trust me, you’re going to be putty in my hands and you’ll be begging for that release. It’s not going to do you any good to beg, though. You might not think I’m serious, but trust me, I am.

Call me now for tease and denial phone sex. Just call me at 1 888 402 8669 and tell them you want to talk to Julia!

2 Girl Phone Sex with Memphis

I know that sometimes one girl is enough, but there are times when you have a fantasy that requires two girls and that’s where two girl phone sex comes in, baby! I have so many hot girlfriends who would be happy to play with us! They are all equally as dirty as me, so you can be sure that they will be as eager as I am to make your hot fantasy come to life. No matter what kind of girl you want to join us, you’re going to find her, I promise!

2 girl phone sex

But what I am really interested in is what kind of fantasy you want us to weave together for you. Do you have any idea yet what you want to do with us? If you don’t, that’s nothing to worry about. Me and my girl are more than capable of coming up with a two girl phone sex fantasy that will make you shoot a big, juicy load. Maybe you want to have your limits pushed just a little bit. Well, we can definitely do that – we live to push men to the edge.

A lot of guys love to just sit back and watch two girls play together. You can just close your eyes and let us tell you all of the naughty things we would do to each other. I love pussy and all of my girlfriends do, too. I’m sure at some point you’d be so turned on that you wouldn’t be able to just let us play, though. You’d have to join in and fuck one or both of us, wouldn’t you?

Are you ready for your super hot two girl phone sex adventure? Just call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis and the girl of your choice. Let’s play, baby!

Phone Sex Confessions with Julia

Hello there, perverts. Yes, I know you’re totally a pervert and you’re always on the prowl for something really nasty to do with a girl. You’re so bad that you probably need to call for some phone sex confessions every now and then, don’t you? I have a really good feeling that someone like you is just full of things that you want to tell someone so that you can get it off your chest. It’s not that you feel guilty for doing stuff, but you just want to share all of your naughty experiences with someone just as dirty as you are.

Phone sex confessions phone sex

Well, it looks like you’ve met your match because I have some phone sex confessions to get off my chest, too. You aren’t the only one who has done super bad things. I’ve been a dirty girl my whole life and I bet some of the things I have done would shock you to your core. I’m nowhere near as innocent as I look. I’ve done things that I know for sure would make you blush. Are you brave enough to call me up and ask me about it? I bet we’re both gonna end up cumming really hard when we share our naughty confessions with each other. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done – I want to hear all about it. Even all that taboo stuff that you didn’t think you would ever be able to tell someone. Not only will I love hearing about it, I will match your stories and make you cum harder than ever.

Are you ready to tell me all of those phone sex confessions now baby? I’m more than ready to hear them and share my own. All you have to do is call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Julia.

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Memphis

I absolutely love it when I get calls for orgasm denial phone sex. When you tell me that’s what you’re calling for, it’s like music to my ears. It also means that you’re really self aware. You already know that that’s what you deserve. Honestly, a loser like you just never deserves to cum in the presence (even over the phone) of a woman like me.

orgasm denial phone sex

Why do I think you don’t deserve an orgasm? Well, it’s simple and there are two reasons. One reason is that you’re a loser, plain and simple. You just aren’t the kind of man who deserves any kind of attention from me that will make you cum. And two, you already jerk off enough when you’re alone. Why should I make you cum?

Oh, don’t worry. You’re going to get to jerk off while you talk to me. But you are going to be teased beyond your wildest dreams and when the time comes for you to shoot your load, that’s when I am going to tell you to stop. There is nothing that you can say or do that will get me to allow you to cum. I just am not going to do that – ever. You might promise to buy me things or do things that will humiliate you in order to get me to let you cum, but it’s really just never going to happen. But I will surely enjoy you trying to persuade me. It’s fun listening to a man beg knowing you are never going to give him what he wants.

Are you ready for orgasm denial phone sex with me? Are you ready to really and truly be denied? All you have to do is call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis.

Dirty Phone Sex Confessions with Julia

Hi, I’m Julia and I LOVE hearing all the dirty phone sex confessions from you nasty perverts. Don’t worry, I’m not saying that being a pervert is a bad thing – I consider myself one, too. But it’s so much fun when you call in and tell me that you have a confession to make. I think I love it so much because always know that when someone wants to “confess” something it’s going to be REALLY dirty and really good.

phone sex confessions phone sex

I want to hear about all the nasty things you did when you were younger. I know that people discovering their sexuality do all kinds of naughty things. I know I have! If you tell me all of your dirty phone sex confessions, I would be more than happy to share mine. Wouldn’t it be awesome to lie back and touch ourselves together while we tell each other stories about all of the naughty things we’ve done? That’s making my pussy so wet and you haven’t even called me yet!

I bet you have some things that you’ve done or that you want to do that you have never told another living soul, don’t you? I want you to tell them to me. I’m the least judgmental girl out there and you know what? I bet I’ve had some of the same fantasies, so there’s no need to be worried about laying it all out there for me. I am just as dirty as you are…maybe even more!

I’m ready to do some confessing, are you? I want to hear all your dirty little secrets. So call me now and tell me all of your dirty phone sex confessions. All you have to do is dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Julia. I’m ready and waiting for you!

Cock Control Phone Sex with Memphis

I love cock control phone sex. Having a man like you call me and tell me that he wants me to control everything about the way he jerks off is just music to my pretty little ears. I would love nothing more than to direct your masturbation in every single way. I’ll tell you if you’re allowed to watch porn while you jerk off. I’ll tell you where to sit or lie down. I’ll tell you what to use for lube. I will, of course, also be telling you how to grip your cock, how fast to stroke it, and when you are allowed to have an orgasm.

cock control phone sex

Do you think you have it in you to give up all of that control to a hot cock control phone sex Goddess like me? I know that you might be thinking that you don’t want to let a girl you don’t even know tell you what to do and control you in that way. But trust me when I say that THAT makes it even hotter. You don’t know me. You’re letting a perfect stranger tell you exactly what to do and when to do it and that’s exciting to you, isn’t it? The more you think about it, the hotter the prospect of that gets.

Now don’t worry. When you call me for cock control phone sex I will eventually let you cum. It probably won’t be until the end of our very long call, but you will get to cum. I want you to see how good an orgasm feels when you give someone else all of the power. Are you ready to play with me now? I’m more than ready. I want you to call me now at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis!

 Humiliation Phone Sex with Julia

Oh my God you are such a loser and that’s why the only thing you are good for is humiliation phone sex. You like to put on a show for everyone and act like you’re big and bad, but a girl like me knows that deep down, you’re a pussy. I can smell your lack of confidence from a mile away and I will eat you alive. I mean, why wouldn’t you lack confidence? You’re a loser through and through. You have any number of things wrong with you and I will not be shy about pointing them out.

humiliationphone sex

First of all, have you looked in a mirror lately? You’re not exactly model material. A gorgeous girl like me has no use for you other than to remind you over and over again how hideous you are. You’re balding, your teeth look really stupid and holy shit, a plane could land on your nose. Yeah, it’s that big. Is it any wonder no woman wants to have anything to do with you?

And don’t even get me started on the little thing in your pants that you call a dick. You can’t even call yourself a real man because there is NO way in the world you could fuck anyone with that thing. Ugh. You should just keep it hidden in a pair of panties because nobody is ever going to want to see you naked. But don’t worry, there are still things I can use you for. You would be a great fluffer for getting dicks hard for me before they fuck me. See, you can be destined for greatness, too. It’ll just be way different than what you imagined haha!

I seriously can’t wait to remind you of what a huge fucking loser you are when you call me for humiliation phone sex! Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Julia.

Phone Sex Slut with Memphis 

I was told once that I just look like I’m horny all of the time. I guess some girls might get offended by that, but not me. That’s because I’m a nasty phone sex slut and I am not ashamed of it in any way, shape, or form. I love everything about sex. I love sucking cock. I love being fucked in both my slutty holes. I also love experimenting with sex and I will try anything you ask for. I know that different things are turned on by different things and I love it. Different strokes for different folks, you know?

Phone Sex Slut phone sex

Not only am I game to try different fantasies and fetishes with you, but I LOVE fucking in unexpected places. It’s so much fun to fuck in places that you really should not be fucking in. I’m talking about places like the bathroom at church, maybe at one of our parents houses in the bed when we’re over for a holiday or a party, or maybe even some place really spooky like a cemetery or a haunted house. Hey, you have to switch things up and live it up.

I can’t wait to hear about all of the nasty things you want to do with a hot phone sex slut like me. Trust me when I say that things with me will NEVER be boring. You can count on that. I like to take a walk on the wild side and I won’t settle for anything less than that from you.

Are you ready to tell me all the things that make your dick hard? Come on, try to shock me. I bet you can’t! I will meet you where you are and maybe even top how kinky you are. Just dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis, your favorite phone sex slut.

GFE Phone Sex with Julia

Home for the holidays, they all ask where your girlfriend is this year. What will you tell them? I have the perfect advice for the lonely. GFE phone sex is the ideal antidote for those that don’t want to be hooked up with the fat friend of your Mother, or the girl no one wanted in high school. I am the girl of your dreams, and when you tell the stories of our dates, the love we have for each other, and all the gifts you have bought me, they will be so jealous. Arrange a special call while at dinner. You can talk to me while they try not to listen.

GFE phone sex


I am the perfect female. You tuck me away the moment you’re done, and only bring me to life when you need me again. No arguments, no overpriced dinners, and if you cum too quick, I never laugh. Plus, I never have a headache when you’re horny. I bet you never thought it was possible to find the girl of your dreams. All you had to do was pick of the phone and ask for the GFE phone sex  girl of your dreams. Mom will love me, Dad will want me, and your ex-girlfriend, she won’t compare to me.

My seductive voice will lure you in deeper to my web. There will be no breaking up with the girl of your dreams. I am the sure thing, and only come out to play when you invite me. Call me when you get to your next destination. Let them all know you have the perfect girlfriend, the nasty little slut, and the girl they all wished they had. I am your Prom date, Head cheerleader, and homecoming queen all wrapped in one perfect body. Come on over. While you’ve been searching high and low I’ve  been waiting for you and ready to be your perfect “girlfriend” figure. GFE phone sex is the perfect mixture for all of your needs. You’ll never be disappointed. Call and ask for Julia at 1 888 402 8669!

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