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BBC Phone Sex with Kelly

I am just the kind of white slut who need BBC phone sex in her life.  Personally, I think all white women should whore themselves for the BBC as much as they can. I know it makes my life so much more satisfied.  I love nothing more than watching that huge thick black man meat start to slowly push its way inside my tight snatch as it stretches me almost to my breaking point. I can’t help but submit to that powerful cock. I find myself fantasizing about those hung black men several times during the course of the day. I can’t wait for one to be inside me making me his filthy and obedient slut.

BBC phone sex

I have even started talking my girlfriends into trying a black cock. I love being the reason a girl cheated on her boyfriend with a monster black cock. They always call me afterwards to thank me and go on and on about what happened.  I hear that familiar combination of  lust/satisfaction in her voice and I know she is now a BCC slut too. We both work on talking more white girls into giving themselves to that gigantic cock. I am such an evil cunt I know, but you small/average sized cock boys need to understand that black cocks are just far more superior. You would live such a easier and less stress filled life if you admit you know you are inferior, and step aside or should I say kneel before those big, fat, thick, long, manly black cocks and allow your women to enjoy them without having to sneak around. Seriously, cage your tiny useless penises and learn your place in life already.

1 888 402 8669 and be sure to ask for Kelly for BBC phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

BBC phone sex with kelly

BBC phone sex

I must say that BBC phone sex really hits the spot, if you know what I mean.  So many guys have a  fantasy of watching me and a black guy with a monster cock have a proper fuck fest.  Are you into that too?  I bet you want to be my bitch. You want me to humiliate your tiny dick and tell you what a worthless excuse for a man you are. Yeah, I know all about guys just like you. You need to see a sexy woman give herself to a much much more well endowed black man. I am sure you have called many girls who talked to you about this fantasy, but here is the thing — I really fuck black men! I have 1 or 2 always ready to slide their huge monster cocks inside me at a moments notice. I don’t mess around when it comes to BBC phone sex! And I know you want to hear all about how they work me over and open up my sweet pink pussy with his giant dick. Fuck, I am getting wet just writing about it.  The last BBC I fucked really knew how to tease me that that massive prick.  My mouth was watering  as I just look at him sitting there naked. His legs were spread and his dick was just hanging down like 7 inches past the chair.  I could barely contain myself.  I don’t know how long I held out before I was on my knees sucking on that big black thing. Do you want to watch him to shoot that load in my pretty face? You just pull up a chair and get a close look but I don’t want to hear a peep out of you.  We are going to put on a  BBC phone sex clinic and I don’t want to be distracted.  I know it will get that little ridiculous penis of your hard as it gets.

Let’s fucking do it — just call me for BBC phone sex at 1-888-402-8669 so I can get to work on that cock.

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U


Cuckold Phone Sex with Victoria


























Have you been trying to fight your urge for cuckold phone sex? Your mind keeps replaying the fantasy of your girlfriend or wife being fucked in front of you by another man and you try so hard to push those thoughts out of the way. Why fight it? Why not let it out and talk about how gorgeous your wife would look on her back with her legs wrapped around another man’s sweaty body as he fucks her just as she needs it? Once you realize that cuckold phone sex is the fantasy that you’ve been wanting to try out you will get to enjoy yourself in your cucky fantasies even more. I’m sure that you’ve imagined catching her in the act but how humiliating and erotic would it be to prep her for her date? You both know that later that night she will be getting a good fucking from a hot stud and you want her to look her best for it. Like a good cuck husband should you draw her a bath, wash her locks and finish by oiling her smooth skin in scented body oil so that she feels like the sex Goddess that she is.

Later that night as her date massages her round ass in his hands and comments about how hot she smells you can take pride in knowing that you helped her by rubbing that scent into her glowing skin. The you can sit back and have your pride ripped apart while she moans for his big dick like she never has for yours. Your own cock will betray you as it stiffens and your balls ache to be touched. Just give into it and jack off thinking about your hot wife moaning and cooing over how good he makes her body feel.



VixenVictoria4U Yahoo&AIM

BBC phone sex with kelly

BBC phone sex

My boyfriend has gotten so mad at me ever since I became a BBC phone sex slut.  His big fantasy was to watch me get banged by a gigantic cock.  I did it and that is when everything changed.  I got properly fucked for the first time in a long long time.  Now he has opened up a whole new world for me and he is not thrilled about it.  I told him, “If you were a man I wouldn’t be a BBC whore anyway. So, now I am!”  It is not that his dick is small, he is a little above average, but he is a 2 pump chump.  A sexy bitch like me needs a whole lot more than that. He can’t expect that I would ever go back to average after after siding up and down on those massive dicks! Even if he woke up tomorrow and his shrimpy dick grew a few more inches, I would still fuck those BBC in front of my boyfriend!  Frankly, he is lucky that I include him at all.  I’m a BBC  slut and my once tight pink cunt needs to be fucked with long thick meaty manly black dong.  He can pull up a chair and watch the fuck show, if he can handle it.  My fuck buddies do like to talk a lot of shit about how they are the only real men who can satisfy me.  Sure, it hurts his feelings, but I don’t care. He started this, but I am going to continue it forever.  Call me at 1-888-40-BUNNY and tell me what you think about our experiment.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for BBC phone sex with Kelly

AIM and Yahoo: CoedKelly4U

creampie phone sex with cum slut Victoria

phone sex

When I have creampie phone sex I get so incredibly turned on thinking about you cucks licking my creamy pussy out dry. It takes me from so so to hot as can be when I hear you tell me that you want to taste anotehr man’s hot load inside of my pussy. I was into creampies before I knew all about cuckolding and cuckold fantasies, but it’s another way that I get off on the humiliation of a cuckolded boyfriend or husband. It’s hot when you beg to watch and then clean me up, and it’s also hot when you protest and tell me you don’t want to eat that creampie out of my pussy. We both know that you will eat it and you will be ever so hard while you do it too. You watch as I get fucked by him, that man with the thick alpha male cock and nervously wait for the moment that he creates your creamy treat, or is it punishment? Is it a reward for being a good cuck or is it punishment for not being manenough to please me yourself? Reward or punishment, I am sure it will taste the same, and it will please me either way you look at it.

Even though it’s ultra humilating to sit and watch another man please me you can’t shake what a huge turn on it is to see me filled and in need of a cleaning. It makes you blush and question yourself, but it is so hot to hear the sounds of a well satisfied woman even if you’ve never created such pleasureable sounds. This is just how it is. I want to get fucked well, and I want the creampie, and I also want to have you cleaning it up and all of the humliation that comes along with it.

Call me to explore your creampie, cheating, cuckold, BBC and cum eating fantasies.

VixenVictoria4U Yahoo-AIM

humiliation phone sex with jenny

humiliation phone sex

So you call and ask for humiliation phone sex well watch what you ask for when calling me. I love to totally humiliate anyone who is looking for this kind of fetish I will hold nothing back even if it’s hurtful… I will totally humiliate you. I love small penis humiliation laughing at your little dick is so much fun to me I love making you blush. I love humiliating losers I think you are my favorite callers because I can say what ever I like. Making you feel more like a loser makes me smile knowing I made you feel even worst.

Humiliation phone sex can be anything from very vanilla to very extreme, I get into it all and love being the bitch that I’m. You will be calling me a bitch when we are done but I know I will get to your head first. Laughing at cuckold guys is another fun one for me because I’m not sure what your deal is. You could be just that bad of a lover, that your lady fucks around. Or your cock is so small you can’t satisfy her any more. Either way I will make you feel so stupid and may even turn you into becoming a cocksucker lol. Then there is always just you guys that fit in nowhere and have nothing going for yourself that makes humiliating you so easy.

Let’s face it what ever makes you call me for humiliation phone sex you will get what you are looking for and then some. I’m your humiliation queen and proud of it, I will never go soft on you like you will on me hahaha. I will make your call worth every minute you spend with me making you feel so worthless like most likely you are.

Call 1 888 402 8669 for some really hardcore humiliation phone sex call with Jenny. I love making men feel even more stupid lol.

Yahoo: juicyjennyxxx
AIM: juicy_jennyxxx

cuckold phone sex with natasha

cuckold phone sex

Hey you losers! Yea, you over there in the corner, I’m talking to you.  I know your into cuckold phone sex.  Let me set the scene for you!  Your wife is this busty blonde, blue eyes an has all those beautiful curves.  You two have been together for years, since high school.  You remember all that amazing sex you guys used to have?  Every day, 3 times a day, all over the place…well, that sex just slowly started to come to a halt.  The sex dwindled down to once a day, an maybe 2 times a week.

You have now noticed your wife just has no interest in having sex anymore.  Yet, she has been going out a few times a week and dresses really sexy.  She comes home late an usually your asleep but a few times you have caught her undressing, an showering an just smiling from ear to ear.  You approach her one day about it, an well she tells you that sex with you is just boring an that she wants more adventurous sex an a much bigger cock.  You know you can’t do anything to please her, so you start finding men for her.  You have now become the cuckold phone sex bitch that you are!

One day you wife is dressed in this leather corset, matching thigh highs an crotchless panties.  You ask her where she is going dressed like that an she says no where.  Your dick starts getting a little hard, smile on your face as you get excited.  She tells you to go into the bedroom, an lay on your side of the bed.  You do as your told because you are super excited that things are about to heat up.  She hand cuffs your left hand to the headboard.  Now things are getting kinky!  Then the doorbell rings.  She runs to answer it an in walks this 6 foot, brown hair, baby blue eyed, muscular man.  He drops his pants an all you can see is his huge 10 inch cock.  You ask your wife whats going on, she tells you to shut up, and she gets on the bed next to you.  He starts pounding her and pounding her in every position imaginable.  Your finding yourself slowly stroking your rock hard cock because your so turned on by the moaning coming out of your wife.  He has blown a few loads in your wife and now your cuckold ass is about to clean it up!

Are you finding that your a cuckold guy as well?  Come have some Cuckold phone sex with me! Call 1-888-402-8669 an ask for Natasha!

cock sucking phone sex with Victoria


phone sex

















Hi sissy cuckolds! Does it drive you wild to see and hear your hot woman sucking away at a hard cock in front of you? Even if it only happened after you asked for it, you could tell how much she was enjoying herself putting on a show for you and indulging your kinky side. Your panties get tight and snug when you think about her tossing her head back and slurping up his hot load don’t they? Has your wife or girlfriend ever made this fantasy come true for you? If so you should show her some appreciation and let her watch you fluff her next lover’s dick. If you’ve never managed to get your beautiful woman to go through with cuckolding or swapping then maybe taking the first step and engaging in some cock sucking will show her what kind of a sissy you really are. She might think you just enjoy waltzing around in private in sensual lingerie and high heels, and maybe you do. I’m talking to the sissies that want to be cuckolded and put in their place though.

I want to hear about how your wife looked at you when she swallowed her boyfriend’s load in fornt of you, and how hard it made you to see her as she orgasms all over his huge cock. Don’t you want to tell me about how your cock twitched and stiffened when you imagined your lips wrapped around his big cock? I’m not shy when it comes to sharing stories about strap on to real cock cukolding experiences. So the thought of being made into a feminized cuckold that is put in panties and turned into a cock sucker turns you on, well it turns me on too. Let’s talk about how watching your wife take his cock and drain it made you want to follow in her foot steps.



VixenVictoria4U AIM- Yahoo

cuckold phone sex with harper

cuckold phone sex

You look so pathetic kneeling there, staring at my gorgeous pussy, watching this huge cock sliding in and out of me.  You know you could never make me feel the way he does.  It makes me laugh watching your eyes got from his gigantic cock pumping in and out of me, to your tiny little dick, hanging there so sadly, I think if you turn sideways I couldn’t see it. Ha!

Don’t you just love when he pulls out of me a little?  You can see that ooey gooey liquid starting to ooze from the fat tip of that cock and you open your lips a little and whimper wishing it was for you to eat.  Sorry, slave, there is only one way you are getting a taste of that…it’s by using that mouth of yours to lick and suck it all out of my sweet honey hole.  That tongue of yours is the only useful thing to me anyway, it is the only thing that can bring me any pleasure about your pathetic and weak being.   It’s so cute how your little dick grows looking at that giant one, wishing you had it, and your eyes tell me how hungry you are for it.

You better be very hungry!  He is about to explode into me.  I make you crawl over and he grabs your head and shoves it into my sticky, creamy pussy and you lick like a hungry cat!  Lick it all up, every little bit.  You had better clean this pussy thoroughly…or you aren’t going to get to play with yourself after…

Call me for cuckold phone sex at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Harper

AIM: Huntress_Harper
Yahoo: HuntressHarper

small penis humiliation phone sex with trixi

small penis humiliation phone sex

I’m a size queen and I am proud of that. There is really nothing worse than a teeny dick. Well, I guess maybe there is something worse. A man with a teeny dick who tries to pretend that it’s “not that small”. I mean, it’s just really pathetic. They try to pretend like they could actually please a woman with it. We all know that’s not possible and that any woman who has ever been with them has had to fake an orgasm. It makes me laugh so hard when a guy calls me and tries to tell me he could please me with his 4 inch dick. That’s when it usually turns into a small penis humiliation phone sex call and the real fun begins.

Sure, guys might not know at first that they are going to get a small penis humiliation phone sex call and that’s okay. Sometimes it’s fun to kinda spring it on them and hear their reactions. Oh, they always try to say they might not have a huge dick but they have a hurricane tongue. Um, yeah that’s great and all, but sometimes us girls need the dick and there’s no tongue that will be good enough to be a substitute for it. To hear a guy come to the realization that his dick isn’t good enough for me (or any other woman for that matter) is the best!!

Do you think you are ready to call me for small penis humiliation phone sex, call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Trixi!

AIM: Talk2Trixi
Yahoo: Tempting_Trixi

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