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Fantasy Phone Sex French Maid Homewrecker Roxy

Fantasy Phone Sex

You, sir may call me Roxy and we both know why you hired me for your fantasy phone sex session. Who better then a foxy redhead to roleplay the horny, french maid, homewrecker? I am no wilting flower either. You might have noticed my maids outfit is made of skin tight latex. Oh yeah baby, this fox has a latex fetish! Does it not show off my big tits and sexy body? I know your sweet, pious, little wifey-poo isnt home when I come by to clean and that suits this size queen just fine. You have quite the reputation at the cleaning company I work for. This busty redhead heard all about your wandering hands and huge meaty dick. You are quite the pervert and I am here to exploit that.

You think you got all the moves? I do believe you are in for a shock because you havent seen anything yet, big man. I am going to tease the hell out of your cock and deny you every chance I get! You wont fuck me as soon as I walk in the door. I want you to salivate over me in your fantasy phone sex world! I know you just want to bend me over and smack my ample ass but maybe it will be me who corners you in you and your wifes bedroom.

This horny little homewrecker is going to tease and torment you right where your wife sleeps. Sounds hot, doesnt it? I might even rub my juicy pussy on her pillow. The only thing I may clean is your cock with my mouth and that wont happen until you’re frothing over my hotness! There is no helping your dirty mind, though lol. No amount of bleach is going to clean that.

I will expect more money, too. This french maid is no dummy. You want to play with fire you have to pay to fan those flames. This hot homewrecker doesnt care if you need to dip into your wifes purse to pay me more either. I mean you wouldnt want her to find out about all our horny little sex games right? Didnt think so. Let Miss Roxy take that huge dick and tickle your balls until you forget all about her. I love making that cock hard and your balls blue. We will fuck at some point on your fantasy phone sex call but first I need to lead you on a merry cock teasing chase.

Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Roxy

Aim: foxeeroxyxxx

Dirty Phone Sex Fantasy with Exhibitionist Roxy

Dirty Phone Sex Fantasy

Oh, you think you are pretty bad ass, huh? You see this busty redhead, parked, out in the middle of nowhere and you think I might need some company, right? I know all about your dirty phone sex fantasy. Do you think you can sneak up on Miss Roxy while she masturbates on the trunk of her car? You have no idea of the kinky risks I like to take to get my rocks off. I love being an exhibitionist and public masturbation really makes my clit horny! Do you think I might have been waiting for a horn-dog like you to come by? I am putting this show on for YOU and you dont even realise it!

Get that big cock out and pounce on me! You might find yourself rolled over and pinned on your back, baby! I know thats not a big hardship. Especially with this amazing fun bags right in your face and your dick rubbing up against my supple thigh. Just know that this sex-kitten is on the prowl and you were duped! Now that I have you here I dont need to masturbate anymore. I can just sit on your face and howl at the moon as I take my pleasure! If that dick is amazing I might suck on it while I ride your face! This dirty phone sex fantasy was mine in the making and now you are my sex slave.

I am going to ride that huge dick under this full moon. I am going to grind and roll my hips till I climax. There wont be any comdoms either! See, I have a cum fetish and I plan to take your spunk deep in my pink fuck hole! Oh yes, this exhibitionist loves impregnation fantasies too! When it come to dirty phone sex fantasy you wont have to worry about me saying, “ewww”. I am just as nasty as you, trust me, my little horny toad!

Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Roxy!

Aim: foxeeroxyxxx

twitter: foxyflirtroxy

Smell Fetish Phone Sex Role Play Olfactophilia

smell fetish phone sex role play

Its your natural redhead, Roxy and boy its the hot, dog days, of summer, isnt it? This time of year is the perfect pairing with olfactophilia, or in more simpler terms smell fetish phone sex role play. Did you know that this busty goddess’ niche is bizarre or kinky fetish play? I love it! My body is a tempting playground for those of you who like to get down and dirty. For instance? Are you turned on by female sweat? Does the musky scent of a real woman drive you crazy? I am betting you have an obsession with female odor, dont you? You go the beach, gym or amusement park and gawk at hot n’ sweaty vixens who have spent the day having fun in the sun!

What part of a cock tease is perfect for a smell fetish phone sex role play call?

Sweaty feet, fragrant armpits, underboob area on a girl with big tits, and between the folds of a delicate pussy and a goddess’ ass crack and hole. All my sexy crevices and folds are yours to explore if you beg real nice! I might even let you taste my salty skin if I start to get turned on by your worship. Your tongue was made for all my special, moist, spots. If you are a connoisseur of sniffing ladies you could spend all day sticking your horny nose into my armpit and between my ass cheeks!

I will even stop manicuring my pussy and armpits so there is soft, ginger, hair to tickle your nostrils with. Plus, if you are serious about your smell fetish phone sex role play addictions you will already know that hairy armpits or pussy help trap all those delicious and sometimes, if you are super dirty, stinky smells for you to enjoy.

One of my favourite olfactory addictions is sweaty female feet. Well, you worshipping mine of course. I want to peel of a pair of ancient runners and fan my wonderfully stinky toes right under your nose. Be a good boy and slide your tongue between them?

I know you foot fetish lovers, sometimes, need humiliating sweaty feet to make your boner big and hard. Take my foot out of my shoe and take a whiff! Yes, they have to be stinky. You arent man enough for erotic fetish play involving my clean, sweet, feet and you know it.

Bi Curious Phone Sex For Cock Curious Novices

bi curious phone sex

When it comes to bi curious phone sex we all have to start somewhere, right? When you first discovered you were cock curious it was likely when you were skimming through some kinky porn site, right? It always starts with some fantasy and masturbation. I mean how could you not see those huge porn dicks on the screen right before your hungry eyes? You cant ignore that huge dick flapping around between his thighs. No one can. Now you have this hankering for some real meat. Maybe not in real life because sometimes a kinky fantasy is better left as a fantasy. You just need a kinky phone conversation with a foxy redhead, like me. I am Roxy, by the way and I love men who secretly want to learn how to suck a big, juicy, cock. I especially like novices, or beginners, if you will.

Why do I love bi curious phone sex novices?

I love to teach. I love to guide. I am very gentle with newbies and I know how to coax you and encourage you to role-play to your kinky hearts content. We can take baby steps or just let our hair down and get nasty. Just know I will listen to your needs and use my imagination to make your toes curl in delight. Maybe you love the idea of a cuckold session as a way to introduce yourself to blow job 101 or maybe you have a fetish for BBC or un-cut cock. Whatever it is dont be afraid to confess to me, darlin. I am very real, my voice is very natural, and I am down to earth and I wont ever judge you for your cock curious cravings. I just love to get kinky. The more fetishes and roleplays we get to explore the more mutual masurbation fun we can have. Lets get our freak on and find out just what floats your boat, dirty boy.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Roxy.

Twitter: foxyflirtroxy

Yahoo: foxyroxyxxx

Aim: foxeeroxyxxx

Cum Fetish Phone Sex with Roxy


I have a dirty secret. Well, it may not be much of a secret since I am not the shy type, but I have a cum fetish! My name is Roxy and I am a wild red head, with big tits, and a freaky imagination! I love getting a pearl necklace or have a gooey face full of jizz! You can spray your baby goo all over my big tits or round bottom, too! When it comes to cum fetish phone sex I can get down and dirty with the best of them. Seeing a cock shoot his ball custard all over my skin is so hot to me. Especially, if he can spray it instead of dribbling it all over himself. This is why I love giving out jerk off instructions (JOI). Then I get to enjoy the manly sight of a cock going off like a firehose!

Hyperspermia is another cum fetish phone sex topic that drives me wild! Hyperspermia is when a man has an abnormal amount of ejaculate! If your volume and production of sperm is through the roof I want to get to know you, stat! We will make kinky, nasty, beautiful music together! I will tease that hard-on and caress those balls till you are fit to burst! You know, I can edge you and play with you all night long. Your orgasm will always be better when its prolonged and intense.

Some of you may have a nasty desire to have me to tell you to eat your own cum! I am quite the freaky mistress when it comes to commanding you to eat your own jizz. Well, if you want to climax you have to do as I say or I will send you to bed with blue balls. Oh, yeah orgasm denial is definitely part of this mistress’s volcabulary. And for any of you wishing I would let you be the one to take a face full of another mans ejaculate? I happen to have a special spot in my heart of nasty bi curious guys who want to fantasize about sucking cock. I can control you or be a slut with you. If I am going to be a cum slut I expect you to share and snowball that creamy load with me.

Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Roxy!

Yahoo: foxyroxyxxx Aim: foxeeroxyxxx

Pedal Pumping Fetish Phone Sex Foot Tease

Pedal Pumping Fetish Phone Sex

Hi, its Roxy! I think I have made it pretty well known that I like unusal or unique fetishes. Do any of you foot fetish addicts get off on pedal pumping? What an intricate phone sex role play we could have together! Think about it. Maybe, you could be hitchhiking and I am cruising along, in my old muscle car. I happen to notice you, with your thumb out, on the side of the road. Being the daring sex kitten and total cock tease that I am, I wouldnt think twice in pulling over and giving you a lift. See, this red haired feline likes toying with men. Its just what I do!

Imagine that I have on a bikini and these sexy, strappy, high heels. You can see my red painted toe nails and slender ankles and that cock starts to get some lead in it. Listen, dont think I am not aware of you checking me out. Here is the thing, tiger. You wont tame me so dont even try. Its this gas pedal pumping cock tease that has the upper hand. I love making you feel like your balls are gonna burst just by exploiting your sexual fetish.

You look so fidgety in that passenger seat, baby. Safety first! I am going to lean across your torso, rubbing my big tits up against you, and buckle you in! I tend to like putting the pedal to the metal, so to speak. I like to go fast and I like danger. What about you? I almost giggle at the look on your face when I lick my lips and pump that peddle. Ready? Watch, as I flex my ankle and press down. Do you see how my pudgy, pink, toes flatten just a smidge as I press down? Does it excite you when my foot flexes, pressing and releasing that pedal? Its the same kind of sensual rhythm one might take when stroking a cock, isnt it?

Is your engine over heating? Fetish phone sex can have that effect! Especially when this pedal pumping, cock teasing, fox is behind the wheel. Mmm, that is quite the big bulge you have in your pants. Wouldnt you love to pull over, have me sit on the hood, and have you worship my pretty feet in these sexy high heels? I bet you would. However, I like you having you buckled in and hard as marble in your pants. It amuses me and turns me on. I get pretty wet, too when I drive fast and cock tease at the same time!

If you love gas pedal pumping fetish divas then you need to call me and we will have a hot roleplay together!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Roxy.

Aim foxeeroxyxxx

Yahoo: foxyroxyxxx

Twitter handle: foxyflirtroxy

Kinky Smell Fetish Phone Sex Mistress Worship

Kinky Smell Fetish Phone Sex

Hey kinky fetish boys! Its your hot blooded, red headed, sex bomb, Roxy! Listen, this mistress, sometimes, likes her fetish phone sex a bit bizarre or unusual. I definitely have a nasty confession and I am hoping to find some like minded kinksters who enjoy this, too! Ok, here it goes. I like smell fetish play which is also known as “Olfactophilia”. I love when a mans form of sensual body worship involves sniffing me in every sexy, sweaty, fragrant, nook and cranny I have!  It delights and titilates me to no end! I get very aroused as I watch you bury your nose into my soft, moist, skin.

What parts of my body could you smell during a kinky olfactophilia fetish phone sex call?

Why, I am glad you asked! You could smell my sweaty feet after they have been in my runners all day. I would love to have you kneel in front of me and watch as I peel my smelly, cotton, socks off. Watch me spread my pink, pudgy, toes so you can press your nostrils right up against them. Take a big sniff, foot slave! Do you like that musty, sour, smell? Its dee-lish, isnt it? You arent worthy to work your way up, though! You need to stay down there and snuffle around my toes and lick them clean.

There is also my moist, hot, pussy. Sometimes, Mistress Roxy likes to let her flaming red pubes grow in just so you can worship her ginger haired cunny! All that pubic hair helps keep the smell right there. Imagine the moist droplets of my own juices on my pubes and that hot scent of pussy wafting right up to your nose. You know what to do! Trust me, I am very imaginative on these kinds of bizarre fetish calls. I can indulge your kinky needs for hours!

What about my armpits or under-boob? Oh yes, you fetish phone sex pervs can sniff my hairy armpits and lick my under-boob as a form of body worship. You love those sweaty, pungent scents and feeling my armpit hair tickle your nose, dont you?

And of course, we cant forget my round ass! I have a big booty thats perfect for worship! Whether I stick that ass out and you bury your face between the cheeks, or I sit on your face, you are going to smell my butthole and lick me to a glorious orgasm! If you are a very good boy I might let you beat off while you do it. You will have to ask really nicely, though as I am fond of tease and denial or delaying your orgasm, at least.

Call me soon, at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Roxy!

Yahoo: foxyroxyxxx

Aim: foxeeroxyxxx

Twitter: foxyflirtroxy

Cuckold Phone Sex



If you were to ask me what my favorite type of phone sex is, I would have to say cuckold phone sex. Nothing gets me moist like making my man watch a much larger cock enter me. The feeling of having two men at my mercy is all the more pleasurable during a cuckold phone sex call. Teasing and taunting my partner’s tiny limp dick, delights me and turns me on. The smaller the cock the more I love to tease!

Recently my friend Tony and I took a much needed trip to Aruba. You can imagine how erotic things can get with the beautiful surroundings and hot tanned bodies! I preferred clothing optional beaches, and Tony happily obliged. I was tanning myself in the sand behind our cabana, when I looked up and spotted the most beautiful man I had ever laid eyes on. His firm body glistened in the sun, while his cock hung low. I knew I had to have him, He introduced himself as Steve and sat down beside me. We talked for a while and shared a bit about ourselves. The more he spoke, the more I realized I did not really care about who he was, or where he was from. I wanted him inside me, nothing else. Steve knew what I wanted, and knew how to give it to me. I turned over on all fours and spread my juicy cheeks for him. As he thrust he glorious throbbing cock inside me. I thought only one thing will make this even more incredible. “Hey Tony, come out here!” I moaned loudly. As Tony emerged from the cabana I could see the look of shock on his face. Tony wanted in, but I was not having it.

I forced Tony to sit in the corner and simply watch me with this much larger, much manlier lover. I giggled and teased as I compared Tony’s much smaller cock to Steve’s nine and a half inches! Tony knew that once Steve was finished with me, he would be left to clean up the mess. And that is precisely why I get so deeply turned on by cuckold phone sex!

1 888 40 BUNNY and ask for Avalon for cuckold phone sex

AIM: alluringavalon
Yahoo: alluringavalon

Roleplay Phone Sex


Hello guys I’m Kiki and I just love being  your roleplay phone sex slut. Want to seduce the office secretary, teach her a lesson on getting her work done?  I am ready for any punishment you can give me. Tie me up, blind fold me and punish my tight ass for not doing my job.  Please sir I’m very sorry I didn’t get the reports done I will do better next time.   Keeping my job is my main concern and I will do whatever you ask. There is nothing I won’t do for you to keep it.  I will beg on hands and knees if you like, naked and begging any way you want.  Ready to take your hard cock in my tight wet pussy , or my hot ass.

Unless of course you have been a very naughty boss. Then you can call me mistress Kiki my naughty slut.  I will gladly punish you if I think you need it.  Your mistress will teach you a lesson on how to treat people. I will whip you and tease you until you beg me to stop. Although I won’t promise I will stop since you have been so naughty. That hard cock will not cum until I say so, you want to deny and degrade your employees let mistress Kiki see how well you like it.  So call me baby and lets see what kind of role play phone sex slut I can be for you. My wet pussy is just aching for your hard cock to show it who’s boss.

1-800-40-BUNNY Ask for Kiki

AIM: Kum4Kiki69
Yahoo: KumWithKiki

Fetish Phone Sex


Hello there, boys. I am lusty Lola and I will quickly become your go-to girl for fetish phone sex. Why? I am so sensual and kinky. Take a good look at me, bad boy? Do you see yourself surrendering to me? Submitting to me? Are you wondering what my pretty feet would look like or smell like? I have discovered that I love to explore foot fetishes. Everything from you sucking my toes through my expensive, silk, stockings to slippery foot jobs. Watching your cock squirt loads of creamy cum on my tootsies is so kinky! Oh and if it floats your boat I really dig high heel worship too!

Watching you lick my heels and suck on them makes me feel so erotically powerful. And of course, I am sure you know this but Lola loves for you to work your way up, from my high heels, to my ass. Oh yes, baby I really get off on you worshipping my ass. If you have a ass fetish then we definitely need to talk on the phone. Let me show the meaning of face sitting.

As you can see I can be sensually dominant or just plain kinky. I am very versatile. I just want to play with you and find out what makes you tick on a fetish phone sex call. Everyone has their own personal favourites. I want you to share yours with me so we can get super naughty together. I don’t have any limits so we can get as uncensored as you like on the phone. Another kink I have discovered I like is panty fetish. Seriously, this has so many fun variables.

Some fella’s want to wear panties and play sissy games like feminization or strap on cock fantasies. Others want to steal a hot girls panties, sniff them and beat off with them. Some stroker boys want to watch girls parade around in certain types of panties like thongs or bikini’s. Maybe your thing is to watch me masturbate through my panties till they are sopping wet. Then you can take them and wrap them around your cock and beat off on my wet pussy and flat, sexy tummy.

My Favourite Fetish Phone Sex Topics

Foot Fetish

Panty Fetish

Ass Worship

Stocking Fetish

Forced Bi

Exhibitionism and Voyeurism

Spankings (Giving or Receiving)

Having Sex In Strange Places

Sex Toys

Cream Pies and Cuckolding

Big Black Cocks

Cum Fetish

There is way more then that but you get the idea. I definitely get a hankering for some BBC. Do you? We can play out any kind of BBC Fantasy you have. I, also, think cum fetish phone sex is hot. I love making you eat your own cum after you jerk off for me. I also adore you forced bi callers! Making you suck off guys and watching them shoot into your mouth is so damn dirty. Oh and sitting on your face and delivering a nasty cream pie from my freshly fucked pussy into your open mouth is just plain hot.

See, I told you I was kinky. *Wink*

Pick up the phone and call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Lola.

AIM  lust4lola

Yahoo lust4lola

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