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Humiliation Phone Sex with Riley

So how pathetic and worthless are you? Well can definitely explore that question when you call me for some humiliation phone sex. Dial, my pitiful little piss ant, because I’m in a seriously bitchy mood and I need a good laugh tonight. I want you to call because I’m very sure I can find more than a few good chuckles at your expense. I’m going to find out what makes you the sad little worm that you are, and exploit it until you cum all over in your pants so you have to spend the rest of the day explaining and blushing over that crusty stain on your crotch.

humiliation phone sex

Speaking of sad little worms, is your dick small? A teeny weeny? Do you need to be told how inadequate that little clittie is for fucking any hole? I don’t think there’s a woman alive that wants to be stuck fucking that little mini-meat breakfast sausage! We can talk about getting you the right strap on for you and your lady, so you can finally give her a little real satisfaction. Unless she’s getting it from somewhere else, like a well hung cuck bull, while you watch and clean up his cum like a frilly little hand maid. No worries, I can find lots of ways to exploit that arrangement during humiliation phone sex. We can always just talk about what a pathetic failure you are at life overall, and how much I would prefer to fuck any guys that aren’t you. You really should be on the floor in front of me, licking my shoe clean, but you aren’t here so you need humiliation phone sex to know what your place is. In fact, maybe I’ll just tell you to shut the fuck up and listen while I fuck my boyfriend, so this way you can hear how it sounds when it’s done right. I’m sure that’s not something you get to hear in real time that often. Let’s find out…

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for humiliation phone sex!

AIM: Rileys_Ready4U

Phone Sex Brat Riley

Ooooh man, am I in a bratty mood today! I’m all about the sass, bitches, so call me if you are looking for a hot little phone sex brat for some verbal sparring, and I will be very happy to oblige. You say you want a little lip service? And I’m not just talking about my pretty pink pussy lips. Dial the phone and ask the lovely dispatcher for Riley, and if I like your ass, I just might let you play with those pussy lips the way you want to play with them. I might play hard to get with you, I might talk back a little, I will surely tease you a bit – you’ll get what you want, but I will definitely not be making things easy for you. Why should I? All things worth having are worth working for, right? So expect this naughty phone sex brat to make your experience something you will enjoy, but because you have to work a little and put up with my bratty version of dirty talk, it will be a call to remember!

phone sex brat

No, nothing good comes easily, and if it did, we wouldn’t appreciate it as much. I’m sure you will like that I have a fresh, strong will, and a stubborn but cute personality. You aren’t into the doormat type – that’s too easy. I have a brain, and I’m not afraid to use it, and you know that I’m the type of girl that really turns you on. I’m not exactly a total tease who doesn’t give it up, but I am not afraid to tease you for a while, edge and deny, frustrate you and drive you crazy until you’ve had enough, and then I’ll eventually give you what you want. Maybe.

Find out today. Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for a real phone sex brat!

AIM: Rileys_Ready4U

JOI Phone Sex with Layla

JOI phone sex is always best when you have your Mistress around to tell you exactly what to do, how to do it, & when to do it. As your seductive Mistress Layla, I know just how to tease you as I am giving you your orders to jerk off.

JOI phone sex

Now, if you want to experience JOI phone sex with me, you’ll have to earn it. By earning the privilege to jerk off, I mean you’ll have to beg. Beg like you have never begged before! That’s step one by the way. So I bet you’re waiting on step two now. Is your cock hard already? Balls swollen. Well you better get started. Slowly…very slowly. I’m going to tease you like you have never been teased before. While you’re jerking nice & slow for me, I’ll make to listen as I play with my sweet & seductively wet pussy. Part of the JOI include that you must ask for permission before you cum. Who said I couldn’t incorporate a bit of tease & denial into our JOI phone sex session. You poor thing! I almost feel bad for you. So are you good & hard? That’s nice. Now it’s time to stop. That’s right. Hands off. What a fucking tease! Don’t look so sad. Your Mistress Layla is just getting started. Perhaps, I better do a small inspection to see just how hard your cock has gotten? Not quite close enough. Start jerking off again. Squeeze those balls! Harder! That’s it. Now stop! Hands off again! Aww…I don’t think you’re hard enough. Time to start begging again. I think it’s time to tease & antagonize you some more. Let’s see how much pre-cum will start dripping from that big cock head before it blows. My pussy is so incredibly hot & bothered right now. Ahh it feels so silky as my fingers press right up against my pussy. As I said, I’m just getting started. Just sayin’.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Layla for JOI phone sex

Yahoo: laylalix

Cock Control Phone Sex with Abby

Do you jerk off more than once a day? If you do, chances are you might be addicted to it. And that’s a bad thing for any lover you might have. You’re used to jerking it and cumming too quickly and that means you’re never going to last long enough to make a woman cum before you do. And we should ALWAYS cum before you do. But don’t worry – I can help you. A little bit of cock control phone sex with me will help you learn to last longer and please yourself AND your lovers.

cock control phone sex

I have a question for you. How long do you usually make yourself last when you’re jerking off? Do you just do it super quickly to get the job done? You probably said yes and that’s why you need me. When you call me for cock control phone sex, we’re going to need more than a 10 minute quickie. You need to be taught how to stroke your cock slowly. I know you’ll never do that on your own. You’re going to be thanking me after I train your cock… women will love fucking you. Did you ever think that maybe that’s why your girlfriend or wife doesn’t want to have sex with you? You cum too quickly and leave her really frustrated. That’s really pathetic and you need to get that shit under control. Seriously.

I’m ready now for you to call me for cock control phone sex. It’s going to take more than one session, but I promise that by the time I’m done with you, you’ll have control of your cock. Bringing you to the edge over and over again also has a bonus other than pleasing your lover – your orgasm will be SO strong. You’ll be seeing stars. So call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.

Erotic Phone Sex Hypnosis with Arianna

So I am a bit of a self proclaimed sensual tease. Now I see nothing wrong with being a tease especially when its with men on the phone. And well lets be honest, even off the phone too! Some of you who have experienced a rather long tease and denial session with me know all to well how much emphasis gets put on that tease aspect. What you probably didnt know is how much I love using erotic phone sex hypnosis to help enhance the teasing.

Was that an Oooo interesting Arianna!

Either you never thought about combining erotic hypnosis with some orgasm denial or you didnt know I did phone sex hypnosis. Either way that is a down right shame. And one that needs to be rectified ASAP!

erotic phone sex hypnosis

I would say today but unless you have a good 30 minutes to devote to an erotic phone sex hypnosis call it just wont work. Cause it takes a bit of time working my soft n sensual voice into the deeper levels of your mind where I can take control of your cock. Plus its a cock tease fantasy and we both know there is no rushing that.

So when you have the time give me a call  for some erotic phone sex hypnosis. Good news is if you only have time for a quick orgasm edging session that can be done any time I am taking calls. I can make your balls ache long before you give your mind over to me. The 30 minute minimum only applies to hypnosis session.

You can reach me by calling 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna the sensual tease about to take control of your orgasm.

ariannateases is my aim.



Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Jenny

I love tease and denial phone sex so when I was at the pool the other day a group of guy’s came in to swim. Well let me tell you how these guy’s were splashing around flirting with me, I saw them checking out my big titties all afternoon. Tease and denial phone sex is something I really know about because I do it with all of you guy’s on the phone all the time. So teasing this group was a no brainer for me. I started by walking around the pool shaking my round ass and letting my big titties bounce up and down. I know just by doing that a few of them were unable to get out of the water. Yes they had a boner really big ones so big it was even hard to hide in the pool.

tease and denial phone sex

Just laughing to myself thinking oh boy’s you really met your match today I’m a tease and denial phone sex bitch, so teasing you is nothing. I did it all bending over wiggling my ass showing all my cleavage just shaking them to make them bounce even more. They couldn’t take their eyes off of me I felt like a queen for the day.

One was brave enough to even walk over to talk to me trying so hard to flirt and I let him go on and on while I played with my hair wiggling even more. I played the poor innocent girl part out with all of these big bad wolves. I love teasing men and making them melt right in front of me. I must say they did try to hide their excitement but it was impossible in the pool. Tease and denial phone sex with me will be even more exciting because I never stop teasing I will keep going until you burst.

Call me Jenny for some really hot tease and denial phone sex you will enjoy me teasing you 1-888-402-8669 ask for Jenny

Yahoo: Juicyjennyxxx
AIM: juicy_jennyxxx

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Erin

The best part about tease and denial phone sex is when the teasing is done, the denial has become tortuous, you finally get the release that you need. That’s right, the reason for tease and denial is to build up all your sexual energy until you feel like you are going to explode. Want to be guaranteed a mind blowing orgasm every single time? Tease tease tease, deny deny deny. Listen to jerk off instructions and do what I say. My plan is to take you to the peak and then stop. Not a ruined orgasm, just a delayed one.

tease and denial phone sex

When you call me for a tease and denial phone session it really helps to plan enough time to really get the full effect. Sure, I can tease you for 10 minutes and let you cum, but is that really a tease? Better yet, call me for 10, let me tease you and then deny your orgasm. Go about your day and follow a few instructions. Call me back a few hours later for more teasing. And if you can wait even longer … we can play like this all day. Or all weekend. Or all week. Lots of teasing and keeping you focused not only on your cock, but me too. It’s your call, your choice, just my advice to get the most out of our call.

If you’re into a really extended tease and denial phone sex session, it helps if you have some lube handy. I am very tactile and if you like panties or stockings it will only make your cock feel even better. A cock ring will increase pressure and keep you hard; if you don’t have one, a shoestring or hairband works wonders. The more I deny and the more desperate your begging to cum becomes, the hotter and wetter I get. If you get your pleasure from mine, you’ll follow my lead and do as I say!

For tease and denial phone sex call Erin 1-888-402-8669

AIM _ SexyEroticErin

Naughty Phone Sex with Jenny

I’m Jenny, a naughty phone sex diva I love getting all hot and steamy with my callers. I do calls that are a variety of many things which helps that I’m so open when it comes to sex. I will take you to that place in your head where you can experience the best orgasm ever. Thinking about a time when you were young or had kinky wild sex and your cock would explode every five minute you had many girls to choose from. Picking up girls and fucking them on a nightly bases was how you liked it in college or perhaps your first job. Seeing a hot babe walk into the bar or club sending her a drink and flirting with her was so easy back then. It was nothing to take one of them home or fuck them in the back seat of your car or truck.

naughty phone sex

Today it’s easier to have naughty phone sex with me then to pick up a chick in a club I will do it all and always please you. Having phone sex with me will make your cock throb and you will love talking about all the taboo subjects that I will discuss. Making you cum is my goal but how worked up you are is what I do best, I love adding my little twist and turns to your session. Tease and denial phone is another way I like to play and make it really hard for you to cum until you beg me. I love small dick guy’s teasing you is so much fun for me, I love hearing you begging me to stop. Panty boy’s I didn’t forget you I love making you masturbate in your pretty panties and getting them all wet for me.

Call me for some really naughty phone sex Jenny is the name you will always remember. 1-888-402-8669.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Jenny

Jenny, for all you naughty men that adore tease and denial phone sex. I love getting you all hard and worked up and then make you stop stroking your big cock leaving it dangling while I change the subject or tease you. Teasing men is an art and I found that I do it well and love every minute of denying you the pleasure of cumming. If you think for one minute I will be an easy touch then you need to rethink everything because baby that is one thing I’m not is easy. I will NEVER give into to your scheming ways I will deny you to stroke your throbbing cock until I’m ready. Yes I play for real and I don’t care how much you moan or beg for me to give in it may be days until I allow you to cum.

tease and denial phone sex

Tease and denial phone sex is a fetish that most men love to try at least once to see just how long they can hold off before crying to cum. I give no mercy! I have heard every excuse in the world. I only will allow you to cum for me when I’m ready and have teased you enough to satisfy me. Once you had a taste of my pleasure and my total control over you and your cock I know you will be back for more. Let’s face it asking for a certain kind of fetish is no fun unless you really play it out completely and feel the orgasm it will bring to you.

Taking you to a new high is what I love doing for all my tease and denial phone sex callers giving you experience that you have been searching for will leave you feeling totally pleased. Grab the phone and call me Jenny for some intense tease and denial phone sex 1 888 402 8669.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Pepper

Yesterday was one of the sexiest days I’ve had in a while. I had just gotten home from shopping at the mall with my best friend when I noticed something off in my living room. It felt as if someone had been there and rearranged a few things. I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but  something seemed out of place. I shrugged it off and started taking off my clothes until I heard a beeping sound coming from near my tv. When I did a little investigating, I found a small spy camera! I knew it had to be my naughty neighbor who loved to watch me get undressed through my bedroom window. So instead of calling the cops, I put on a tease and denial phone sex show for him.

tease and denial phone sex

I just knew he was at home waiting to jerk off to my succulent curves, so I made sure to tease him in every way possible. I pulled on my bra and cupped my breasts acting as if I was going to pull my bra off. Just when I began to start removing my bra straps, I ran to the other side of the room away from the camera view. I laughed at myself just thinking about how mad my neighbor must be with his hard cock. Tease and denial phone sex in front of the camera wasn’t enough. I wanted to see his face. So I went upstairs and opened my bedroom window to get the perfect view of him. At this point, my bra was half way off and I was in my panties. He began jerking his cock so hard in tease and denial phone sex, I thought it was going to come off! Just when I saw the look in his eyes that he was about to cum, I closed my window and put up my curtains. All I heard was his foul language as I walked to my kitchen to fix me something to eat. Ready for some tease and denial phone sex fun?

Call me Pepper at 1 888 402 8669

AIM: PrincessPepper4you

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