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Creampie Phone Sex with Katrina

Katrina here guys! Welcome to my perfect world and another session of Confessions 101. We both know that you can’t resist my scrumptious curves, tits and ass, or my long legs. Do you love to slurp and gulp a juicy mess? Do you love to drink sloppy seconds? Do you love the idea of leaving a wet, creamy mess in my sweet tight coed pussy for someone else to slurp up? Or do you love being the pathetic cuck that slurps my pussy clean after a messy creampie phone sex session?

creampie phone sex

I have to confess that I had a wild dream last night. I dreamt that my perfect boyfriend wasn’t so “perfect” if you know what I mean. * wink * I only deserve perfect, and perfection deserves royal treatment! It was a very, vivid colorful dream. It seemed so incredibly real. I dreamt that I came home to my boyfriend and he had no idea that I had just been fucked by a juicy, chocolate cock. Mmmm… Fuck yeah! Pathetic cuck just doesn’t measure up, but I just can’t bring myself to tell him. Instead, I bring home the creamy mess of another man, a black man for him to slurp and lick up during erotic creampie phone sex.

When I woke up from my dream I was ridiculously horny. I found my hand was in my panties and they were wet. I literally had to change all of my bedding… I am talking sheets, pillows and blankets… EVERYTHING! It was crazy that a dream could cause that much mess. Imagine my surprise when my boyfriend was sitting in a chair, tied so he couldn’t even get himself off. Ha… Ha… Ha… I would claim “poor thing,” but after waking up from that dream, I had no empathy for him.

I can think of so many things to do during an extreme taboo creampie phone sex call. Think about it… tie me to the bed, blindfold and gag me. Whatever you want to do to make our time together as taboo, kinky and addicting as possible.. The best part is that my boyfriend will get to watch the whole thing. When we are done, the best part will be my boyfriend, having a big thick cock stuffed in his face, makes my honey pot so creamy with excitement. I know that you are getting all excited thinking about the role you will be playing in our creampie phone sex fantasies.

Just ask for Katrina to find out how exciting, hot and explosive our fantasies can really get when you dial 1 888 402 8669. Don’t keep me waiting to feel your hot goo.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykarina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

Kinky Cuckold Phone Sex with Arianna

Quite often guys wonder what type of taboo phone fantasy gets me going. Well over the last bit the idea of cucking a guy has really gotten my panties wet thanks to all the hot and kinky cuckold phone sex calls. Yes fully admit the various topics within cuckolding has got me reaching between my legs a few times during our calls. Ok maybe more than a few.

kinky cuckold phone sex

Yes I know your wondering which cuckold fantasy have made me touch myself. Well the thought of my boyfriend watching me fuck another man who is far more endowed than him definitely got my juices flowing. Oh and dont even get me start on the idea of it being a BBC fantasy. Will not hear me argue over getting fucked by a dark chocolate dick. I have fucked a big black cock but never in a cuckold way, so the idea is very intriguing. Course from the cucks who have called me they tell me I am definitely missing out.

Really love getting my pussy eaten out and to think a cuckie would dive in and enjoy eating the cream pie. Hmm well I am all for that especially if it means your spending more time pleasing me orally. Actually, I have to admit I have had a little experience with the cream pie stuff. Its rather hot and oh so dirty. The full on details sorry you have to call for that but your cock will thank you when  you do.

Course I know there are tons of different fantasies around cuckolding and most cant get into in a short sexy little blog but we can talk about anything and everything when  you call me for a hot and kinky cuckold phone sex fantasy.

My number is 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna and lets enjoy some time talking about cuckolding. Real life or fantasy stories.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Kelly

cuckold phone sex

You are such a pathetic cuckold phone sex slut. But honestly, you can’t help yourself. It was so easy to break you and take control of your dick and those cum filled swollen balls. You wait with a hard cock, just dying to cum as I’m over here sucking giant cock,  swallowing cum,  and taking big manly cock deep inside me. How does it feel when I forbid you to cum? Yet, you bear witness to the   the multiple orgasms I get to have when I am taking massive cock over and over. And seeing my fuck buddies go balls deep in me as they yell out with pleasure, that must really frustrate you.  Good, you need to learn to live with the ache in your balls.  You know those big balls are cumming in my mouth or on my perky tits or deep inside my pussy and you are there just edging to the sound of it.  You are so fucking frustrated and in pain that you drop to your knees lick the cum off me or out of me if I hint that I may allow you a release. Hell, you would even deep throat the bull cock that just came out of me if you thought you would get to cum. I love when you are in pain like this. You would fucking do ANYTHING I commanded just to edge that dick for me. Maybe a nice strap on fucking to make you cum like a little bitch? I know you hate my huge cock up your ass. It is embarrassing and humiliating enough, but to watch your little penis cum like a woman taking a fat cock has to crush that ego, too.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Kelly, make sure you are ready to be my cuckold phone sex whore.

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

Cuckold Phone Sex with Pepper

Your sweet Princess Pepper knows what you want. And what do you want? Why, to see me getting fucked by other men while you helplessly watch, of course! Cuckold phone sex is one of my favorite types of calls. You know that a girl like me deserves nothing but the best, and you…? Well, that’s just not you at all. I need other men, REAL men, to come and fuck me like you never could. I need them to throw me around, use me like a toy, to fuck me and fill me in ways that you’re simply not capable of. I need men with strong bodies, big dicks, dark skin… That’s right! I’m not just a cuckold phone sex Princess, but I’m definitely a BBC Queen, too! Can’t you just imagine it? My sweet body, groped by several gorgeous black studs, their hands all over me, their dicks hard and ready, my pussy drooling with lust.. And you, with no way to stop it, with nothing to do but just sit and watch!

cuckold phone sex

Oh, don’t worry, baby. After they’ve had their fill of me, after my sweet pink pussy and ass have been used and stretched and filled, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end. Your cuckold phone sex Princess will want plenty of love and attention after that. And that’s where you come in. You get to clean me up after they’re done, you get to snuggle with me, and you get to get all the love that I have to give. I like to keep my love life and my sex life separate, you see? They’re for fucking me stupid, for giving my body what it craves, and you give my heart what it needs after.

Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? Call your cuckold phone sex Princess Pepper at 1 888 402 8669 and we can make that dream a reality!

BBC Phone Sex with Katrina

I have a secret that I would like to share, one that I can’t hold back any longer! Welcome to another session of Confessions 101 with your favorite slutty coed Katrina. My confession I LOVE big black cock! That’s right I love BBC Phone sex; especially when it involves a big black cock in my sweet, tight snatch. In fact, it’s what I think about while I am masturbating. Are you MAN enough for my creamy pussy? Will you give me what I crave and stretch my creamy pussy to its limits? It is not secret that I am horny slut that loves big cocks, but black men are always WAY bigger than any white man I have had. I mean, everyone has heard the saying “Once you go black, you don’t go back!” Baby, it is the truth. Even my gay friends that have been stretched turn into size queens. Hahaha.

BBC phone sex

Want to know what I love as much as if not more than getting fucked by a black cock? Oh, see that is two confessions in one blog. Getting spoiled this time around. * giggles* I love to suck all that creamy cum out of that fucking huge black mushroom head. I love to lick, nibble and suck that nice piece of meat. Push it into my throat, make myself gag on that huge mushroom head. Oh FUCK yeah! My sweet slit, is dripping honey from it. You cuckies better cum an lap it up like the pathetic dogs that you are! Fuck! Now I want to suck a big black cock during BBC phone sex.

One more confession for you. I love a good gangbang. That’s right, I said it! I told you I was a raunchy black cock loving whore! If you have a nice dark piece of meat to stretch my sweet pussy, fill it with your creamy cum, or for me to suck dry. Give this BBC phone sex lover a call today 1 (888) 402-8669. Cum on baby, don’t deny a Princess.

AIM and Yahoo: kinkykatrina4u
Twitter: @kinkykatrina4u

Cuckold Confessions Phone Sex With Connie

Cuckold Phone sex
I can not get enough of cuckold confession phone sex calls, well, any kind of confession call, but especially interracial white wife black ones!
I absolutely love to hear all about your cheating wife cuckolding you with big black cock, how one day your wife was happy and the next, she was making fun of your small white penis and moving in some bbc into your bedroom!
Are you really that surprised, after all, what white woman would ever settle for anything less than a superior black cock?
I love hearing you ask me “Is my wife cheating on me with black cock” , you know my answer will always be an erotically humiliating laughing “Yes”!
Telling me “I think my wife cuckolds me“, well, yes, if your sexy wife is anything like me, she’s been black owned since high school, why would something like being married stop her from fucking bbc?
And I can be the queen of cuckold humiliation phone sex, because what I really want to know is, do you like the way your wife pussy tastes of that black cock?
Will your wife ever stop fucking black cock?
No, once you go black you never go back, especially not to you and your small white cock.
From where this cuckold confessions phone sex queen sits, from what you’ve told me so far, your wife is a slut for bbc, and not only is there no cure, do you really want her to stop, Cuckold?
It makes you so hard and turned on, doesn’t it, telling me what a slut wife you have, how she is dressing different, doesn’t want you to touch her anymore, but only wants you to watch her with her lover!
I’ll tell you how lucky you are, after all, some hot wives put their cuckold husbands in chastity, some in a cock cage, while others, gulp, make their cuckolds into a forced bi phonesex faggot.
Oh, you want to hear more about cuckold confessions phone sex?
Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for your cheating girlfriend Connie.

Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies with Arianna

I have been so horribly distracted today. A random conversation last night on the phone has left me, well horny all day long. My mind is constantly racing to the thought of big black cocks! Thankfully I can cure my distraction with some cuckold phone sex fantasies.

cuckold phone sex fantasies

I am rather sure that I am not alone in my tempted desires for some big thick dark meat in my mouth today. It started out simple enough a random cuckold phone sex call where the guy wanted me to humiliate him for not being enough of a man to please me. The more he asked me to humiliate him the more aroused I got.

Before we knew it I was spiraling into this amazing BBC cuckold phone sex fantasy where I was hunting for some dark dick to fuck. Oh perhaps thats a bit of an over share but really it does happen. Where a phone sex fantasy just gets us girls turned on so much we are craving more of it.

Unfortunately, I never found a single black cock. Sad I know. However, I am taking calls tonight which means you and I can have some cuckold phone sex fun. For did you go off looking and venturing for a BBC loving girl that just got fucked today?

And here you are with your wishes as of yet unfulfilled. Hmmm maybe this is how things were suppose to turn out. You and me finding each other and talking about our cuckold  phone sex fantasies together. Turning each other on with each story we share.

Arianna is my name. You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669.

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Avalon

Oh my! What a naughty slut wife I’ve been lately. I admit I love my husband very much, but that won’t stop me from cucking his ass and forcing him to watch me take as much big black cock as my creaming slit can handle. If he’s a good boy, I’ll let him clean all the hot black cum from my overflowing fuck hole. Black cock white wife phone sex makes my pussy tingle and twitch. The thought of offering myself to all the hot big cocked black men is enough to get my juices flowing down my long pale legs.

black cock white wife phone sex

I’m the brattiest, bitchiest Queen of Spades cuckoldress that there ever was or will be. All your black cock white wife phone sex fantasies will come true with me. Perhaps I’ll let all those black cocks fill me with cum until I have a little black baby growing in my belly. Being black bred has always been a fantasy of mine. Also into financial domination? If you’re lucky I’ll force you to pay child support for my black baby that could have come from any number of big black cocks that have slammed into my white cum hole. Mmmm my beautiful black babies will be all taken care of once I order you to hand over all the cash to this slut white wife to use to raise black babies galore.

My hubby may think I’m a slut for black cock because it makes his cock twitch with glee, but that’s not the case as black cock white wife phone sex is MY ultimate desire!  Fuck, just the idea of him thinking I’m taking all this black cock for him makes me giggle like a mad woman.

It’s ok if you’ve never indulged your black cock white wife phone sex fantasy before. Let Queen of Spades Avalon guide you on your journey. You will thank me and cum back begging me to take more black cock and I may give you attitude about it, because I’m a bratty bitch, but it is really all my white wife pussy craves.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Avalon for your black cock white wife phone sex needs.

AIM: Alluring_Avalon
Yahoo: AlluringAvalon

Cuckold Phone Sex with Layla

It’s time I clear something up. As a woman who knows cock well, let’s say I’m a bit of a sexpert. I am experienced & can tell you all that anything under 7 inches – is small. 7 inches average & anything under that is well a joke. A guy can get by with 6 inches if he is thick. I can also tell you that the majority of women out there want at least 8 inches if not 9 inches or above. I prefer 10-11 inches myself. Women love a man with a massive cock.

cuckold phone sex

The other day I talked to a guy with 2 inches. He said that sometimes he can get it up to 3 inches if it is hard. HARD! What is even there to get hard? I made him admit that he was just a small dick loser. I explained that he didn’t even have a dick – more like an oversized clit. What a pussy? I mean what does a guy do with 2-3 inches. How does he even jerk off? He said he only uses 2 fingers. I bet his hands were tiny too. Maybe that helped. How pathetic! Seriously, a man with 6 inches is even 3 times his side. How sad is that? I pitied the poor pathetic small dick loser. I will say, he was perfect for cuckold phone sex. Even if that is all he was good for. It was a good time making fun of his tiny dick. I couldn’t help but laugh the entire time. By the time I was finished, I was so amused with him. He was trying to jerk off, but he tried & tried & could barely even cum. He didn’t even have a real load to shoot. What else is there to do with a guy like that. I guess he could sit in the same room & watch while I take a bit 13 inch & thick as fuck cock. He might work out as a clean up cum slut – other than that – completely useless. Just sayin’.

Call 1 888 402 8669 & ask for Layla for cuckold phone sex

Yahoo: laylalix

BBC Phone Sex with Kelly

I am just the kind of white slut who need BBC phone sex in her life.  Personally, I think all white women should whore themselves for the BBC as much as they can. I know it makes my life so much more satisfied.  I love nothing more than watching that huge thick black man meat start to slowly push its way inside my tight snatch as it stretches me almost to my breaking point. I can’t help but submit to that powerful cock. I find myself fantasizing about those hung black men several times during the course of the day. I can’t wait for one to be inside me making me his filthy and obedient slut.

BBC phone sex

I have even started talking my girlfriends into trying a black cock. I love being the reason a girl cheated on her boyfriend with a monster black cock. They always call me afterwards to thank me and go on and on about what happened.  I hear that familiar combination of  lust/satisfaction in her voice and I know she is now a BCC slut too. We both work on talking more white girls into giving themselves to that gigantic cock. I am such an evil cunt I know, but you small/average sized cock boys need to understand that black cocks are just far more superior. You would live such a easier and less stress filled life if you admit you know you are inferior, and step aside or should I say kneel before those big, fat, thick, long, manly black cocks and allow your women to enjoy them without having to sneak around. Seriously, cage your tiny useless penises and learn your place in life already.

1 888 402 8669 and be sure to ask for Kelly for BBC phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

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