GFE Phone Sex with Gracie

Hey baby, how was your day? I hope that work wasn’t too hard on you, and your day went by smoothly. Dinner is hot and ready, so why don’t you sit down and take those works boots off. I’ll serve it up to you with a beer and your favorite show. For dessert, I’ll make sure we have something extra special! This GFE phone sex session is about to get hot & heavy when Goddess Gracie comes out in some sexy lingerie, ready to make all your fantasies come true!

GFE phone sex

There is so much fun to be had during our GFE phone sex call baby. That time is meant for only you and me, to explore our fantasies together and grow as friends and lovers. We can talk about anything and normal girlfriend and boyfriend would talk about. I can be here for you for all the bad times, but especially the hard times! Those nights when you are feeling super horny, and your girlfriend, wife, fiance won’t give it up? I’ll be there on the other end of the line, waiting for you to play and cum with me. I’ll make our time together something truly special, and something that you can I can cherish. I bet knowing that I am just a phone call away makes those jeans a bit tighter, doesn’t it baby?

I look forward to hearing from you each week, wondering what you have been up to and where your days have taken you. I fall asleep wondering if I will hear from you the next day, hoping that you’ll call and want to speak with me. Listening to your voices does two specific things to me. I either relax, and calm down from a stressful day, or I get really turned on to the point that my sweet, pink pussy becomes soaking wet. You have this power over me that leaves me wanting more, and I crave our sessions together.

I’m waiting for you to tell me about your day baby, so give me a call at 1 888 402 8669, and just ask for your personal GFE phone sex goddess, Gracie!

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GFE Phone Sex with Kelly

I know there are tons of you guys walking around blue balled because your woman doesn’t take care of you as she should. You need a no limits GFE phone sex session with me. I’ll make sure you blow a huge load every time you need to. I hear time and again how when you were first dating your wife was wild and kinky and did anything to turn you on. Then you got married and after a couple years that faded away. No wonder when you see my hot wet pink cunt you take your dick out and jerk yourself into a frenzy.

GFE phone sex

But you shouldn’t have to just wank off real quick to bust a nut. You need someone to give you the attention you deserve on GFE phone sex. I can be your virtual girlfriend who you tell all your dirty secrets to. Do you have a thing for anal sex and she constantly refuses you? Well baby…not only will I let you fuck me up the ass, I will beg you to pound me as hard as you can! Does she deny you when you want to use her mouth as your fuck hole? I would never say no to you. Like I said there are no limits whatsoever on our GFE phone sex. Do you want to have a threesome with another sexy slut? I can make that happen too. We have lots of girls to pick from to join us…then you get to have TWO hot nasty girlfriends to fuck. You will never have to feel your balls aching from all that backed up cum again. Just call me for GFE phone sex. We’ll share all of our naughty kinks with each other and you can cum as much as you want until you are fully satisfied. It’s about time you were treated right!

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Hardcore Phone Sex with Phoenix

Hey, there sexy caller. Hey baby, my name is Phoenix. If you want to get down to some hardcore phone sex fun with a sexy younger woman who can’t get enough hard cock and creamy cum, then you have found your match. This sexy body and sweet pussy has had guys younger and much older try to wear this pretty pussy out, but no such luck!

hardcore phone sex

I can handle huge BBC cock, or gangbang fucking, any type of hardcore phone sex fucking just makes me hotter and wetter; my pussy is ready to be used! Take your best shot at making me cum first; if you’re good enough you might make me squirt with you. I’m one horny bitch who can take a pounding and keep right on milking you. Let me be your cum-catching slut! But if you have that itty bitty lil cock, don’t come calling me for any sympathy. I will tease and torture that small cock, I may giggle for you but I won’t be squirting on that pathetic giggly stick! There is not anything you can say or do that will let you put that tiny useless cock in my hungry cunt. I am up for any type of fantasy hardcore phone sex call. The crazier your idea that more fun it is! We can do any type of play, I won’t say no to any fetish, maybe we can teach each other a thing or two about the nasty, kinky, amazing world of sex. If you can think of it, we can certainly get into it! If you like to get a little dark and out there, I am your babe. Pain sluts, dressing up, aliens, angels, devils!

You can’t go wrong no matter where the fantasy leads us… call up Phoenix for an out of body experience!


Cuckold Phone Sex with Abby

If you think I would EVER fuck your tiny little dick, you are sadly mistaken. You’re a loser, plain and simple. You know what I would do, though? I would LOVE to make you watch me fuck a real man. I’d prefer a big black cock. I mean, that’s the stuff cuckold phone sex dreams are made of. A pathetic white dicked man watching me get absolutely split wide open by a black bull – that’s one of the most amazing and pleasurable things that could ever happen to a girl. It makes me so happy and it makes me cum SO hard. So, I guess in an indirect way, you could help make me cum, but it will never be by letting you fuck me. It’s not like I would even be able to feel your pathetic cock, anyway. You’d probably still cum anyway, wouldn’t you? You’d probably be so excited to be close to a hot girl like me that you might not even get it inside me before your cock started dribbling cum.

cuckold phone sex

If you’re a really good boy, I MIGHT even let you clean my pussy up after it’s fucked by a big black cock. Losers like you dream about eating that black creampie out of my gaping pussy. You know it’s really the only time I’d ever let you touch it. I’ll let you spread my lips wide and stick your tongue all the way in so you can get every drop of the cum out. Make sure you don’t waste any. You’re privileged to even be getting the cum, so don’t spill it.

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Big Tit Phone Sex with Gracie

Well hello guys, it’s your favorite Florida born bombshell, Gracie. I’m back to talk about one of the favorite parts of my body, and I know it is one of your favorites, too! I’m talking about my big, plump, perky titties that sit gracefully on my chest. It makes me feel so sexy and feminine when I wear a low cut shirt and see my large, juicy melons peeking out. They bring me so much attention, and I feel so incredibly sexy when I stare at myself in the mirror, admiring the way they move up and down with each deep inhale that I take. Big tit phone sex is the topic for today, so sit back, relax, and get ready to play.

big tit phone sex

I am in the middle of my lifespan development class, and the room is filled to capacity. It is a hot, July day and the central air in this side of the building isn’t working. I’m wearing a blue tank top, denim shorts, and white sneakers. Sweat is pouring down my body, and I feel like I need to find some sort of relief. I started wiping my forehead with my hand, and in the corner of my eye, I catch you, sitting by the window, eyes locked on me. Your shirt is off, and the sweat makes your muscles glisten in the sunlight. I decide I can’t take the heat anymore, and slowly and seductively take off my tank top, exposing my luscious melons sitting perched inside my hot pink bra. Your eyes are glued to me, and I know that big tit phone sex is on your mind.

I come over to the one empty space near the window, which happens to be the seat behind you. I lean into the large window, feeling the breeze blow into my blonde hair and over my chest and face. The cool air sends a shiver down my spine, and I glance over to you, noticing a large bulge in your jeans. You come and greet me at the window sill, and mount me from behind. I arch my back and you unclip the clasp of my bra, exposing my big, perky, creamy white tits for all to see. You wrap your large hands around them and start squeezing, sending us both into a lustful frenzy.

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Submissive Phone Sex with Raven

I am such a submissive phone sex slut at work. I have a new job since my master retired. I could have chosen to never work again. He gave me a nice package. Set me up for life. I have just become used to being degraded and used daily. I love my phone sex masters, but they will never replace the real thing. I am a paralegal now a few times a week for a new lawyer. He is much younger than my original work master. He is far kinkier too. I worked Friday for him. I was his office toilet. My former master rarely engaged in piss play, but my new master loves it. Lucky me.

submissive phone sex

I spent the day under his desk with my mouth open. His dick was out the entire day too. If he snapped his fingers twice, he wanted head, so I had to suck him off. If I didn’t make him cum in less than ten minutes I got whipped. The first couple times making him cum in that time frame was not hard, but after the first 4 times, I struggled. I mean there is only so many times a man can cum in a day. He said it was my fault if I couldn’t make him cum. So, the 5th time, ten minutes passed, and his dick was still limp. He put me in his torture closet and whipped me for an hour. I have not yet decided if I like my new job. I have never swallowed so much cum in a day. But, I am a submissive phone sex whore, so I do what I am told when I am told. There are even things I like to do that I can’t tell you about here because it’s just SO naughty.

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Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Abby

I know that a lot of you guy out there are extremely turned on by women’s feet and that’s why you call us girls up for foot fetish phone sex. I LOVE jerking a guy off with my size 7 feet. Aren’t they pretty? I bet you can imagine oiling them up for me and then lying back so I can wrap them around your big fat cock and start stroking it. I’m not gonna lie – that makes my pussy really wet. Just feeling your cock throb between my feet makes my pussy throb. I might even rub my pussy while I am stroking your cock with my feet. Do you want to cum all over them? I fucking love feeling your warm jizz squirting all over my pretty toes.

foot fetish phone sex

You know what really turns me on, though? After you cum, I want you to lick the cum off of my toes and then kiss me. It’s so erotic to share your cum. Have you ever done that? If you haven’t, you really don’t know what you are missing. And then, I want you to go down on me and lick my pussy until you make me cum all over your face. While you’re doing that, I bet you’ll get hard again and I’ll let you choose – you can fuck my pussy or my feet again. I’m sure you’ll pick my feet because that is what you love, but maybe I can talk you into fucking my pussy and then shooting your load on my feet. You can suck on my pretty toes while you fuck me. Mmmm. I think you should call me right now so you can hear me tell you all of this instead of just reading it.

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Twisted Taboo Phone Sex with Erin

Destination Erotic Taboo Twisted and Pervy Phone Sex! You’ve reached your destination for the most taboo phonesex role plays. My mind is dark and deviant and I know yours is too. (Or else you wouldn’t be reading the deliciously dirty words I’ve written for you.) Let’s have a meeting of the minds, so to speak, and explore our most twisted desires. I can’t even list these depraved pleasures here because I’d get banned. So let your devious mind imagine what filthy fun we can have together.

twisted taboo phone sex

I’m in my late 20’s, but that’s not the age I like to play. I truly have no limits when it comes to the sick and twisted fantasies you have.  I’ve also lived some of the no limits pursuits that might be among your Taboo Phone Sex favorites. I wish the world wasn’t so puritanical when it comes to sex. Granted, America was first settled by Puritans, but we should have evolved to the point where we could explore our sexual desires and erotic needs without suppression. Do you want to find out all the dirty and pervy pleasures I masturbate to? Let me hear all about yours as well!

Just go give you an example of some of the twisted taboo phone sex fantasies, think religious blasphemy. Or a really taboo torture accomplice call. Naughty schoolgirl, pervy babysitter, and so many other things they won’t even let me tell you about here.

Your first call with me won’t be your last. You will want to revisit with me again and again to go deeper, darker, dirtier and more depraved. All of our kinky fetishes must evolve and intensify. There is no taboo topic to which I’ve ever said “no”. And I don’t expect there ever will be. Remember when it comes to taboo and twisted, I am your Destination!

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Gracie

Hey guys, it’s your favorite blonde bombshell here to talk about all the things that turn this girl on and get the fire started inside me. I love knowing that you are there on the other side of the phone, breathing heavily and moaning out for me. I love knowing that you have your rock hard, throbbing cock in your hand, stroking it while thinking of me and all the nasty things we could do together. Tell me all your fantasies, baby, and all the lust-filled desires that you want to act out. We can do anything and everything during our anything goes phone sex session!

anything goes phone sex

I’m here for your disposal, and I’m down to do try anything once. Maybe there are fantasies of yours that I have never heard of, and you can teach me all about them. This no taboos girl is ready for anything and eager to please! We can roleplay a hot babysitter scenario, where I come over to your house to babysit while your wife is out of town on a trip. Maybe I’m a housekeeper that comes to clean once a week, and you decide that you can’t resist seeing me bend over the counters to wipe them down anymore and need to have your way with me. Maybe I’m the receptionist at your job, and at the company party we both have a few too many drinks and decide to have a lust-filled fuck in the coat closet? Anything goes phone sex with me is all about having fun and acting out those wild and crazy fantasies!

Is there anything new that you have been wanting to try? Maybe your girlfriend or wife doesn’t like it, or want to try it? I’m your girl! There isn’t anything I won’t try, and who knows, maybe you will get me to love something new, something that can be our thing!

For all those anything goes phone sex desires that you have, call me, Gracie, at 1 888 402 8669 now!

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Raven

I know I have only been your secretary roleplay phone sex girl now for about 3 months, and I do really appreciate you hiring me immediately after college. I know this is “getting my foot in the door” at this huge corporation. I hope I do not make a big mistake by admitting to you, my boss, that I want to fuck you. I have already dropped all of the subtle hints that I know. I guess I just needed to say it now.

roleplay phone sex

I swear no one has to know. I won’t tell your wife, and no one in the building will be aware if we just close your office door. I want you to make me strip down completely naked in front of you so you can gaze at my luscious body. Then I hope you will get your hands all of my firm body. Please just say yes, and then rub my pussy with your fingers! It will feel so good if you suck on my titties too. Then just throw everything off the desk and fuck me doggie style right on it. Make my dreams cum true. I will fuck you as often as you want me to for a better position in this company. Let me show you how badly I want it. Mmm who wouldn’t want a hot sexy secretary that will fulfil all your needs and fuck you real good and cum all over me and swallow a big load of cum?

Imagine i walk into your office for a private meeting wearing a tight red lace skirt, short low cut blouse to show off my beautiful big breast and no panties no panties hoes, just my beautiful legs, you know you want a piece of this yummy secretary who is down for all the kinky fantasies.

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