Creampie Phone Sex with Julia

My new lover has a fetish that he can’t seem to shake. He loves creampie phone sex so much that he can barely function if he hasn’t tasted any at least once a day. The last time I gave into his needs, I was up all night making him nut inside of me so he could get his fix. I promised myself the next time we had an encounter, I would make it more kinky.

Creampie Phone Sex

To spice things up a bit, I told you to meet me at the local sex shop for an even naughtier experience. When we got inside we were met by the loud moans of a sex tape that was playing on all five of the tvs. We couldn’t help but stop and watch as the woman got her pussy banged by two men while the third nutted in her asshole. Your cock couldn’t resist it and started rising in your pants as you watched the performance. My tongue found its way into your mouth and before I knew it we were in the back of the sex shop making a little video of your own.

Your hands roamed my body as I allowed my clothes to effortlessly fall to the floor. I ripped off your clothes as our tongues played with one another making my center beg for your cock. I mounted you on the futon and began doing exercises while sliding up and down your shaft. Your face showed that you couldn’t hold in your orgasm after fifteen minutes of fucking, so you busted inside of me in creampie phone sex. I got off you and laid down letting you admire my creamy pussy. You began licking away at my juices that were mixed in with your fallen soldiers as I squired in your mouth.

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Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

You know when you get a song stuck in your head and it just stuck on repeat? Well the last little while I have had a certain fetish twirling around in my mind. Course the more I tell guys its whats on my mind the more you wanna talk about it so its a very vicious circle right now. Yes I know your wanting to know what fetish is making me wet right?

cuckold phone sex fantasies

Cuckold phone sex fantasies.

I cant stop thinking of all the possibilities that exist with in a call. I mean you can be my boyfriend who eagerly waits at home for that cream pie. Or the boyfriend who watches me take some oh so big black cock. Thats just a quick thought. Nothing too taboo.

Yes I know cuckold phone sex has been a topic on my mind for some time. I completely blame the company I keep. Look around me I am surrounded by horny men craving to be cucked by a sexy woman. Then there are girl in chat who love to cuckold too. You cant escape the topic.

Swear I will be a cuckold queen before too long. No I am not in a real life cuckold relationship at the moment but I really do pitty the guy who starts dating me long term. Or maybe I will just attract a cuckold haha.

Hmm maybe that would be an interesting role play for a cuckold phone sex fantasy? The first time you got introduced to cuckolding. Well really there are other ones but that just sort of jumped out there right now haha.

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Have a fun and safe 4th of July guys.


Cuckold Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey guys! Are you ready for another session of confessions 101? Welcome to my world of perfection. A world in which I deserve only the best, don’t you think so baby? I mean after all, perfection deserves royal treatment! We both know that you cannot resit my scrumptious curves, tits and ass or my long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. I guess that is why my newest cuckold phone sex bitch had to lie to me.

cuckold phone sex

It is also the reason, I had the hottest dream the other night. It involved a black cock and a cuckie. Go figure! One had something to offer me, while the other, well he was pathetic and had nothing to offer. He had one too many short-comings for my liking so I had to teach him a lesson . I mean if you had a choice in a dream or real life, which would you choose? Man meat that can stretch you, or a man with a tic-tac between his legs? Exactly, I chose the man meat, but I used him to my advantage. My dream was vivid, colorful and detailed. I have to confess my dream felt so real!

First, I tied my cuckie to a chair, then I put a cock cage pathetic dicklette. Once secure, I put a gag in his mouth. After all I don’t like complaints. Why go easy on him? He meant nothing to me. Plus, I was about to show him how a real man fucked a woman during cuckold phone sex. I could hear him whimpering in pain as that clit of his grew in that cage, and there was nothing he could do about it. I would claim “poor thing,” but I honestly had no empathy for him. Absolutely none! The fucker couldn’t offer me anything, other than to sit where he was and watch me cry out in pleasure as I got fucked by a REAL man. By the end of my dream he got the perfect punishment. I can tell you that I didn’t want it to end. When I woke up, my hand was in my panties, they were sopping wet, and I had to change ALL of my bedding.

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Kinky Phone Sex Creampie with Arianna

Are you craving a kinky phone sex creampie fantasy today?

I know I am. Honestly, the thought came to me in the oddest place. Like wish I could say I was washing some dirty panties that had a cum stain in them. Or read some steamy cheating girlfriend post. Or even that I had masturbated to some cuckold porn.

kinky phone sex creampie

Well actually I could of said any of those things and you would be none the wiser really. But I couldnt do that to you. Instead I was standing in bakery section of the grocery store. All these amazingly delicious pies set out on display but my eyes kept falling to the cream pie ones. I cant even tell you the varieties cause the minute I read cream pie, I was giggling away. My mind switched into a cheating girlfriend cuckold fantasy sort of thing.

Hey it happens! My mind will switch into pure kink at the drop of a hat in the weirdest place. My cheeks will flush and my pussy gets wet. Well you get the idea, Was no different in the grocery store. All of a sudden my mind was racing on what sort of kinky phone sex creampie fantasies could I come up with in the store.

Fuck the check out boy when he takes my bags to the car? Thats doable. Disappear in the back with the shelf stocker? Ohhh now that could be interesting. The bathroom is always in the back near the cooler. Keep my panties cool and the creampie fresh for the ride home.

Not quite hot or kinky enough. Maybe you have given this some though on where you would like to see your girlfriend get filled full of cum and serve you up a fresh creampie? Definitely love to hear about it. Till you call me I will work on this grocery story scenario. I am sure there is some way to make it extra naughty.

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ariannateases on aim

Creampie Phone Sex with Katrina

Katrina here guys! Welcome to my perfect world and another session of Confessions 101. We both know that you can’t resist my scrumptious curves, tits and ass, or my long legs. Do you love to slurp and gulp a juicy mess? Do you love to drink sloppy seconds? Do you love the idea of leaving a wet, creamy mess in my sweet tight coed pussy for someone else to slurp up? Or do you love being the pathetic cuck that slurps my pussy clean after a messy creampie phone sex session?

creampie phone sex

I have to confess that I had a wild dream last night. I dreamt that my perfect boyfriend wasn’t so “perfect” if you know what I mean. * wink * I only deserve perfect, and perfection deserves royal treatment! It was a very, vivid colorful dream. It seemed so incredibly real. I dreamt that I came home to my boyfriend and he had no idea that I had just been fucked by a juicy, chocolate cock. Mmmm… Fuck yeah! Pathetic cuck just doesn’t measure up, but I just can’t bring myself to tell him. Instead, I bring home the creamy mess of another man, a black man for him to slurp and lick up during erotic creampie phone sex.

When I woke up from my dream I was ridiculously horny. I found my hand was in my panties and they were wet. I literally had to change all of my bedding… I am talking sheets, pillows and blankets… EVERYTHING! It was crazy that a dream could cause that much mess. Imagine my surprise when my boyfriend was sitting in a chair, tied so he couldn’t even get himself off. Ha… Ha… Ha… I would claim “poor thing,” but after waking up from that dream, I had no empathy for him.

I can think of so many things to do during an extreme taboo creampie phone sex call. Think about it… tie me to the bed, blindfold and gag me. Whatever you want to do to make our time together as taboo, kinky and addicting as possible.. The best part is that my boyfriend will get to watch the whole thing. When we are done, the best part will be my boyfriend, having a big thick cock stuffed in his face, makes my honey pot so creamy with excitement. I know that you are getting all excited thinking about the role you will be playing in our creampie phone sex fantasies.

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Kinky Cuckold Phone Sex with Arianna

Quite often guys wonder what type of taboo phone fantasy gets me going. Well over the last bit the idea of cucking a guy has really gotten my panties wet thanks to all the hot and kinky cuckold phone sex calls. Yes fully admit the various topics within cuckolding has got me reaching between my legs a few times during our calls. Ok maybe more than a few.

kinky cuckold phone sex

Yes I know your wondering which cuckold fantasy have made me touch myself. Well the thought of my boyfriend watching me fuck another man who is far more endowed than him definitely got my juices flowing. Oh and dont even get me start on the idea of it being a BBC fantasy. Will not hear me argue over getting fucked by a dark chocolate dick. I have fucked a big black cock but never in a cuckold way, so the idea is very intriguing. Course from the cucks who have called me they tell me I am definitely missing out.

Really love getting my pussy eaten out and to think a cuckie would dive in and enjoy eating the cream pie. Hmm well I am all for that especially if it means your spending more time pleasing me orally. Actually, I have to admit I have had a little experience with the cream pie stuff. Its rather hot and oh so dirty. The full on details sorry you have to call for that but your cock will thank you when  you do.

Course I know there are tons of different fantasies around cuckolding and most cant get into in a short sexy little blog but we can talk about anything and everything when  you call me for a hot and kinky cuckold phone sex fantasy.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Kelly

cuckold phone sex

You are such a pathetic cuckold phone sex slut. But honestly, you can’t help yourself. It was so easy to break you and take control of your dick and those cum filled swollen balls. You wait with a hard cock, just dying to cum as I’m over here sucking giant cock,  swallowing cum,  and taking big manly cock deep inside me. How does it feel when I forbid you to cum? Yet, you bear witness to the   the multiple orgasms I get to have when I am taking massive cock over and over. And seeing my fuck buddies go balls deep in me as they yell out with pleasure, that must really frustrate you.  Good, you need to learn to live with the ache in your balls.  You know those big balls are cumming in my mouth or on my perky tits or deep inside my pussy and you are there just edging to the sound of it.  You are so fucking frustrated and in pain that you drop to your knees lick the cum off me or out of me if I hint that I may allow you a release. Hell, you would even deep throat the bull cock that just came out of me if you thought you would get to cum. I love when you are in pain like this. You would fucking do ANYTHING I commanded just to edge that dick for me. Maybe a nice strap on fucking to make you cum like a little bitch? I know you hate my huge cock up your ass. It is embarrassing and humiliating enough, but to watch your little penis cum like a woman taking a fat cock has to crush that ego, too.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Pepper

Your sweet Princess Pepper knows what you want. And what do you want? Why, to see me getting fucked by other men while you helplessly watch, of course! Cuckold phone sex is one of my favorite types of calls. You know that a girl like me deserves nothing but the best, and you…? Well, that’s just not you at all. I need other men, REAL men, to come and fuck me like you never could. I need them to throw me around, use me like a toy, to fuck me and fill me in ways that you’re simply not capable of. I need men with strong bodies, big dicks, dark skin… That’s right! I’m not just a cuckold phone sex Princess, but I’m definitely a BBC Queen, too! Can’t you just imagine it? My sweet body, groped by several gorgeous black studs, their hands all over me, their dicks hard and ready, my pussy drooling with lust.. And you, with no way to stop it, with nothing to do but just sit and watch!

cuckold phone sex

Oh, don’t worry, baby. After they’ve had their fill of me, after my sweet pink pussy and ass have been used and stretched and filled, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end. Your cuckold phone sex Princess will want plenty of love and attention after that. And that’s where you come in. You get to clean me up after they’re done, you get to snuggle with me, and you get to get all the love that I have to give. I like to keep my love life and my sex life separate, you see? They’re for fucking me stupid, for giving my body what it craves, and you give my heart what it needs after.

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BBC Phone Sex with Katrina

I have a secret that I would like to share, one that I can’t hold back any longer! Welcome to another session of Confessions 101 with your favorite slutty coed Katrina. My confession I LOVE big black cock! That’s right I love BBC Phone sex; especially when it involves a big black cock in my sweet, tight snatch. In fact, it’s what I think about while I am masturbating. Are you MAN enough for my creamy pussy? Will you give me what I crave and stretch my creamy pussy to its limits? It is not secret that I am horny slut that loves big cocks, but black men are always WAY bigger than any white man I have had. I mean, everyone has heard the saying “Once you go black, you don’t go back!” Baby, it is the truth. Even my gay friends that have been stretched turn into size queens. Hahaha.

BBC phone sex

Want to know what I love as much as if not more than getting fucked by a black cock? Oh, see that is two confessions in one blog. Getting spoiled this time around. * giggles* I love to suck all that creamy cum out of that fucking huge black mushroom head. I love to lick, nibble and suck that nice piece of meat. Push it into my throat, make myself gag on that huge mushroom head. Oh FUCK yeah! My sweet slit, is dripping honey from it. You cuckies better cum an lap it up like the pathetic dogs that you are! Fuck! Now I want to suck a big black cock during BBC phone sex.

One more confession for you. I love a good gangbang. That’s right, I said it! I told you I was a raunchy black cock loving whore! If you have a nice dark piece of meat to stretch my sweet pussy, fill it with your creamy cum, or for me to suck dry. Give this BBC phone sex lover a call today 1 (888) 402-8669. Cum on baby, don’t deny a Princess.

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Cuckold Confessions Phone Sex With Connie

Cuckold Phone sex
I can not get enough of cuckold confession phone sex calls, well, any kind of confession call, but especially interracial white wife black ones!
I absolutely love to hear all about your cheating wife cuckolding you with big black cock, how one day your wife was happy and the next, she was making fun of your small white penis and moving in some bbc into your bedroom!
Are you really that surprised, after all, what white woman would ever settle for anything less than a superior black cock?
I love hearing you ask me “Is my wife cheating on me with black cock” , you know my answer will always be an erotically humiliating laughing “Yes”!
Telling me “I think my wife cuckolds me“, well, yes, if your sexy wife is anything like me, she’s been black owned since high school, why would something like being married stop her from fucking bbc?
And I can be the queen of cuckold humiliation phone sex, because what I really want to know is, do you like the way your wife pussy tastes of that black cock?
Will your wife ever stop fucking black cock?
No, once you go black you never go back, especially not to you and your small white cock.
From where this cuckold confessions phone sex queen sits, from what you’ve told me so far, your wife is a slut for bbc, and not only is there no cure, do you really want her to stop, Cuckold?
It makes you so hard and turned on, doesn’t it, telling me what a slut wife you have, how she is dressing different, doesn’t want you to touch her anymore, but only wants you to watch her with her lover!
I’ll tell you how lucky you are, after all, some hot wives put their cuckold husbands in chastity, some in a cock cage, while others, gulp, make their cuckolds into a forced bi phonesex faggot.
Oh, you want to hear more about cuckold confessions phone sex?
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