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Experience guided masturbation with the Bedtime Bunnies phone sex girls

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey Guys! Welcome to another session of Confessions 101! It’s Katrina your seductive girl next door. I know you love to look at all my sweet and innocent pictures. I know what you are really looking for. In this confession I am going to help turn a SOFT problem into a HARD one. Sometimes I just can’t help but touch myself while I listen to your breathing on the other end. Knowing that you are stroking that hard cock for me during guided masturbation phone sex. It makes my sweet, pink slit glisten with my sweet honey.

guided masturbation phone sex

Not only do I love to listen to breathlessly on the other end, but I also love to watch you touch yourself on cam for me. I love seeing that rock hard cock, touched by your strong hands. I can’t help but slip my hand into my panties to rub my clit. What could be hotter than hearing my seductive voice telling you just how to stroke yourself until you reach ecstasy? Knowing I am touching myself too, makes that already hard prick want to feel my pussy. Moan for me baby, louder and louder, stroke it harder, faster during our guided masturbation phone sex session.

While I am telling you just how to touch that sweet mushroom head with the tip of your finger, I am doing the same thing to my sopping wet pussy. I mean, I have to admit the thought of reaching down between my wet thighs to touch my sweet spot while controlling what you are doing makes me so fucking hot during out guided masturbation phone sex.

I mean think about it, you moan breathlessly and I moan breathlessly it really is seductive and sensual, don’t you think? Now is the time for us to cum together…it is simple really. Ask for your guided masturbation phone sex queen. Nothing ever felt so great! 1 (888) 402-8669.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex with Arianna

If there is ever a day to indulge in some girlfriend experience phone sex this has got to be the day. For if your like me your staring at some rerun on the tv of a Christmas show you have seen 10 times over and just bored. Friends are off doing their thing. Family is prepping for the big day tomorrow. And well your hands are rather idle.

girlfriend experience phone sex

I know my hands are idle and what helps me get these soft sexy hands of mine roaming is talking to someone on the phone. Granted the joy of a gfe call is we start out simple talk about the day to day things. So that your comfortable. Listening to me giggle over your horrible jokes (sorry but they are probably bad and no one has told you).

Before you know it my sexy voice has gotten you completely aroused. You have forgotten about the bad tv. Just focused on what you have to do to hear me moan, since my giggle is so damn sexy!

Each of us telling the other how to touch.

Where to touch.

What we want to do to each other.

You get the idea. I really hope you get the idea for things started to heat up in here haha.

Anyways I am gonna go check to ensure the batteries are fresh in my favorite toy so that when you do call for some girlfriend experience phone sex, I am all prepared for you. I am around till the wee morning hours for some gfe fun or any other kinky fetish fantasies you may have.

1-888-402-8669 just tell the dispatcher you wish to talk to Arianna


Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Arianna

tease and denial phone sex

Was trying to figure out what kind of mood I was in then boom! Instantly hit me, tease and denial phone sex. I am wanting to ensure you are teased to the point of blue balls.

Dont give me that look you know you adore when your balls are aching from hours of teasing. Who better to tease you than a girl who does it just naturally. From my sensual voice that will have your cock standing at attention. To my sinful ways of building you to the edge of an orgasm. Well you get the idea, right?

Oh I know typical guy your eager to know what my sinful ways are. Ok perhaps I am feeling generous or maybe its an easy way to lure you into some tease and denial phone sex but erotic hypnosis. Think of it wrapping my sinfully seductive voice in your mind and get you to do what ever I want.

Let that just sink in for a moment.

Yup think about it. My hypnotic triggers worked into your mind so that I can not only control your mind but your cock as well. Oh there we go your getting the idea of how I can make tease and denial phone sex even more intense that blue balls.

So who thinks they can handle me controlling their orgasm?

Call 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna and experience the best in tease and denial phone sex.

ariannateases on aim

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Erin

tease and denial phone sex

You call me for tease and denial phone sex because you enjoy the longest drawn-out tease, a tease so intense you feel like you are on the edge of cumming, a tease where you beg me to let you cum while I make you keep edging for me. Over and over and over again. You feel your balls filling up with cum, see a glistening drop of pre-cum at the tip of your dick, look down and see your cock head is swollen and turning purple, and feel your cock begin to throb. You are there, right there on the edge… Will I deny you or will I let you cum? You will be in total suspense during a Tease and Denial Phone Sex call with me. I love denying a man his orgasm as much as I like to make a man cum for me. Maybe you will have to earn your orgasm, call me to find out how…

I’m Erin and I’m a horny bitch who enjoys cock control and orgasm control. This includes T&D, edging, ruined orgasms and chastity. You will be under my complete control and once you start calling for tease and denial phone sex, you will get addicted to my sexy voice and beautiful body. You won’t want to stroke without me! I’m a little dominant, not like a dungeon dominatrix, but I do enjoy controlling men and making them do exactly what I want. I’ve always been a cock tease and know the power my beauty and sexiness has over men. It makes them feel weak and full of desire to have me in charge of their cock, their pleasure, their orgasm.

If you’ve never tried Tease and Denial Phone Sex – you don’t know what you’re missing – call Erin at 1-888-402-8669

AIM – SexyEroticErin

guided masturbation phone sex with memphis

guided masturbation phone sex

It’s your very addicting hot blonde bombshell, Memphis. You’ve been starring at my sexy pictures lately, haven’t you? It’s ok you can tell me. You’ve been wanting to call me so I can guide your every single stroke. I’m going to watch you jerk that cock to my specific, detailed instructions. I can’t wait to see how good you pay attention to instructions and rules. I love guided masturbation phone sex because there is something about controlling a cock that turns me on so much.

Go ahead and touch it, you know you want too! How does it feel to be touching that cock for me? I want you to take your hand to the base while giving nice long strokes. Get that cock nice and big for your favorite guided masturbation phone sex girl. Let’s see how many times I can get you to the point where you’re about to cum but then I slow it down because I’m not ready for you to finish just yet. I love being able to make you feel so good and you know that I’m naughty and have no limits! Tell me how you see our guided masturbation session going and I’ll fulfill your every craving.

Now that I know exactly what you need and want from me. I’m going to take control with my wicked imagination and ability to turn words into pictures as vivid and more more emotionally charged than the ones you see in porn. There are no limits while guided masturbation is an odyssey into your forbidden thoughts. Are you ready to give your cock to me and let me drive it? This sounds like what you’ve been looking for, doesn’t it? Call me now and I promise you that you’ll become addicted to guided masturbation phone sex with me.

AIM: XXX_Memphis
Yahoo: MinxMemphis

cock tease phone sex with Victoria

phone sexAw,did you finally get someone to take mercy on you and let you out of your cock cage? A little birdy told me that the only was that your key holder was willing to unlock your penis was if you took your chances with some cock tease phone sex. By taking your chance I mean that maybe you will cum and then again maybe you won’t. It’s been so long since you’ve had hand to cock contact though so you said anything to get out of your chastity device and into a fist fucking situation didn’t you? How much were you masturbating before your key holder locked you up? Well it’s a good thing that she got you under lock and key when she did. You aren’t female so the decision on whether or not to cum should never be made by you. You can just start rubbing yourself and following my cock teasing jerk off instructions.

Does the thought of having a Mistress walk you through jacking off for her after being denied so long have you throbbing? I’ll be sure to tell you all of the wonderful things that I can do to my body, since I have control over it. Wouldn’t you just love to jack off and hear me tell you about how many orgasms I’ve had since you last had one? I want to hear about how swollen and sore your full balls are while I contemplate giving you an orgasm. Don’t worry, I won’t keep you hanging. You can edge for me while I decide and while I tease your poor needy dick. I wonder what you would do to cum at that point. Do you? What is the most humiliating thing you’ve done for a Mistress while under the influence of cock tease phone sex?

1 888 402 8669

VixenVictoria4U on AIM & Yahoo

guided masturbation phone sex with kelly

guided masturbation phone sex

I love to tell a man how to touch his cock. So guided masturbation phone sex makes me feel like a powerful and horny slut.  I know that you get rock hard just thinking about having your cock controlled by a hot piece of ass like me. You will only touch yourself when and if I allow you to. Don’t you ever let me catch you jerking that dick without permission!  There will be hell to pay.  I will guide your hand and make your cock throb for my voice.  You know its so much more fun to sit with me, listening to my sexy and sweet voice while you doing everything that I say. Jerking and cumming exactly the way I tell you to. I want to make you beg to shoot your load.  I’ll make you ride the edge of your orgasm for as long as I like. What fantasy do you have? We can role play your naughty fantasy into our guided masturbation phone sex call.  I crave cock control and giving you jerk off instructions.  The thought of you milking that cock for me alone makes me super super creamy.  And I know you need a jerk off instructor, especially one with a body like mine and a filthy mouth to boot.

So be my good jerk off guy and call me at 1-888-402-8669 for guided masturbation phone sex so I can get to work on your cock.  You know you need/want to stroke it for me.  I want your balls full before I let you explode.

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

guided masturbation phone sex with kelly

guided masturbation phone sex

I bet you are horny as fuck.  Well, you are in luck because I am always down to milk your cock.  It makes me so wet knowing that you are stroking that cock for me and only me.  Especially when you want me to tell you exactly how to touch yourself.  You called me because you know that I’m the best guided masturbation phone sex bitch out there. You know that you get rock fucking hard just thinking about having your cock controlled by a sexy chick like me. You do not deserve to have any pleasure at all unless I give you the go ahead.  Listen up, you will be my dirty obedient fuck who will only touch himself when told. And let me tell you, don’t you ever let me catch you jerking that dick without permission!  Don’t you make me get out that cock cage again. You know it is so much more fun to sit in front of me listening to my sweet voice obeying all that I tell you to do — jerking your throbbing cock exactly as I instruct you to. Only cumming when I say. If you been a bad guy, that orgasm will stay in those balls for a long time. I will make you ride that edge of that orgasm as punishment for being disobedient. What guided masturbation fantasy do you have?  Maybe jerking that dick as I  lay out by the pool only to be caught and taught a lesson? I will make you stand outside naked next to me and jerk it to my instructions!  How embarrassing!

Call me at 1-888-402-8669 for guided masturbation phone sex so I can work your cock the way you need.  You know you want to stroke it for me.

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Arianna

mutual masturbation phone sex

Spring has hit the west coast and I am loving it! There is just something about this time of year. The fresh cut lawn smell in the air. The cherry blossoms on the trees. Wearing pretty spring maxi dresses. FLIP FLOPS! Oh how I love my flip flops. However with this amazing wonder of the warm weather comes the crazy intense horny feeling. Yes even a sensual domme like myself gets massively turned on. That is why I am craving some mutual masturbation phone sex.

Ha didnt see that one coming did you?

Thinking a long sensual orgasmic tease that has both of us left completely drained. I am sure the spring time season has got to you too. All those pretty girls wandering with next to nothing on has got your pants a bit tight too. Just think we can explore any taboo roleplay you may be thinking of be it boss/secretary, accomplice or something a bit too taboo to mention here.

All I know is it would be awesome to listen to a man moan and breath heavy in my ear while I do the exact same in his. Toss in some dirty talk and well we are on our way to a mind blowing mutual masturbation phone sex time.

Course dont forget that I am a sensual domme that loves to tease so while your listening to me pleasure myself part of my enjoyment will be teasing you.

Cant wait to talk to you. Just ask for Arianna 1-888-402-8669


Cock Control Phone Sex with Erin

cock control phone sex

Telling men what to do has always been a specialty of mine, so cock control phone sex was just a natural next step for me. Telling a guy how to stroke his cock is such a huge turn on. I do love to do it over the phone, but I really do get a special thrill when I do it in person. I love watching a man get so turned on that he almost can’t even stand it. He is so horny and he wants to cum so badly that he is actually breaking into a sweat. I give new meaning to tease and DENIAL.

But since we aren’t with each other in person, a cock control phone sex session is going to have to do. It honestly can sometimes be even hotter than seeing it go down in person, and if you don’t believe you’ll just have to call me to find out! I can tell by a man’s breathing how close he is getting to orgasm and how much he’s struggling. That’s sexy as fuck, especially when I am in control of your cock and orgasm.

Are you ready to surrender control of your cock to me? Are you ready to let me tell you how to stroke your cock? It’s more than just giving you jerk off instructions (JOI) and it’s almost like edging with me in charge. Maybe you’re an alpha male and you’re in control of everything in your daily life – work, home life, etc. I know you’re used to that and you might not think that giving up control, especially of your cock, would be hot, but trust me, it will be. Just give me a call and make sure you have your lube ready. Make sure you’re ready to submit to my commands and I promise, it will be one of the hottest things you’ve ever done in your life.

If you’re a good boy, I might even let you have an orgasm at the end of our cock control phone sex call. Do you think you can be good and wait until I tell you? Do you think that you’ll deserve the opportunity to cum? Give me a call and surrender to me and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin!

yahoo sexyerotic.erin
aim SexyEroticErin

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