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Experience guided masturbation with the Bedtime Bunnies phone sex girls

Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Natasha

Are you one of those guys who thinks that just because you’re paying to to talk to me, you deserve to have an orgasm? Oh, honey…that’s just not how this works! You have just come across a woman who loves nothing more than orgasm denial phone sex. I’m VERY patient and I can make you edge for a really long time If you call in and expect an orgasm in 10 minutes, you’re going to be really disappointed. I mean, depending on how whiny you are when you call, I might not ever let you cum. I mean, if you call for orgasm denial, that’s kind of what you’re signing up for anyway.

orgasm denial phone sex

Not only am I going to deny your orgasm, but I’m also going to tell you how to stroke your cock. Did you think that you were going to get to have any kind of control? Oh, no. I will be in control of everything about your dick during our orgasm denial phone sex call. You’re just going to be my cock stroking puppet.

I know you’re probably think that I can’t be serious about never letting you cum. I don’t know… it really just depends on you. I can’t tell you now whether or not you will have that orgasm you want so badly. I mean, there’s a chance you’ll get to cum AFTER you call me several times. But you really shouldn’t count on that. I make no promises other than the fact that you’re going to be tease and denied beyond belief. If you think you can handle that, then maybe I am the girl for you.

If you’re ready to submit for orgasm denial phone sex with me, all you have to do is call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Natasha. There WILL be pleasure, but it will be mine, not yours. At least not for a long time.

AIM: coed_natasha
Yahoo: coednatasha

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Julia

Do you know how erotic guided masturbation phone sex can be? I remember the first time I experienced it. My entire body was trembling as the guy guided my hands to do things that I never thought I would. I always thought masturbation was supposed to be a private activity. However, I soon learned that I would be addicted to it and wouldn’t be able to even function without getting a daily dose of it.

guided masturbation phone sex

Tom was my next door neighbor and he had the biggest crush on me. I always thought he was pretty hot so I decided to give him a chance and see what would happen. Truth be told, I saw him fucking his ex girlfriend in the back seat of his car one day so that’s what really turned me on. I saw how good he was stroking her, so I had to have a taste. He came over my house to do some work in my yard one day so I decided to make my move. What I thought would be a hot penetration session turned into some of the most erotic guided masturbation phone sex.

I was sitting on the couch eyeing him up and down when he walked over and placed his hand on my breast. While he sat down, he kept looking at my pussy practically fucking it with his eyes. He told me he wanted to see me play with myself so I put my hand down my panties and began rubbing my clit. I was shocked when he placed his hand over mines and began leading the motions. Sweet moans began to escape from my mouth in guided masturbation phone sex. He made me rub my clit even harder as I began to climax squirting my juices all over his hand and mine. He smiled at me as he left without saying a single word.

Let me guide you to the most amazing orgasm call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Julia.

AIM: SweetJulia_4U

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Erin

The best part about tease and denial phone sex is when the teasing is done, the denial has become tortuous, you finally get the release that you need. That’s right, the reason for tease and denial is to build up all your sexual energy until you feel like you are going to explode. Want to be guaranteed a mind blowing orgasm every single time? Tease tease tease, deny deny deny. Listen to jerk off instructions and do what I say. My plan is to take you to the peak and then stop. Not a ruined orgasm, just a delayed one.

tease and denial phone sex

When you call me for a tease and denial phone session it really helps to plan enough time to really get the full effect. Sure, I can tease you for 10 minutes and let you cum, but is that really a tease? Better yet, call me for 10, let me tease you and then deny your orgasm. Go about your day and follow a few instructions. Call me back a few hours later for more teasing. And if you can wait even longer … we can play like this all day. Or all weekend. Or all week. Lots of teasing and keeping you focused not only on your cock, but me too. It’s your call, your choice, just my advice to get the most out of our call.

If you’re into a really extended tease and denial phone sex session, it helps if you have some lube handy. I am very tactile and if you like panties or stockings it will only make your cock feel even better. A cock ring will increase pressure and keep you hard; if you don’t have one, a shoestring or hairband works wonders. The more I deny and the more desperate your begging to cum becomes, the hotter and wetter I get. If you get your pleasure from mine, you’ll follow my lead and do as I say!

For tease and denial phone sex call Erin 1-888-402-8669

AIM _ SexyEroticErin

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Brandy

I’m thinking about you right now. I’m thinking about hearing your sexy intense voice when you said “Brandy I’m looking at one of your pictures right now and stroking my hard dick. Does that make your pretty panties wet for me?” I couldn’t help but start touching myself. Teasing my dripping wet smooth pussy lips with my favorite cotton panties. They are just so soft and feel sooooo good. I know that makes you drip pre cum doesn’t it? But what makes you throb even more is the perfect princess who can tell you how to stroke your dick. When you tell me how much you love guided masturbation phone sex I can’t help but think of my vivid imagination and expressing exactly how I want you to touch, tease and inch you to the edge of begging me to cum. You say to me in your sexy voice “Mistress Brandy my cock is as hard as a rock right now. And when I think about the detailed way that you guide me on how to stroke for you drives me insane! See, when it comes to telling a man how I want him to stroke for me and my dirty talking southern accented mouth that’s so addicting you just can’t get enough.

guided masturbation phone sex

I guide you on how to lube up your cock with your favorite lube and wrap it around your shaft and start pumping nice and slow. I can tell you are already so turned on because your breathing is so intense. I can’t help but start touching myself all over. Picturing how you are slowly pumping your dick for me as my fingers touch and tease my puffy nipples.. Moaning out your name as you beg me to allow you to squeeze it harder and pump it faster. You hear my sexy voice and how good your hand feels wrapped around your swollen shaft. It feels sooooo fucking good because you know this mistress is going to take you to ecstasy. I tell you that i am going to control how slow or how fast you stroke for me. And when I will allow you to blow all of your cum just for me. Are you ready for me to tell you when you can be allowed to touch your favorite spot? You know the one I’m talking about. The one that feels so good when you touch it that you would be ready and willing to do ANYTHING for this guided masturbation phone sex mistress. The thought of my dirty talking voice and you begging me to cum, you just know that I am ready to take you to the edge and tell you when to erupt just for me.

Do you love guided masturbation phone sex as much as I do? Then grab your favorite lube and call this Mistress right now…

1-888-402-8669 ask for Brandy

AIM: BadGrlBrandy
Yahoo: Cream4sinfulbrandy

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Abby

I love telling men what to do. I’ve always been that way and I don’t see it changing anytime soon. That’s why I love guided masturbation phone sex so damn much. I get to tell you guys how to stroke your cock and when you get to have an orgasm. Let’s face it…some of you need to be told what to do. You jerk off so damn fast and then when you get the privilege of having sex with a beautiful woman, you cum so damn quickly that she never even has a chance to.

guided masturbation phone sex

When you call me, the number one thing you can look forward to is me teaching you how to pace yourself. A ten minute guided masturbation phone sex call just is not going to be good enough. You could do that on your own. We’re going to need to spend some time together in order for you to have some stamina. By the time I am done with you, you’re going to be able to last for a long time and all your future lovers should really thank me. I’m doing them a huge favor by taking my time and teaching you to slow the fuck down and enjoy the feelings instead of rushing through them.

I might even incorporate a little bit of edging into our guided masturbation call. If you don’t know what edging is, boy are you in luck. I’m going to guide you to the point of orgasm several times and you’ll have to stop just before the moment of truth! It might seem cruel, but really it will help you have control when you’re having sex. All for the greater good, my friend! Plus, when you edge, it will make that orgasm feel so fucking good when you finally get to have one.

Ready for your guided masturbation phone sex call? Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Jenny

I love guided masturbation phone sex it allows me to control you and your cock in a wick way forcing you to cum for me. Guiding a man to stroke and touch his cock is a turn on for me,  I love the power it gives me. I wish I had that power over all men at all times how awesome would that be. Teaching you to stroke for me and hearing you masturbate will be a turn on for me. I like it when men love hearing me guide them while teasing their cocks like I do. I also like making men cum on demand when I tell them it’s time but sometimes I like to leave them holding off for a while.

guided masturbation phone sex

I can be such a tease making your cock throb until you moan begging me to let you cum while I’m guiding you. Our call will be exciting never boring and I will make you feel your body throbbing while filling your head with very naughty thoughts. The rush that your body will experience will be like no other you have had. Molding you into having the orgasm that I want you to have will be my pleasure. I can be kinky, nasty, and naughty making it even easier for you to explode. Cumming with such force will be what you will experience with me and may become addictive too.

Guided masturbation phone sex you must relax and let go and allow me to take over your movements. Fighting me or trying to do it your way will not let you have the awesome orgasm you are looking for. That is the power I’m talking about having control over your two heads and taking them to a final explosion with me. Hearing you will be my satisfaction and making me want to do it again with you .

Jenny your guided masturbation phone sex Mistress call me now at 1 888 402 8669

Yahoo: juicyjennyxxx
AIM: juicy_jennyxxx

Ruined Orgasm Phone Sex with Avalon

I’ve been thinking about you. I know how badly you think you want to cum. Am I feeling in a giving mood? Perhaps ruined orgasm phone sex will be punishment for you, my little sub, or maybe the idea of a ruined orgasm just gets your cock rock hard and you need me to guide you to taking it to the next level? My control and dominance over your orgasm pleases me so. Some may say that it’s cruel, but I just consider it a powerful turn on and a motivator for you to be a good little sub. With my ruined orgasm phone sex I will take you to the point of no return and then I will use all the fun ways I have to see to it that your orgasm never sees the light of day.

ruined orgasm phone sex

Imagine my hands on your cock bringing you to the point where you’re ready to explode, then imagine me removing my hands at exactly that moment, leaving your cock bobbing in the air, leaking precum. After a few moments of you begging, I’ll stroke your cock again til you’re ready to cum. When that is just about to happen, I’ll pop a plug into your cockhead, keeping all the cum that is so eager to come out trapped painfully inside you. Then we begin the whole process over again, your cock growing harder as I ruin any chance of letting you experience release. I have a multitude of ways to ensure that ruined orgasm phone sex lives up to its very name. A hand can be used to restrict the flow of cum by very firmly gripping around the head or base of your cock and once your orgasm has been stifled again, perhaps I will allow you to touch it with one finger or stroke it ever so lightly with a feather. I know you will not even try to cum because you want me pleased with you and cumming is a big no no and will just bring about punishment, such as some good old fashioned cock and ball torture or icing your cock and balls until it numbs away your pleasure. In any event, when you and I have ruined orgasm phone sex, you will come back to see what other inventive ways I have to obliterate your orgasm.

1-888-402-8669 and ask for Avalon for all your ruined orgasm phone sex desires

AIM: Alluring_Avalon
Yahoo: AlluringAvalon

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey Guys! Welcome to another session of Confessions 101! It’s Katrina your seductive girl next door. I know you love to look at all my sweet and innocent pictures. I know what you are really looking for. In this confession I am going to help turn a SOFT problem into a HARD one. Sometimes I just can’t help but touch myself while I listen to your breathing on the other end. Knowing that you are stroking that hard cock for me during guided masturbation phone sex. It makes my sweet, pink slit glisten with my sweet honey.

guided masturbation phone sex

Not only do I love to listen to breathlessly on the other end, but I also love to watch you touch yourself on cam for me. I love seeing that rock hard cock, touched by your strong hands. I can’t help but slip my hand into my panties to rub my clit. What could be hotter than hearing my seductive voice telling you just how to stroke yourself until you reach ecstasy? Knowing I am touching myself too, makes that already hard prick want to feel my pussy. Moan for me baby, louder and louder, stroke it harder, faster during our guided masturbation phone sex session.

While I am telling you just how to touch that sweet mushroom head with the tip of your finger, I am doing the same thing to my sopping wet pussy. I mean, I have to admit the thought of reaching down between my wet thighs to touch my sweet spot while controlling what you are doing makes me so fucking hot during out guided masturbation phone sex.

I mean think about it, you moan breathlessly and I moan breathlessly it really is seductive and sensual, don’t you think? Now is the time for us to cum together…it is simple really. Ask for your guided masturbation phone sex queen. Nothing ever felt so great! 1 (888) 402-8669.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex with Arianna

If there is ever a day to indulge in some girlfriend experience phone sex this has got to be the day. For if your like me your staring at some rerun on the tv of a Christmas show you have seen 10 times over and just bored. Friends are off doing their thing. Family is prepping for the big day tomorrow. And well your hands are rather idle.

girlfriend experience phone sex

I know my hands are idle and what helps me get these soft sexy hands of mine roaming is talking to someone on the phone. Granted the joy of a gfe call is we start out simple talk about the day to day things. So that your comfortable. Listening to me giggle over your horrible jokes (sorry but they are probably bad and no one has told you).

Before you know it my sexy voice has gotten you completely aroused. You have forgotten about the bad tv. Just focused on what you have to do to hear me moan, since my giggle is so damn sexy!

Each of us telling the other how to touch.

Where to touch.

What we want to do to each other.

You get the idea. I really hope you get the idea for things started to heat up in here haha.

Anyways I am gonna go check to ensure the batteries are fresh in my favorite toy so that when you do call for some girlfriend experience phone sex, I am all prepared for you. I am around till the wee morning hours for some gfe fun or any other kinky fetish fantasies you may have.

1-888-402-8669 just tell the dispatcher you wish to talk to Arianna


Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Arianna

tease and denial phone sex

Was trying to figure out what kind of mood I was in then boom! Instantly hit me, tease and denial phone sex. I am wanting to ensure you are teased to the point of blue balls.

Dont give me that look you know you adore when your balls are aching from hours of teasing. Who better to tease you than a girl who does it just naturally. From my sensual voice that will have your cock standing at attention. To my sinful ways of building you to the edge of an orgasm. Well you get the idea, right?

Oh I know typical guy your eager to know what my sinful ways are. Ok perhaps I am feeling generous or maybe its an easy way to lure you into some tease and denial phone sex but erotic hypnosis. Think of it wrapping my sinfully seductive voice in your mind and get you to do what ever I want.

Let that just sink in for a moment.

Yup think about it. My hypnotic triggers worked into your mind so that I can not only control your mind but your cock as well. Oh there we go your getting the idea of how I can make tease and denial phone sex even more intense that blue balls.

So who thinks they can handle me controlling their orgasm?

Call 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna and experience the best in tease and denial phone sex.

ariannateases on aim

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