Face Sitting Phone Sex with Riley

Damn, it’s been a long ass day of shopping. I’ve been walking around the mall for hours in sexy high heels, and holy crap, my feet are fucking killing me!! I need a good, comfy place to sit and take a load off, and honey, it looks like your face is as good a place as any to rest this sweet ass, so lie on your back and take a deep breath, because you and I are about to embark on some serious face sitting phone sex, honey!! Aww – you’re smiling now! Lemme get a good look at your face, baby, before I cover it with my beautiful bare bottom!

face sitting phone sex

Look at that cock of yours stand straight up at attention while you struggle for air under my lovely ass! I bet you love it when I wiggle and rub my ass all over your face, and if you don’t you will soon! I’m going to reach down and pinch your nipples, making sure my ass and pussy rub all over your nose while I play. You sure are a great substitute chair – it’s like your face was made to cradle my ass! We’re going to have so much fun with face sitting phone sex that you’ll swear you can smell and taste my ass from over the phone – that’s how descriptive I’m gonna get.

The best part about face sitting phone sex is that while I ride your face I can lean down and play with that hard cock of yours. I can tease you and torture you, stroke you the way I want to, and trust me – I’m going to fuck with you. You won’t know what to focus on more – your face or your dick!

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Phoenix

I love mutual masturbation phone sex! I want to hear everything that gets you rock hard. I want you to hear how wet I am when I slip a toy inside of my sweet, juicy pussy. When I whimper in your ear and your cock starts to throb and you start telling me what you want me to do next. Our breath catching while we both touch ourselves, just the right way. Our imaginations running as wild as our bodies. You can tell me what really turns you on, things that nobody else may know. The dirtier the better. I love knowing how your mind and body works, and the hotter we get, the closer we get to exploding for each other, that is when the excitement really gets going.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I will share my hidden fantasy if you share yours. Give me just a little bit of your time and I will have you feeling great all week long when both of us get to cum during mutual masturbation phone sex. There is something so fucking hot about you stroking your hard cock while I am playing with my toys. It really get’s me going! I am already in my bed, waiting on you to call me so we can have the hottest time together. I have got all of my toys right here and dirty porn playing. All that’s missing is my phone with you on the other end telling me what you want me to do to myself. I know you want to hear me fuck my wet cunt, just as much as I want to hear you jerking off that hard cock for me! I love the sound it makes when you stroke it really hard and fast!! That will get my pussy all nice and ready to pound with my vibrator. It feels good when I put it in as deep as it will go. Teasing and touching ourselves while we talk about our dirtiest fantasies, moaning and begging each other to get to the point where we both explode together.

Call me today for the hottest mutual masturbation phone sex. I promise that we will get off together while driving each other wild!

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Jayda

When you are down in the dumps and your married life seems to be on a slow spiral downhill, call me. You can reveal to me all the kinky secrets you keep from your wife. Maybe she’s cheating on you because you have a tiny, itsy, bitsy, pee wee dick. Perhaps, your wife is a horny, slutty, cheating housewife who loves fucking every Tom, Dick, Harry, and Sue, Ann, and Mary. One day you decide to come home early for lunch hour and you catch your wife down on her knees licking my delicious, brown, Asian pussy to satisfy her hunger. I’m down to do anything goes phone sex with only you or as many people as you want me to.

anything goes phone sex

As you catch your wife licking my tasty cunt, your cock gets nice and hard. I catch you staring at us from across the room. Then, I make her get down on all fours and adjust my big black 10-inch strap on which is 3 and a half fingers thick. I slap her on her ass and start banging your bitch’s slippery twat with my BBC. While I penetrate her slippery wet pussy, her painful moans of pleasure excite you. As you get an eyeful of me fucking your wife, you don’t get mad but rock hard. It’s always been your fantasy to see your wife get fucked by another woman with a BBC. Wet, warm pussies and hard cocks are what you get with me during anything goes phone sex. There’s never a dry moment! *giggles*

As I rotate her to face me so I can fuck her from the front, I invite you over so you can drop your pants and bang your wife from behind as I guide the both of you into popping her anal cherry. Or I can bend you over and ram your ass and pop your anal cherry, or perhaps I will anal screw you both. You need my experience to guide you through it
and to teach you all the kinky positions of anal sex. If you are obedient, I will allow you to fuck me bareback and cum inside of my tight cunt. I know my kitty feels better than your wife because mine is smaller and tighter. We can make her clean the mess you leave inside of me by making her lick it all up. During anything goes phone sex I will own you and turn you into my fuck toys.

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Phone Sex Girlfriend Kelly

I know it’s hard for a busy guy like you to sustain a committed relationship and that can get lonely. But you never have to be lonely with me as your phone sex girlfriend. I can be everything you need. We can share our dreams and desires with each other. We can tease each other and satisfy one another. We can be as intimate and as kinky as you like. And you don’t have to worry about whether you’re able to give enough to the relationship, because I’m the kind of phone sex girlfriend who is here when you need me and understands when you’re busy. And, I will never say no to any wild, dirty fetish or fantasy you have. Fetishes and roleplays are always on the menu.

phone sex girlfriend

I’m open to anything that turns you on. Do you want me to be your anal slut? Or would you like to fuck my face? Drive that dick deep in my throat baby! I’ll suck and gag and choke until I slobber all over your dick and make you bust in my mouth. I can be as dirty as you like. Or if you just need a good listener…I can be that too. There’s nothing that I can’t be for you as your phone sex girlfriend. Just think of me as everything you’ve ever dreamed of a woman to be. And while we are on our call, I am all yours and no one matters more to me than you. I think you will find I’m every woman you’ve ever wished for all wrapped up in one sexy, sensual, erotic and loving phone sex girlfriend. And I’m here to serve and please you in every way, any time you need me.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Heather

A question I always get asked on a regular basis on my sissy phone sex calls: What are you wearing? Now everyone that knows me knows I hate wearing clothes and never do when I’m at home. So I always answer truthfully: I’m wearing my booty shorts that my ass eats up and a bra or topless. I had a time when I just got home from a date and hadn’t changed yet before hopping on the lines to have some fun. The guy I talked to asked the usual “what are you wearing” conversation starter so I told him I was wearing a little black dress, black thigh highs, and heels. He seemed overly turned on. After a few minutes of talking to him, I realized he was getting hot with what I was wearing because he wanted to dress like me. I knew right away I had the perfect outfit for him in my closet. I could hear the excitement in his voice when I was describing what he would look like with my pretty pink corset, and all the accessories to match. I even told him just how I’d put his makeup on him which turned him on even more.

sissy phone sex

He was pretty new to this sissy phone sex so I went into detail of how he should look from head to toe and used my routine to dress my new sissy phone sex fuck toy. I’m the typical girly girl. I love dressing up, getting accessorized and just wearing the sluttiest outfits when I go out with my girls to prowl for our next victims. So I ’m very experienced in sissy phone sex and transforming you into what you’ve always desired and trust me, no one can keep a secret like me.

There’s nothing I love more than bringing out your inner sissy with some kinky sissy phone sex. So what are you waiting for you sissy panty lover? Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into!

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Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Abby

I am totally in the mood for cock sucking phone sex. No, no. I don’t want to suck your cock. I want YOU to be the cock sucker. I’ll invite over one of my friends with a real cock and push you down onto your knees and tell you to open your mouth. Sure, it might not be something you’d ever thought about doing, but I know you will be happy to do it for me, won’t you?

cock sucking phone sex

The thing to remember for a first time cock sucking phone sex slut like you is to just relax. If you tense up and get stressed out, it’s going to go pretty badly for you. You’ll gag and your eyes will water and it just won’t be pleasant for you or the guy you are sucking off. But if you relax and let it happen, it’s going to be amazing for him. Hey, you might even like it, too. Honestly, you’ve probably been thinking about it for a long time, haven’t you? I mean, I think all guys think about it at least a little bit. But you? You’ve been jerking off while thinking about having a nice, thick cock down your throat for a really long time, haven’t you? You have a girlfriend but you just keep thinking about dick while you jerk off instead of thinking about her.

So what are you even waiting for? I know you want to call me and talk about what it would be like to suck a big fat cock. And hey, I will even be nice enough to give you tips if you need them. But you’ll be an expert cock sucker by the time I’m done with you. So just call me for cock sucking phone sex at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Nancy

I know your type. You are a panty boy phone sex slut, aren’t you? You started out sniffing panties you got out of hampers when you were visiting your friends. Sometimes you’d even sniff the panties of the women living in your own house. Then after a while, you started stealing them and taking them home or to your bedroom to jerk off with. Did you wrap them around your dick and jerk with them or did you hold them up to your nose and sniff them while you jerked off? Maybe both?! Did you feel ashamed because of whose panties you were sniffing? I bet you did, but it still didn’t stop you, did it? You shot your load right in them. I wonder how big your stolen panty collection is? You probably have a whole drawer full, don’t you?

panty boy phone sex

And then one day, you decided to slip into a pair and the rest is history! After a while, wearing panties wasn’t enough for you. You started going online and looking at lingerie sites and you finally bit the bullet and made an order. You got stockings, garters, bras, panties, and probably even more. You started putting the lingerie on after work and wearing it to bed at night. You probably even started wearing panties to work instead of boxers. Maybe you’re even wearing stockings and a garter under your pants, too. And it feels so good that you don’t even care if anyone notices, do you?

Do you want to eventually get to the point where you only dress in panties, lingerie and stockings? If you’re looking for a girl to help you with all of your panty boy phone sex fantasies, you should give me a call. I will take you there and help you be exactly who you want to be… a super naughty panty boy slut!

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Edging Phone Sex with Abby

Some of you guys just don’t take the time to enjoy your masturbation sessions. You just jerk off really quickly and then you’re on your way. But I think you really need some edging phone sex in your life. Taking the time to REALLY enjoy the masturbation process will make your orgasm SO much better. I know that maybe you don’t believe me, but trust me when I say that making it last will be better than you ever could have dreamed.

edging phone sex

So, when you call me you really need to be ready to obey me and do exactly what I say. If you want to have better orgasms, then that’s just what you’re going to have to do. I don’t have the patience for guys who call me and say they want to do what I say and then just do their own thing anyway. It is really fucking annoying. So just be prepared to take direction from a woman who knows exactly what she’s doing. It might seem a little unnatural to you at first, but you will be thanking me afterward and I promise you that you’ll be calling me back again and again.

Let’s just put this in simple terms that even an idiot could understand. The difference in a quickie orgasm and one that you get from edging phone sex. Quickie orgasm = ground beef. Taking your time = filet mignon. I mean, sure, ground beef is good but everyone knows that a nice juicy filet is what everyone prefers. So why would you waste an orgasm on something that takes 2 minutes? You shouldn’t.

But what you should be doing is calling me right now for edging phone sex. Just pick up your phone and dial 1 888 402 8669 and make sure you ask the dispatcher to talk to Abby!


Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex with Arianna

This sensual tease loves wearing dresses. Even with the weather dipped down to sub arctic temperatures I am still grabbing my cute knee length dresses. Now dont think I am tossing on leggings. Far from it I am a pantyhose fetish phone sex wet dream right now. For my long legs are encased in silky nylons.

pantyhose phone sex

Now I could be a true sensual tease and wear some nude stockings but that would make most people think crazy thoughts like “How could this girl go out with bare legs?”

Instead I toss on dark nylons so that you know when you see my legs even out of the corner of your eyes that yes this girl is indeed wearing what gets my cock throbbing. Then have to think about my sexy legs in those dark pantyhose all day long.

Good luck not darting off into the bathroom for a quick jerk off session!

Now back to my sexy legs. For I do have a few pair of pantyhose that have intricate designs and well some that are silky smooth. Ohh how I love to tease pantyhose lovers with my sexy nylon encased feet. And if you have been teased by my sexy hosiery before you know exactly how I use my feet. *wink* These toes may of made one or two or more cum in pure pantyhose fetish phone sex orgasmic heavenly delight.

Course now its your turn to find out just how much of a sensual tease I am to those of you with a nylon fetish. I am on tonight and as luck would have it I was out today in a cute wine colored dress and black panty hose.

You can call me at 1-888-402-8669 just ask for Arianna and I might let you make a mess over my pantyhose covered legs.


Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey hon! You’ve probably noticed, when I go out on the town with my girlfriends, I love to bum cigarettes off you. I think I have a love of smoking fetish phone sex, but don’t tell anyone!

smoking fetish phone sex

It honestly only happens when I’m drinking. I love the burn of liquor going down my throat, and I love to chase that feeling with a drag or two of your menthol cigs. I love the cooling sensation as the smoke fills my lungs. And sucking on that thin cylinder fulfills an urge inside me.

You’ll know I’m almost ready to go out for a smoke when I’m starting to act tipsy. I’ll turn into a major tease, pulling you outside by the beltloops and away from our friends. Of course I don’t have my own cigarettes or a lighter, and I have no problem searching your pockets for them. Then I’ll give you a half smile as I bite my lip and try to light that little stick and make it burn. I may have to have you do it for me; I get clutzy when I’m drinking Sex on the Beaches and Cape Cods. Yes, I’m a fruity bitch, does that bother you?

I know I’ll have your full attention as my bright red lips wrap around that stick and suck. I know happiness will flirt across my face as I hold that smoke in my lungs for just a moment, and then release it in one long, slow exhale. You don’t mind if I lean into you while we smoke outside the bar, right? I might be a bit wobbly, you might have to put your arm around me to steady me. That’s okay, right? Oops, I just blew smoke in your face. How can I make it up to you hon? Do you want me to replace this cigarette between my lips with something else, or do you want me to keep teasing you a bit more?

How do you want this night to end, hon? I know we’ll both be getting off during this smoking fetish phone sex session, that’s for sure! Call today, and I’ll show you just what I like to do once I’ve got some alcohol and nicotine coursing through my veins.

Twitter: @cassiePierced
Email: piercedcassie@yahoo.com