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Fetish Phone Sex with Natasha

Do you love fetish phone sex? So do I. And when I say I love it, I mean it. It’s so hard when someone asks me what my favorite thing to talk about during a call is. It really just depends on the day and the mood I’m in. Some days, I might feel a little more submissive than others and let you do anything you want to me and I’ll even call you Master. But I’ll warn you, it takes a special man to bring out my submissive side. But then other days, I am full on femdom and I will be the one getting you to do things for me. I wonder what kind of mood you’ll catch me in when you call?

fetish phone sex

Being submissive has a lot of potential fetishes and fantasies and directions we could go in. Do you want to tie me up and invite all your friends over to use my body? Do you want me to crawl around on the floor and service you whenever you want me to? What do you think about pimping me out to make money for you? Those are just a few things we could talk about. The possibilities are really endless.

But if you catch me in a femdom mood, well… who knows what will happen to you. Maybe you have tiny dick and you’re calling for small penis humiliation. Or maybe you are a loser and you want to give me everything you own…financial domination is great for that. If you happen to be a pain slut, then I think that maybe a little bit of cock and ball torture is just the thing you need. Again, the sky is the limit and who knows what we will end up doing.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Natasha for fetish phone sex

AIM: coed_natasha
Yahoo: coednatasha

Financial Domination Phone Sex with Abby

If we haven’t met yet, let me introduce myself. I am Princess Abby and I deserve everything you have. Financial domination phone sex is not something I went looking for. It came looking for me. Men just offer to give me whatever I want, and who am I to say no?! I am not one of those girls who likes to blackmail guys for money. That’s way too time consuming and honestly? I shouldn’t have to do any extra work other than having to talk to your pathetic ass when you call me. It’s enough work listening to you whine on and on about how you’re not good enough for me. Well, duh! I know that. Everybody knows that.

financial domination phone sex

Despite my verbal abuse, losers like you (yes, I already know that you are a loser and I haven’t even talked to you yet) keep on calling me and giving me everything. And you know what? I don’t feel even a little bad about that. Why? Because I am superior to all these losers. When they get home from work, it’s not like they do anything constructive or worthwhile with their money. They waste it on stupid shit like Bud Light and video games. What do I do with their money? I get my hair & nails done. I go on fabulous vacations. I buy clothes and make up to keep myself looking gorgeous. And it always seems like I look better when I spend someone else’s money on all of that stuff!

Are you ready to give me everything you have? i hope so, because I really deserve and you really don’t! So suck it up and call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby for financial domination phone sex now! Don’t keep me waiting. I do NOT like to be kept waiting.

financial domination phone sex with kelly

financial domination phone sex

Sexy women like me live life very differently than you do.  I make a lot of demands on the men who want to spend time with me.  As a result, I am no stranger to devotion or adoration. Obviously, I require it.  From the way men on the street look at me to the undying adoration I receive from my submissives and all things in between.  Men jump through a lot of hoops just for a smile from me.  But I must say that my money piggies are very special to me. Financial domination phone sex requires an exceptional level of worship.  It is very easy to give me your time, but giving me your money really gets you where you live, so to speak.  Whether you pay me a small fee every week or I take over your entire financial situation is up to me, of course.  The first thing you need to accept is that your money isn’t really yours.  It is mine.  You work for it, you hold it, but it belongs to me. I take it from you as I wish.  You hand it over as I see fit.  You are my personal ATM machine, I push the right buttons and out comes my money.  This is the ultimate in seduction, it is a beautiful game.  Most men try to resist me, but they know it is no use. I will get what I want, when I want, and as much as I want.  Are you ready to give up control and submit to financial domination phone sex with me?

Call me at 1-888-402-8669 for financial domination phone sex with Kelly so we can see just how far you are willing to go to make me happy.

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

bratty domme phone sex with abby

bratty domme phone sex

I think you probably already know that I am a bratty domme phone sex Princess. What you might not know is that in addition to being better than you, I can get really mean with you losers who call me. I am not easy on you and I don’t feel sorry for you. You can cry and tell me how sorry you are that you’re such a loser, but it’s not going to make me any nicer. In fact, the more you cry and grovel, the meaner I get.

You never know which version of me you’re going to get. You might catch me on a day when I won’t be terribly mean, but I might take all of your money. Yeah, I do love financial domination and I deserve every single penny you have, so if that’s what you call me for, be prepared to fork it all over to me.

Some days, I like to focus on feminization and turning losers into sissies. You aren’t useful as a man, so I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t fully submit to me and allow me to turn you into the best feminine version of yourself. But you’ve looked in a mirror. Do not expect any miracles, okay?

And on my most cruel days, I’m going to be in the mood for a little bit of cock and ball torture. There are a lot of CBT lovers out there, so I expect to have some painful fun with you! Are you ready to cry for me, losers?

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby for bratty domme phone sex. I can’t wait to ruin your day!

forced intoxication phone sex with memphis

forced intoxication phone sex

This forced intoxication phone sex is going to make you forget all those loser troubles you have. Open your fucking mouth so I can make you down this full bottle, swallow it all. You hate your life loser. I know everything seems so bad and yes, it’s as bad as it seems. You’re not that delusional. You’re humiliated and feeling shamed that your tiny prick doesn’t please your wife any more.  Drink up loser!  Call me so we can do a forced intoxication phone sex call and I’ll make you forget all of your pathetic troubles. Just know that I will manipulate you into doing what I want so go ahead and drink every last drop. There’s plenty, go ahead and open that sweet dark liquor.

Life always looks better from the bottom of a bottle, doesn’t it? Ask any of those pathetic drunken losers that sit at the bar all day.  As with everything in this life be careful what you ask for because forced intoxication phone sex isn’t for the weak minded.

With every drink you will be under my complete control. I will make you take a drink with my forced intoxication phone sex. I will make you chug drink after drink until you pass out. I will use everything I know about you, against you.  I will blackmail you with your own stories. I will make you feel even more worthless.  By the time your finished you will be useless and unable to resist me.

When you sober up in the morning, you will know I have maxed out your credit cards with long calls and tributes. Don’t even try to threaten me because I will expose your every secret. So grab your bottle, pull out your cock and call me!  Get ready to drink up baby lets have some fun.

AIM: XXX_Memphis
Yahoo: MinxMemphis

phone sex brat abby

phone sex brat

I love being a phone sex brat. All you losers are calling me and thinking that you’d actually have a chance in hell with me… well, that’s hilarious. Look at me and then go take a look in the mirror. DO you honestly think I would ever give you the time of day if you weren’t paying me to do so? It’s my JOB to pay attention to you and don’t you forget it. I hope you don’t expect me to touch myself while we are on the phone. Why on earth would I masturbate to a loser like you? No thanks! That’s the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

What I will do while we’re on the phone is tell you how much better I am than you and how I deserve nice things from you. I think you should get out your credit card and buy me anything I want. And trust me, I have expensive taste. Your bank account is going to be seriously hurting after you call this phone sex brat.

Also, I know that there’s a 99 percent chance that you have a tiny dick. Why else would you be calling a girl like me? If you were a real man, you’d be out having real sex instead of jerking off to me telling you what a loser you are. So, why aren’t you on the phone yet? Don’t keep me waiting. There are several men (and I use the term loosely) who are scared of me, so the last thing you want to do is make me wait and get on my bad side.

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Abby, your new favorite phone sex brat! I feel like I should warn you, though, that you are going to get addicted to me.

financial domination phone sex with memphis

financial domination phone sex

Sissies, these are my very strict rules and if you cannot  abide by them and show the financial respect to your Money Mistress, then don’t even bother calling me or worshiping me from afar. So now that I have made myself VERY clear read the following and pay close attention!

1. You will call me for financial domination phone sex and spend every penny of your disposable income on phone sex calls with me to prove your financial worthiness.

2. If I deem that you are not spending enough on financial domination phone sex with me, I will make you get a second job, take out more credit cards with high lines of credit or sell assets to have more money for you to spend on yours truly.

3. Understand this little tidbit,  I will financially destroy you if I want to. This is the nature of a true Findom. Ruthless and merciless. You have been forewarned. I might take everything and I refuse to take no or I can’t for an answer. Make it happen!

4. Also,  I don’t care if you have a girlfriend, fiancee or wife. I come first no matter who is in your pathetic life. Spending money on your financial Mistress comes first. Do I make myself clear?

5. If you don’t follow my rules, I will not permit you to call me. I will simply tell my company that I am not accepting calls from “xxxx the sissy”. I don’t need financial losers or broke money slaves getting in the way of the men who want to take care of my every need. You will be my human ATM!!!

Financial domination phone sex isn’t just a fantasy. A demanding financial domme like me will make you prove you have what it takes, and if you don’t, get lost, sissy loser. Call me now at 1 888 402 8669!

AIM: XXX_Memphis
Yahoo: MinxMemphis

financial domination phone sex with abby

financial domination phone sex

If you asked me what the one thing is that makes me happier than anything else in the world, my answer would be, hands down, financial domination phone sex. The best part of it is that I am taking a man’s money just because. I don’t NEED it. I WANT it. I don’t need a man to pay my rent, but I want it. Why should I have to spend my own money. I don’t need a loser to pay for my mani/pedi, but I want it. It makes me happy to look down at my pretty nails and think of what you had to give up in order to get it for me.

If you haven’t figure it out by now, loser, financial domination for me is about the sacrifice you have to make in order to make me happy. You’re going to start out by giving up the little luxuries you have in life and you’re going to think it’s not so bad. You’re going to be like “I didn’t need all those cable channels anyway”. But you’re soon going to find out that you’ll have to give up way more than that. You will be allowed to keep only the necessities in your life and the rest will be mine. You’ll pay for MY necessities. You’ll pay for my luxuries. You will send me on amazing vacations. And what will you get out of it? Not a lot. You’ll get to pay to talk to me while I tell you how superior I am to you. Sounds like a fair deal to me.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Princess Abby for financial domination phone sex

bratty domme phone sex with pia

bratty domme phone sex

I don’t know why you try to fight me.  I always get what I want, and right now I want her out of your life.  You act like she’s more important than me, but her days are numbered because you’re already wrapped around my little finger.  I haven’t been called a home wrecker for no reason.  When I want her out, she’s out.  All she does is distract you from what’s important…ME!  She uses up My money and she interrupts My bratty domme phone sex calls with you.  She’s got to go.

Yeah, I know you love her blah blah blah.  She’s the mother of your kids, she’s a nice lady, a good woman.  YAWN.  In my book, she’s expendable; and she will be in yours, too.  So you’re going to call me, you’re going to spoil me, and you’re going to give me her number.  Oh, you might hesitate, and that’s alright, but you’ll do it anyway.  After that cummy afterglow is gone you’ll call me again, begging me not to ruin your life.  Look baby, it’s your happiness or mine and we both know whose matters most.  That’s right, Mine.  I hope you’re there when I call her and give her the sad sad news.  I’ll get so horny hearing her cry and then scream and yell at you.  You’ll be all sad and probably mad at me, but you know deep down in the bottom of your hairy ball sack you love this shit.  Barely a day will go by and you’ll be making your next bratty domme phone sex call, and this time you’ll give me everything I want so easily.  You won’t be worried about your credit card statement or the charges that pop up.

Look babe, I know what’s best for everyone involved.  She gets to go find a new man, you get to keep calling me, and I get to be spoiled in the manner which I’m accustomed.  All is right in my world.  Isn’t that all that matters?

Are you a man or a mouse?  Call Pia for bratty domme phone sex and find out.  1-888-402-8669.

Yahoo: sassypia
AIM: sassypia4u

financial domination phone sex with Victoria

financial domination phone sex


There isn’t much out there that a day’s worth of shopping can’t fix. My luck can be running pretty horrible and then I escape into a shopping trip and my mood and luck just seems to improve right away. Can you relate to that? You probably can’t because you’re probably the kind of submissive loser that funds shopping trips for deserving women. If a day out shopping can pick me up then a day shopping on your money is just that much better. Doesn’t it feel so good to be able to offer something to women though? Maybe you have a tiny prick and your credit card makes up for it. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with the size of your penis but you are a wimp in some other way. It doesn’t really matter to me what exactly makes you a good candidate for being a financial domination phone sex slave, it just matters that you are one.

It’s not just actually going out and shopping with your money that gives me a rush either. When we’re on the phone and you’re falling all over yourself to impress me with amazon gift cards or tributes it makes me light up. The other thing is I get the excitement from raping your wallet, I get the reward of whatever I get for myself with your money, and then I get reminded of it whenever I wear or use the very thing I got with your financial domination phone sex tribute. What do you get as a used money slave? Oh you get the feeling of my pretty fingers plucking your cash from your wallet, you get the credit card statement to look over and then you get to think about how you will go about impressing me the next time you’re at my feet waiting to serve as the money slave that I’ve trained you to be.



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