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Come be a good cuck, and please me with some cuckold phone sex. I love being your girlfriend, because I can do whatever and whoever I want. The whole street knows me as the cheating girlfriend, but i don’t care. You’ve been such a good sissy lately I think you should be rewarded. When you get home from work today, you may or may not find me bent over the living room couch, getting rammed by Marcus. You remember Marcus, the one from work that I always told you not to worry about and you believed me.

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You know how much I love and miss getting fucked by big dicks, especially big, black dicks. It pleases me to see you so accepting of your role as a cuck. Do not think just because I am rewarding you with cuckold phone sex. that you get to join this time around. Maybe Ill change my mind and let you taste my sweet, cunt juices off Marcus’s bbc. We all know an average size, white man cock does nothing for me anymore. Ever since I got my tight pussy stretched out by a bbc, I have not wanted to ever go back to that pink meat. No longer do I have to pretend to be enjoying your average size cock anymore. It was getting tiring have to fake it so many times. It was also getting tiring having to be a cheating wife behind your back. Having you wear that 12 inch strap-on to fuck my brains out made me want the real thing so much more. You hated it, but I loved it. You will be a good cuck for me this time with cuckold phone sex and clean up your wife’s cunt filled with all of Marcus’s thick, warm cum. He cums a lot so you will have plenty to clean, taste, and eat. Do not act like you do not like it. I see how you devour my pussy after it’s been filled with another man’s cum. You stick your tongue so deep and far inside me to make sure you don’t miss a drop of my cunt juices, or his cum. It’s never your cum because that would mean I have to actually let you fuck me. That’s not going to ever happen so do not even think to ask!

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Phone Sex Size Queen Arianna

You looking for a girl who openly admits that she is a size queen? Well you found your phone sex size queen right here!

I openly admit that I love a cock that is over 9″. Yes how many of you guys who are under that size just had your dick turtled right up? I know doesnt seem fair right?

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But neither is settling for really bad sex with a guy who walks around with a small cock. I want good sex from a guy who can hit that special orgasm spot in any and all sex positions. So yup you can call me a size queen but I prefer to be a woman who just knows what she wants in the bedroom.

Now does being a phone sex size queen mean I lean to liking big black cock?

The answer to that is HELL YES!

I dont have to tell you guys they have a certain aura about them. They know what they got in their pants a big ass anaconda ready to pleasure all us white women who are dealing with disappointing small white dicks. So yup when I see a black guy walk by my pussy gets wet.

This isnt shocking news to you or least it shouldnt be cause you love when a woman is open about what brings her sexual pleasure. I am all about telling you what makes me happy in the bedroom. Especially what size cock makes me cum like crazy!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey hon! You’ll never guess what happened last night. I was desperate for some cuckold phone sex! My husband is home for two days before he leaves for another business trip. And I don’t know what had gotten into him, but he was horny, and his blood was rushing to that thing between his legs he calls a cock.

It all started out fine, a little fumbling at my nipples, a hand between my legs to see if I was “enjoying it” — my pussy is almost always wet and ready, it has nothing to do with enjoyment!

So he shoves himself inside, and I kid you not, I counted to 30, he groaned and was done. He rolls off me onto his side of the bed and starts snoring. But now I’M horny, and that performance wasn’t doing anything for me. So there I lay, with my toy buzzing furiously between my wet lips, hoping that you’d call me for some cuckold phone sex so I could sneak off to the bathroom and finish with a real man.

I should probably just tell him about our little interludes, shouldn’t I? I almost feel guilty about them. But then again, he’s never satisfied me in bed, so he has to understand I have my needs, right? And if he’s not going to fulfill them, I should be free to do so outside our marriage, right? But then maybe it would excite him and he’d bother me more often.

I just don’t know what to do, hon. I so enjoy our sessions, and whether he approves or not, I’m not going to stop what we’re doing. Help me decide, hon. Call me for some cuckold phone sex and help me solve my dilemma. Maybe we can tell him together, and then I could start seeing you in my husband’s bed…

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Cheating Girlfriend Phone Sex Fantasy with Arianna

So I am the sort of girl when stuck on a certain idea especially a kinky one will run it over n over n over in my head. Yes your probably wondering what kinky idea is rolling around in my brain on repeat as of late. Well its the whole cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy.

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Mind you this fantasy isnt just on my mind either for a certain someone started calling me and well he is hooked on me being his girlfriend who goes out and cheats on him. Actually, scratch that I use to be the girlfriend that cheated on him behind his back but now I am doing it right in front of him. Ya our naughty cuckold fantasy has me literally cucking in front of his face.

There is no shame to my sexy game for the men I think will have amazing dicks and will fuck me way better than him come home with me now. Lets show my loser boyfriend how real men fuck!

Oh the cuckolds out there are getting a bit excited now arent they wondering who all I bring home. Well that is a secret something to tempt you into calling. I mean sure it could be your boss or mine, how about the produce guy from the market we both visit, or better yet that hot black man who was eyeing me up at the bar last night.

There really is no limits when it comes to a cheating girlfriend phone sex fantasy. I mean unless you have some limits on where the fantasy can go?

I know there is no limits for myself which means I could have you sucking that cock or eating up the cream pie after he is finish fucking me REALLY good!

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Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Gracie

Hey, there baby! Your favorite Florida born bombshell next door is here to share one of my favorite topics to talk about. It started when I was in middle school, and it never really went away. I had a crush on one of my closest male friends, who happened to have skin that was the color of the nighttime sky. His name was Michael, and he had the sexiest plump lips and sparkling smile. His skin was silky smooth, and he was always dressed in the freshest of fashions, reminding me of a younger version of Usher. All the girls wanted him, be it was me who he chose to spend most of his time with. I always fantasized about being his white wife someday, and riding that big, black cock of his! I should have taken him up on the offer, and I’m wondering what would happen if I were to ever run into him again. That’s why this blog will be all about black cock white wife phone sex!

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Who doesn’t love the idea of being with a tall, muscular, black man with a huge cock? The idea of it alone makes the pretty panties I have on damp with my sweet juices. I love the idea of my creamy, white vanilla skin pressed up against that smooth, dark, chocolate skin color. The contrast is so beautiful, and it makes me insanely turned on. That is why black cock white wife phone sex really appeals to me, knowing that deep down I want to be the wife of a black man. Knowing how taboo it still is considered to be, and knowing that he knows exactly how to make my silky smooth white pussy cum, sends shivers throughout my body.

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Cheating Phone Sex Girlfriend Arianna

Am in the mood for some cuckold fantasies. The sort where I end up being your hot girlfriend who is out doing what I do best being a cheating phone sex girlfriend, of course!

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Dont tell me the idea hasnt got your cock twitching a bit in your pants.

You could call me up and well there is a few ways we can play this cheating girlfriend fantasy out. One where I am out on my hot date and I try to carry on a conversation with you as if nothing is going on. That I am not sucking back on some amazing strangers dick. Which I think is crazy hot btw!

Or two…. I just tell you about my hot steamy date where we fucked all evening long. Describe to you in detail his cock. How it made me feel. Course the best part is your mouth is on my very hot swollen pussy discovering if I made that bull wear a condom or not?

Come to think of it there are way more but that is where my mind is sort of at right now in regards to being your cheating phone sex girlfriend. Teasing you with what I have been up too.

Sure you have some wild cuckold fantasies of your own. I would definitely love to hear all about them tonight!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Abby

If you think I would EVER fuck your tiny little dick, you are sadly mistaken. You’re a loser, plain and simple. You know what I would do, though? I would LOVE to make you watch me fuck a real man. I’d prefer a big black cock. I mean, that’s the stuff cuckold phone sex dreams are made of. A pathetic white dicked man watching me get absolutely split wide open by a black bull – that’s one of the most amazing and pleasurable things that could ever happen to a girl. It makes me so happy and it makes me cum SO hard. So, I guess in an indirect way, you could help make me cum, but it will never be by letting you fuck me. It’s not like I would even be able to feel your pathetic cock, anyway. You’d probably still cum anyway, wouldn’t you? You’d probably be so excited to be close to a hot girl like me that you might not even get it inside me before your cock started dribbling cum.

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If you’re a really good boy, I MIGHT even let you clean my pussy up after it’s fucked by a big black cock. Losers like you dream about eating that black creampie out of my gaping pussy. You know it’s really the only time I’d ever let you touch it. I’ll let you spread my lips wide and stick your tongue all the way in so you can get every drop of the cum out. Make sure you don’t waste any. You’re privileged to even be getting the cum, so don’t spill it.

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BBC Phone Sex with Riley

Damn, you fuckers are obsessed with big black cock, aren’t you? Don’t get me wrong – I mean, so am I, but seriously…these days when a work call comes in, there’s a pretty fucking good chance it’s a bbc phone sex call in one way or another!

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I do get it. There’s nothing like a thick, veiny, long, dark chocolate cock – it really doesn’t get better than that when you’re looking for an amazing fuck stud. Fuck dildos, forget about vibrators, and get away from me with that little white dickie – I want the big black cock! And apparently, from the way my calls seem to go lately, so do you horny phone dialers out there!

So how many flavors of bbc phone sex are there? Who knows, because you guys keep surprising me all the time with new bbc phone sex themes. Maybe you want to call and confess to all the big black cock you took when your wife was out of town. You wait now for the chance to sneak around and get used by that thick chocolate dick, don’t you? Or you’re the devoted cuck who regularly watches as your wife gets pleased by her bull, and the only way you get to play is to fluff his cock with your mouth, or to clean up that creampie he leaves in your wife afterwards. Are you a bbc voyeur instead? You just want to sit in a dark corner and jerk off while your wife is getting plowed and stretched wide open by that bbc.

And then there’s that really cool guy who calls regularly, and loves to talk about pretty female celebrities and how they would look with a mouth full of some thick, delicious, veiny dark cock. He knows, like the rest of my bbc phone sex callers know, that I ain’t lying about my love for bbc! Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley to find out for yourself!

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The best cuckold phone sex is honest phone sex. Guys don’t call me to have me tell them their little dick is the best thing I have ever felt. They call me for small dick humiliation because they know a black cock whore will have no problem telling them the truth. I don’t fuck small dicks, which means I don’t fuck you. I bet you wish your wife was just like me, letting you lick all that BBC cream out of my sweet pussy. You are not alone. I was already a black cock whore when we met. Black men don’t want to date white women, they just want to fuck us. I was stuck with the decision of dating a great guy and being financially secure and loved or having great sex. You and I compromised. I get to have my cake and eat it too.

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You get your sexual satisfaction knowing you get to watch and participate in a way, while I get pounded by big black dicks. I don’t need a real job and I get all the sexual satisfaction I can handle. Trust me, when it comes to BBC phone sex, I am no novice. I can handle a lot. I have been a black cock whore since I was a younger and I have been a cuckolding girl for almost that long as well, the tiny dick boyfriend I had in high school learned all about cuckold phone sex pretty damn quick. I am in the unique position to not only cuckold my tiny dicked white callers but help them turn their wives into women like me. If you have been married long, chances are your wife is already a cheating whore if you have a small prick. The goal then is just to get her fucking in front of you, so you can enjoy the fun too.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Abby

I know I talk all the time about how much I love sissies and humiliation, but another thing that I love is fucking big dicks. Yup, I’m a size queen phone sex slut and I am very proud of that fact. I mean, you should have been able to figure out by my other posts that I would never fuck anyone with a tiny dick – or even with an average dick. That just simply isn’t good enough for me. I like to have a dick inside me that is going to stretch me out. I like to feel like I am going to be split wide open. See, you losers with small dicks out there aren’t the only ones who like pain with your pleasure. I like it when it hurts a little big – it’s a really good kind of pain. And that delicious soreness the next day is even something I love – it makes me think back to the amazing fucking I got the night before.

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Are you a size queen too, you dirty slut? I bet you daydream about getting down on your knees in front of a big black cock, don’t you? I bet you think about how amazing it would feel to have your cheeks (either ones) stretched out and then being filled full of a hot creampie. Hey, I get it. I daydream about that, too. If you want to talk about it, all you have to do is call me. I would be more than willing to tell you how much I love big dicks and how much I would love to push your mouth down onto a big black cock. Either way, I am going to be really happy. And that’s what it’s all about – making me happy.

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