Strap On Phone Sex with Abby

Has your sex life been missing something lately?  Is your wife just not doing it for you in bed?  That’s an old story, but I have a feeling I know what will get you fired up.  I’ve been suspecting for some time you have a strap on phone sex fetish, but you’re too scared to admit it.  But guess what.  I just got in a gorgeous black 9 incher that I’m itching to use on someone.  Don’t let the size scare you.  You’re tight man pussy is more elastic than you think it is.  As someone who is experienced in the intricacies of strap on fetish, I know how to get it inside of you.  I’ll make you suck it first, and once you start to relax your throat I’ll grab you by the head and skull fuck you.  I’m doing this for you, baby.  We have to get that thick stringy saliva all over my big tool.  That way it’s nice and juicy when it slides inside of your ass.  Mmmm.  I can’t wait to have it stuffed all inside of you. 

strap on phone sex

I’ll have you lay across the bed on your stomach and climb in between your legs.  Are you ready for your first strap on fetish fucking?  Ready or not, I’ll press the fat bulbous head against your hole and push it right in.  Hearing you moan will only excite me even more.  Once I find my rhythm you’ll beg me to slow down.  As I push your face into the bed, you’ll know that you’re nothing to me but a strap on fetish fuck toy.  Now you know your place and I’m going to nail you to this bed so you remember.  When I’m spent, I’ll smack you on your ass and walk away, reminding you that you are nothing.  Just a hole.  In front of my strap on cock.  Waiting to be fucked.

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Voyeur Phone Sex with Kennedy

This may seem a bit odd, but I absolutely love to watch or listen to other people having sex, and I don’t mean porn. I love to be in the middle of the action, smelling the sent of sex, watching the sweet and hungry touches of lovers asking each other to switch positions, the raw desire in the room. I want to listen to the groans, grunts, moans, sucking, and the sound of skin on skin as body parts collide. So, it shouldn’t seem odd that I want to have voyeur phone sex with you!

voyeur phone sex

If you’re a bit of an exhibitionist, I’m the perfect slut for you. You can rest assured that while you’re jerking on the other side of the phone, or fucking some sweet, hot body, I’m on the other end, listening and dipping my fingers into my hot, wet pussy. I get so turned on listening to your grunts and moans, your voice telling me how close you are to spilling your hot load.

I had a boss who was a swinger, something he’d drunkenly informed me of at a Christmas party. I slipped a note to his wife that night, letting her know that I’d love to watch some time if they would like. It was a few weeks and a lot of embarrasses pleas from them later that they invited me over for dinner and drinks. I made sure I brought along my favorite toy and let my voyeur phone sex alter ego come out!

I went and made myself comfortable in their bedroom, setting up in a comfy reading chair and stripping down to nothing, waiting for them to make their way in. They were a couple of show offs, that’s for sure. He had her in all the best positions for me to get a view of her sopping pussy and his thick cock. I spread my legs and returned the show, cumming right along side them.

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Kinky Phone Sex Girl Arianna

Do you ever have kinky sex dreams? Sure you do. The kind where you wake up raging hard and have to masturbate before you can fall back asleep?

kinky phone sex girl

Well that is what happened to your kinky phone sex girl. My night had me laying in bed tossing and turning. Just couldnt fall asleep. Playing with my nipples while I lay there hoping for some soft orgasm gave me nothing in the way of slumber.

When I finally did crash my dreams were beyond vivid. It was really an anything and everything sort of sexual play running through my mind. The various positions in my dream had me tossing and turning in my bed. When I awoke my body was sweaty. My sheets nearly on the floor. I was nearly panting from near orgasmic excitement. Course with any dream I woke up before the big O!

Typical right?

Once I got my bedding back on the bed and myself nestled between the pillows this kinky phone sex girl was unable to fall asleep. For the soft cotton sheets were gliding over my beyond aroused body. My nipples were painfully hard and just the sheets touching them was making my pussy wet.

I know your wondering what in the hell had got me worked up in my dreams. It was various kinky things that got me going. From a hot threesome with a few of my neighbours. Swear threesomes is all any one talks to me about lately. To fucking some big black dick in front of my boyfriend. Ahh to being bound up and enduring endless hours of nipple torture. That one sort of made sense with how sensitive my nipples were. I must of been pinching them in my sleep.

Well the only way for me to fall back asleep was to masturbate. Unfortunately or fortunately I woke up just as horny. I need some more time with my fingers toying with my pussy.

How about giving me a call and you can join in. Perhaps share a few sexy dreams you have had over the last bit.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

I’m sure I’m not the first girl who has ever wondered whether or not you’re a real man just from the looks of your tiny dick. Well, let’s just settle it once and for all. I’m going to make an executive decision and say that you are NOT, in fact, a real man. You couldn’t ever make a woman cum with that itty bitty dickie, so the only thing you’re good for (and it’s debatable whether or not you’re even good for that) is small penis humiliation phone sex.
small penis humiliation phone sex
Maybe when you were younger and you had your first girlfriend, you both thought that your tiny dick was normal. Or maybe she was smart enough to know that you were not normal and laughed at you. Is that what happened? Did she just bust out laughing when you took your clothes off in front of her the first time? That’s what would have happened if I had been your first girlfriend. I would have taken one look, laughed, and just told you to put your clothes on and get out. Even at 18 years old, I was a size queen and wouldn’t have had any use for someone like you.
You’re not one of those losers who pretends like you don’t know you have a small dick, are you? Well, I certainly hope not because if you act like your dick is normal, I am going to roast you even more than normal. I will have absolutely NO pity on you when you call me and tell me you’re not THAT small. We both know that you are, so don’t even try to act like you’re not.
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Young Voice Phone Sex with Jocelyn

Hey there, you dirty old man, you!!! *giggles* Are you in the mood for some adorable young voice phone sex??? You better be if you’re going to call me, because while I can talk as dirty as the most mature women, I sound like the cutest cheerleader you ever did meet!!! 😉 I can be so sweet, too… I love to talk about you and hear all about your thoughts and dreams and fantasies <3

young voice phone sex

And like all dirty sluts I love to use my filthy mouth to get me into trouble… and right back out again!!! *giggles* It’s hard to stay mad at a smiling cutie covered in your cum, isn’t it??? No matter how bratty a princess like me gets, you know you can always knock her right back down to her place on her knees in front of you whenever you get tired of hearing that pretty young voice sassing back at you!!!!

Or you might put me over your knee and get to the spankings right away *giggles* I know how hard my squealing makes your big cock and you only smack my bare ass even harder!!! But I’ll tell you a secret: I squeal because I like the spankings, too <3 Whenever you smack my ass like I’ve been a bad whore who needs to be punished it gets my smooth pink pussy so wet I want to use my sweet young voice to beg you to fuck me right then and there, no matter where we are!!! *giggles*

I don’t care if you just smacked my ass for mouthing off in the mall, I want to bend over and lift up my skirt in front of everybody and… *giggles* well, I’m sure my young voice would get some scandalized looks for what I’d beg for next!

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JOI Phone Sex with Kennedy

I absolutely adore it when you boys call in to tell me how much you enjoy stroking your cock to the thought of my hands be wrapped around it. You know what would be even better though? If you called so I could tell you exactly how I would jerk that cock of yours! JOI phone sex is so much fun, isn’t it? My silky voice telling exactly how my smooth, lubed up hands would grip at the base of your dick and give you a firm squeeze before working your way up to the head. You’d mimic my actions, wouldn’t you?

JOI phone sex

You want my hot breath against the tip of your cock as I work your hard pecker, don’t you? Just kidding, I know you do, so lick your finger and rim the head of your cock with your saliva. That feels amazing, doesn’t it? It would be even better if this was JOI phone sex and I could whisper in your ear all the different ways that you can pleasure yourself while you tell me how you dream of using my hot body to make all your dirty fantasies come true. I love hearing your little groans in my ear and your moaning, breathless exclamations as you get closer and closer to shooting your cum all over yourself.

I’ve got my toys out and I’m stroking my large dildo like it’s your cock, and I’d be happy to tell you how it feels between my hands and in my mouth. Tight between my hands, making long, slow, firm strokes as I swirl my tongue around the head and lick up that delicious pre-cum that your cock is leaking down your shaft and lubing you up for when I get rough.

I know you want some JOI phone sex, so give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 and ask to have Kennedy give you a nice jerking!

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Panty Tease Phone Sex with Riley

Oh man, do I looooovvvee to tease! I’ll tease you in any way I can get away with, so I can easily get into any kind of tease and denial play, or even the humiliation type of teasing. For me, panty tease phone sex can go either way – do I tease you with my panties and get you rock hard, or am I teasing you about the panties you’re playing with at home? You tell me – what’s your panty tease passion?

panty tease phone sex

I love lingerie of all kinds, so I have a lot of it. That includes a wide array of panties. So many, in fact, they take up two drawers – no lie. One drawer is for my every day panties, and the other drawer has all of my super sexy stuff! If you’re a true panty lover, you’ll appreciate both drawers – little cotton briefs and girly boy shorts with bows and lace trim can be just as exciting to you as the more risqué stuff. But what about that sexier stuff? Thongs, maybe, or how about some crotchless lace bikinis? Call me for panty tease phone sex and I can tease you with the details, and which ones I’m wearing right now!

So do you like to be teased about your love for panties instead? If that’s your brand of panty tease phone sex, I know I can accommodate you! I bet you like to sniff panties that have already been worn by someone. Whose panties have you been sniffing, panty boy? I bet you also love to jack off in them and put them back in the hamper – how fucking nasty are you? Even better, do you try them on and prance your fancy panty boy ass in front of a mirror? Admit it – you do it and you love every second you spend in those panties. Come on, admit it, I said. Panty boy sissy – they look better on you than on the woman you stole them from!

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Kelly

Tease and denial phone sex makes me one happy princess. If I am being honest, I have always been a bit of a tease. You know, flirting with a guy and making him think he actually stands a chance just to shoot him down. I must admit, that tickles me a great deal. They get so excited, and just like Lucy pulls that football away from Charlie Brown, I take away your chance at my sweet pussy. You would think they would learn, but trust me, they never do. Tease and denial phone sex takes that humiliation so much further. This time, your balls will be blue and you will be in pain.

tease and denial phone sex

I have learned very fast that you can break the strongest of men by using this technique. I have had hours, days and weeks of fun with it. You will agree to do anything I say if you think that I will allow you to finally cum. I will make a guy watch teasing porn and tell him to jerk it. I want that cum right at the tip of that cock, but don’t you dare cum. Your cock should be leaking like a broken faucet or you are doing it wrong. But you must obey me and do exactly as I say. If you cheat, I will know and punish you. So if you are true and committed to our edging game then call me. I will have you babbling uncontrollably and you will experience a feeling that you have never felt before. And in that moment, you will know you would literally do anything I say and I mean anything. Yes, you would even suck the fuck out of a cock to get a release!

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Phone Sex Confession Line with Nancy

Tell me your secrets on my phone sex confession line. Think of me as your phone sex therapist, the woman you can tell anything and everything. I mean it too. There is nothing you can say that will shock me or freak me out. No judgements here. I know there are things that happened in your past that some will think of too taboo, too perverted, too twisted. Those are the stories you need to tell me and I want to hear. Comforting you and reassuring you that you’re not alone. I know it feels that the things that happened to you never happened to anyone else, but you would be wrong. I know, right?

phone sex confession line

It could be that your phone sex confession are just taboo fantasies you have. I’d have to say one of the more common confessions I hear are from men who want to see their wives and/or girlfriends getting fucked by another man. And not just any man, he wants to his pretty wife getting pounded by a huge big black dick. Admit it, you want to see that too! I bet your fantasies run ever further, maybe it’s you with a secret cocksucking fantasy. What if you were the white breeder slut for his BBC? You and your wife could be knocked up together and owned by the neighborhood gang bangers.

So you’re thinking that’s not very taboo. It’s all relative you know. And speaking of … I want to hear those taboo experiences as well. The kind that happened at home or at school. Maybe with the hot MILF or GILF next door. Or your babysitter? Believe me, I want you to be comfortable to share all the sexy and pervy details. This is your phone sex confession line and I’m just hear to listen. Or more. Tell me what you want and what you need.

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Orgasm Denial Phone Sex with Memphis

I absolutely love it when I get calls for orgasm denial phone sex. When you tell me that’s what you’re calling for, it’s like music to my ears. It also means that you’re really self aware. You already know that that’s what you deserve. Honestly, a loser like you just never deserves to cum in the presence (even over the phone) of a woman like me.

orgasm denial phone sex

Why do I think you don’t deserve an orgasm? Well, it’s simple and there are two reasons. One reason is that you’re a loser, plain and simple. You just aren’t the kind of man who deserves any kind of attention from me that will make you cum. And two, you already jerk off enough when you’re alone. Why should I make you cum?

Oh, don’t worry. You’re going to get to jerk off while you talk to me. But you are going to be teased beyond your wildest dreams and when the time comes for you to shoot your load, that’s when I am going to tell you to stop. There is nothing that you can say or do that will get me to allow you to cum. I just am not going to do that – ever. You might promise to buy me things or do things that will humiliate you in order to get me to let you cum, but it’s really just never going to happen. But I will surely enjoy you trying to persuade me. It’s fun listening to a man beg knowing you are never going to give him what he wants.

Are you ready for orgasm denial phone sex with me? Are you ready to really and truly be denied? All you have to do is call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Memphis.