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Creampie Phone Sex with Julia

My new lover has a fetish that he can’t seem to shake. He loves creampie phone sex so much that he can barely function if he hasn’t tasted any at least once a day. The last time I gave into his needs, I was up all night making him nut inside of me so he could get his fix. I promised myself the next time we had an encounter, I would make it more kinky.

Creampie Phone Sex

To spice things up a bit, I told you to meet me at the local sex shop for an even naughtier experience. When we got inside we were met by the loud moans of a sex tape that was playing on all five of the tvs. We couldn’t help but stop and watch as the woman got her pussy banged by two men while the third nutted in her asshole. Your cock couldn’t resist it and started rising in your pants as you watched the performance. My tongue found its way into your mouth and before I knew it we were in the back of the sex shop making a little video of your own.

Your hands roamed my body as I allowed my clothes to effortlessly fall to the floor. I ripped off your clothes as our tongues played with one another making my center beg for your cock. I mounted you on the futon and began doing exercises while sliding up and down your shaft. Your face showed that you couldn’t hold in your orgasm after fifteen minutes of fucking, so you busted inside of me in creampie phone sex. I got off you and laid down letting you admire my creamy pussy. You began licking away at my juices that were mixed in with your fallen soldiers as I squired in your mouth.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia

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Big Tit Phone Sex with Memphis

You remember the last time I glided my big tit phone sex across your cock and turned you into my nipple sucking fiend? You were caught off guard and didn’t know what to do as I pulled you into my trance making you leave all of your worries at the door. You’ve never experienced something as sweet and tempting as this and you promised yourself you would keep coming back for more

Big Tit Phone Sex


I knew you would be calling me over the other day for another late night rendezvous. You wanted me to wear my leather skirt with red bottom heels, and nipple clamps. Your palms were already sweating in anticipation as I knocked on your door for our tryst to begin. When you let me inside your eyes inspected every part of my body while focusing mainly on my breasts in big tit phone sex. You tugged on my nipple clamps which only made me wetter for you as I stood there leaking from your sexual temptation.

Following you into your den, I prepared myself to step into pandora’s box. I expected the best as you removed my nipple clamps and took my mounds into your mouth and seductively teased them. I came just from you sucking on my nipples. As I turned around so I could face you, you flashed me a seductive smile. With my big tit phone sex staring you right in the eyes, you pushed me closer to you and freed your manhood. I knew you wanted me to give him a special treat, so I got down on my knees and allowed your cock to fall in between my breasts. You were seconds away from busting so I twirled my tongue around the head of your cock and allowed your sticky semen to drip from my luscious tits. We spent the rest of the evening seducing one another with you always finishing on my breasts.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for the one and only Memphis;)


     AIM: XXX_Memphis

Interracial Phone Sex with Julia

I love fetishes that keep me wet and wanting for more. This guy I met at the bar told me he would give me a thousand dollars if he could have his way with me for one night. I couldn’t turn him down since it usually takes men only a few minutes to cum. My dripping pink hole puts me in a different dimension where it’s hard for them to escape in interracial phone sex.


Interracial Phone Sex

Tim, the guy I met at the bar wanted to treat me like a true cum whore. He wanted to fill all of my holes up with his sticky man juice in hopes that I would permanently smell like him for days after. When I got to his hotel room the money was laid out on the desk as promised while he laid in the bed ready to be serviced. Interracial phone sex for me is all about the fantasy; the idea of a huge black cock turns everyone on.. I love pleasing others by digging deep into their sexual fetishes and giving them what they ultimately dream of.

I squatted on his cock while his hands explored my body. He was an older gentleman and probably hadn’t tasted pussy this firm and tight in ages. I made sure he got his money’s worth with each movement. I could tell he was loving interracial sex with me when I rode him backwards while I leaned over and made my ass jiggle on his cock. He started shaking letting me know that he was about to cum so I moved my ass on his cock even harder and when he yelled out that he was cumming, I slowly went up and down on his shaft. His nut drizzled on the bed sheets and leaked out of my pussy all the way into the shower. I took more than a thousand dollars from him that night. I took his soul making him come back for more interracial phone sex.

I’d love to indulge in your interracial phone sex fantasies. Call Julia at 1-888-402-8669.



Feminization Phone Sex with Memphis

The most powerful trait I possess as a feminization phone sex domme is my sensual curves and my sharp tongue. My words will cut you before my whip even gets a chance to get near you. My lovers are used to me giving them harsh punishments if they don’t follow my rules. Your only task is to be my perfect slut that does everything I say. If I give you five cocks to suck, you better make each and every one of them nut in your mouth and swallow every ounce that they offer you. If I tell you to sell your ass on the street corner and give me the profits, you’ll put a smile on your face and fuck everything in sight for a quick buck.

Feminization Phone Sex

I knew you were weak when I met you, that’s why I chose you for feminization phone sex. Putting you through my rigorous training was just the first step in making you the ultimate slut. It wasn’t until you came face to face with a thirteen inch cock that you started questioning if this was something you really wanted to do. His name was Brandon and he was the man I used to whip sluts into shape.

During one of my slut training sessions I brought you to the front of the classroom to show the rest of the sluts in training how to suck cock properly. Brandon was there with all of his inches hanging from his body waiting for you to swallow him. I reminded you that the perfect blow job consists of you making sure his cock is covered in spit before making him disappear into your mouth. The entire class watched in amazement as he fucked your mouth in feminization phone sex. I took pictures as his nut escaped his cock and graced your tongue.

I know you’re already feeling weak and craving feminization phone so pick up the phone and dial 1-888-402-866. Don’t forget to ask for Memphis 🙂


AIM: XXX_Memphis

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