Fetish Phone Sex with Phoenix

As a 21-yr-old kinky slut, I like to ask, what turns you on? Do you have a special fetish phone sex fantasy that you have been thinking about? We can talk about anything under the sun. If you like fucking that hot neighbor, or if you need a open minded whore to get on her knees and worship you, I am open to anything that would please you. Or you can stroke your cock for me while you listen to what a dirty whore I am. This anything goes phone sex slut means ANYTHING!

fetish phone sex

I want to get to know what makes your cock throb. I want to get to your dirtiest fantasy and bring it to life, allowing us to cum together. I love a good hardcore fuck. I enjoy strap on play, or sharing a huge big black cock. Or if you enjoy hair pulling, spankings, maybe you need you to force me to please you in every way. I have so many naughty outfits, you can dress me up, or I can find the sluttiest, silkiest thing to dress you up in! I love any kind of taboo play, I never say no to anything your imagination or that hard cock can come up with. Call me now and listen to me moan as I fuck my soaking wet pussy with my vibrator. We can talk about anything and everything that we can come up with, there are no limits or restrictions. So, you should not wait any longer. Give me a call and let’s have the best fetish phone sex fantasies of our lives. I can’t wait to get so very kinky with you! Let me please that cock any which way that you need. I am waiting for a kinky good time! What are you waiting for? Call me!

All you have to do is give me a call at 1-888-402-8669 and ask to talk to Phoenix.

Tumblr: https://callphoenixtoplay.tumblr.com

2 Girl Taboo Phone Sex with Raven

Taboo. It’s such a cool and naughty word. But hell we all have some kind of fascination with something right? It’s not like we can control our thoughts so we can’t stop these twisted fantasies enetering our minds, like coming home to 2 hot sexy females ready to have some naughty dirty sexual fun cum all over our faces and ass and pussy slap your cocks on our faces, see us dress up in naughty lingerie with high heels on… Let my friend and i cater to all your needs no limits what so ever make sure to bring the handcuffs as well. What guy wouldn’t want his dreams to come true especially when it comes to doing 2 girl taboo phone sex.

2 girl phone sex

Close your eyes and just imagine me licking my friends nice wet pussy rubbing on her big breast while you fuck me from behind letting out all your frustations cum all over us and trust me we can definitely take a big load of cum especially when we give you a blow job Mmmm can you imagine all the cum you are letting out on us Mmmm we can’t wait to taste it. What are you waiting for im sure you’ve had a long week and need some TLC from 2 hot horny gorgeous ladies who love to tease and please.

Hmmm speaking of 2 girls that will fuck you and suck you so good. Let us make your fantasy a reality, with a freaky 2girl call? I think that could be alot of fun. We can get nasty with each other and you will enjoy draining all that cum out your heavy balls on our faces or where ever you want to cum.

Call me promise your fantastie will come true. 1 888 402 8669 ask for Raven and a friend for a steamy 2 girl taboo phone sex call.

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Abby

I know that all you wannabe sissies can do the basics – you probably own more panties than I do. You can walk in a pair of heels. You can get your wig put on straight. You can even take a dildo or a fat dick in your pussy. But you know what makes a HUGE difference in whether or not men are going to believe you’re a real woman? Makeup. Most of you don’t put enough time and energy into improving your makeup skills. That’s why you need a sissy training phone sex call with me. Well, probably multiple makeup lessons. I don’t think one is even going to be close to enough. In fact, the first call will be us just talking about it and me telling you what kind of makeup you need to get in order to be able to make yourself look decent.

sissy training phone sex

And listen – I know that they sell cheap makeup just about everywhere. But that’s not what you need. You’re going to need to spring for the really good stuff. Cheap makeup is going to make you look really bad and you don’t want that, do you? It’s just going to emphasize the fact that you’re not a real woman. Oh, and in addition to learning to apply your makeup, you’re going to need to get some false eyelashes and learn to apply them. That’s tricky, but you’ll get the hang of it. You’re going to want to learn because they will make such a big difference in your appearance.

Are you ready for your sissy training phone sex call? I am more than ready to help you. All you have to do is listen to what I say and actually do it. Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and make sure that you ask to talk to Abby.


Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Kennedy

I’m the kind of girl that has a special appreciation for a really luxurious pedicure. Is it because I spend a lot of time with my feet being admired? Maybe. Is it because I love having my feet rubbing against someone’s cock? That’s part of it, I’m sure. And I’m not kidding, I love talking to you guys about how much I love foot fetish phone sex. And I know you love it too.

foot fetish phone sex

People may think feet aren’t sexy, but we both know that they are! They’re fascinating, and beautiful, and can be decorated with pretty colors of polish on the toes. (Mine are currently a deep blue.) And no foot is the same as another! I’ve danced much of my life and have a very strong arch, which I’ve been told feels wonderful when I wrap my feet around things! And you know what things I’m talking about. The kind of things that I’ll happily talk about during some foot fetish phone sex with you.

A woman’s feet are just as useful as her hands. The smooth soles, the beautifully painted and manicured toes, the way they look encased in strappy heels, even the way they look wrapped in stockings! When you kneel at the feet of a beautiful woman, sucking on her toes and gazing up her long, bare legs, admiring them, you find yourself entranced. You want to taste my feet, you want to feel them on your body. My toes teasing your nipples and drawing lines and circles all over your flesh, where I watch the goosebumps rise before I move lower.

I know it’s a beautiful view when I lean back on my arms and let my feet take charge, tracing and teasing you. Just watch the bright colors on my toes disappear into your waistband as they ease your pants from your hips. And, well, you know what’s next!

I know you want more, you can’t help it. Time to call me up at 1-888-402-8669. Ask for Kennedy for some foot fetish phone sex!

Monster Cock Size Queen Phone Sex with Molly

Look at me. A girl like me deserves a huge fucking cock, don’t you think? I know I’m petite, short, and have very tiny fuck holes, but still… That definitely does not stop me from trying to fuck every big dick I come across. I want a legendary type of cock… One I’ll tell stories to about to all my girlfriends and that’s why I’m a size queen phone sex babe.

size queen phone sex

My girlfriends won’t even believe me when I explain that I came across those most monstrous monster cock ever. It was so huge, it couldn’t of even been human. It was such a monster…. Like the loch ness monster. That’s right, I want a loch ness monster cock stuffed in my itty bitty snatch until I’m squealing and whimpering but begging for him to try to stuff more of it inside of me. I suppose the best hole to try to fit in a gigantic cock would be my ass…. at least then I know eventually, I could fit it ALL the way in.

If you have such an epic cock or the fantasy mind for my size queen phone sex needs, then perhaps it would be a good idea for me to call over one of my friends to share it with. I want to make sure someone else gets to experience this legendary log with me. We’ll talk about it until we’re old biddies. We’ll shake our canes around and giggle in our granny voices and reminisce about what hot little sluts we used to be.

If you’re in the mood for a girl who’s seriously obsessed with getting all her holes pounded with monster cocks, then give me a call. Perhaps, a 2 girl call would be a idea for a Nessy size queen phone sex call. (sweet chuckles) Oh, this is going to be SO much fun!

1-888-402-8669 ask for Molly

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Gracie

Hey baby, it’s your phone sex goddess, Gracie, back with another sexy topic to chat about. Just think, you and I sitting on the couch together, with you on one end and I on the other. We start flirting and teasing each other by showing parts of our bodies, and then next thing you know, I’m laying facing you with my long, silky legs spread and fingers inside my wet panties, and you are facing me with your hard cock in your hand …that’s right baby, it’s mutual masturbation phone sex that’s on my mind!

mutual masturbation phone sex

I love talking about masturbating together because it is something I am very turned on by and love to do. I love to masturbate with more than one person, and group sessions are equally as fun. Imagine all the eyes on you, watching every move you make, waiting to cum with you when you cum! Thinking about it sends shivers down my spine!! I like to think about the men who call me and have their throbbing cocks in their hands, waiting to hear my moaning and heavy breaths while they tell me their fantasies. My delicious, soaking wet pussy is aching while I’m waiting for our mutual masturbation phone sex call so I can hear all the kinky and nasty topics you want to whisper in my ear, so what are you waiting for baby?

Pick up the phone and call your mutual masturbation phone sex goddess, Gracie at 1 888 402 8669

Twitter: seductivegracie
Tumblr: missgraciemadison

Pain Slut Phone Sex with Abby

I know that there are lot of pain slut phone sex lovers out there, but you can’t quite handle any kind of significant cock and ball torture. I mean, that’s basically a nice way of saying that you’re a pussy bitch. But don’t you worry your tiny little dick – I still love causing even the most minimal amount of pain to you losers. See, a little bit of pain to you might be the equivalent of a ton of pain to someone else. I am more than happy to be the Princess to cause you pain, no matter what kind of pain it is. You might have a low pain tolerance now, but I am planning on building you up and who knows, maybe one day you’ll love some hardcore cock and ball torture just as much as I do.

pain slut phone sex

One thing that a lot of you losers like is to have your balls spanked. I love being creative and making you find all kinds of things around your house to spank yourself with. We can start with a wooden spoon. That seems to be the standard. But that’s not going to be where things end. Oh, no. We will keep escalating things until we get to the really good stuff. I wonder if you will be able to handle that? You’re such a pussy that you probably won’t be able to, but it’s going to be a lot of fun to test you and find out.

Oh, and make sure that when you call me, you aren’t empty handed. If I ask what you have to spank your balls with and you say “nothing” I am NOT going to be amused. Are you ready to be my pain slut phone sex bitch? All you have to do is give me a call at 1 888 402 8669 and ask to talk to Abby.

Leg Fetish Phone Sex with Jocelyn

Who loves short shorts? *giggles* Well and short skirts… and leggings and yoga pants and fishnets and anything that shows off long beautiful legs like these! That’s what I’ve always liked about being kind of tall, you know… It means I get to have these gorgeous gams to dazzle and delight all of you guys who just want to worship a leg fetish phone sex goddess like me!

leg fetish phone sex

I know what happens when you see me, too. Stretching for a book in the university library, or sunbathing on my towel at the beach, wherever you get a glimpse of my tanned, toned legs and you get that glorious picture of them wrapped around you… Want me to leglock your head right to my sweet juicy pussy while you make me cum? Or do you prefer my luscious legs wrapped around your waist while your cock pounds into me? *giggles* Either way, your leg fetish fantasy when you see my legs stretched out in front of you *always* gets that bulge in your pants throbbing, doesn’t it?

I bet you’d get down on your knees and beg like a hungry bitch to even get a thigh sandwich! I can’t blame you, even just running that fuckstaff of yours between my thighs until I let you shoot your hot sticky load all over my sexy smooth legs would be a pretty awesome treat. I bet you’re twitching even thinking about all those ropes of cum shooting all up and down my long limbs. *giggles* If you’re a very good slave for your goddess, you’ll get every fantasy you’ve ever wanted! And you know what it takes to be a good slave: complete and total worship of every inch of my beautiful thighs and knees and calves and ankles.

And I know what it takes to keep a leg fetish phone sex slave happy. Just call 888-402-8669 and beg for your sweet leggy Jocelyn!

Anything Goes Phone Sex with Jenny

Anything goes phone sex! I guess you are wondering just what that means well it means just what it says anything goes, no taboo’s. I like to try new things on phone so I’m extremely open when it comes to phone sex. Some guys love exploring different fetishes without any taboo’s so nothing is off limit with me. I can get into most fetishes from vanilla to extreme and take that walk on the dark side with you. I love hearing a man cum so hard while on the phone with me that it makes me cum right along with them. Having both of us covered in wet creamy cum is after all the best results ever from phone sex. I can take your fantasy and twist it to please you and make it seem so real that you will explode a ball or two. I can also make you want for more and more making you willing to try other types of fetishes.

anything goes phone sex

Anything goes phone sex with me will leave you breathless and tortured at the same time meaning I will make you addicted to me. We can play games along with role-playing teasing each other to a point of no return. Knowing you have your cock in your hand stroking it to the sound of me moaning and cumming for you makes it even more exciting for me. Letting you hear me rub and play with my sweet wet pussy will entice you even more. About that dark side where some really naughty nasty fetishes have been hiding is where some of you really like to go. I will walk with you into the darkness and explore the deep dark No Taboo fetishes that turn you on. We may even become addictive to the no taboo fetishes we try wanting more.

Call me Jenny, I’m that anything goes phone sex girl for you making every call spectacular. 1-888-402-8669.

Yahoo: Juicyjennyxxx

Role-play Phone Sex with Slut Molly

I know this might be hard to believe but before I started doing phone sex, I used to clean houses. Yes, that’s right. I was a hot busty maid for a short while. I figured, why not spin my experience cleaning houses into a fun maid role-play phone sex fantasy?

Role-play Phone Sex

Imagine I’m working hard scrubbing away all day while wearing a tight white t-shirt and cut-off denim shorts with my ass in the air. I’m making sure all the baseboards are scrubbed to perfection. In this role-play phone sex fantasy, the crazy woman-of-the-house won’t tolerate anything less than immaculate, especially since her husband is always staring as my tits and ass. She’s looking for any excuse to fire my ass, and I definitely need the job.

I’ve already folded all the laundry, dusted, and made all the beds. I go back upstairs into this giant house to give the place a good look over to make sure I’ve done my job right. And….. What do I find in one of the bedrooms? Some teenager jacking off in the study! What the actual fuck?! In this role-play phone sex fantasy, I haven’t yet met the son of the couple I’m cleaning for and I demand for him to explain who the hell he is and what he’s doing.

He had that deer in headlights look and then grabbed his shorts to cover is boner and started stammering and yelling back at me… “Uh. Um, who the hell are YOU?” It’s quite amusing to think about, but then I got a little pissed off that he made a mess of the study I just cleaned. There was a knocked over bottle of lotion, greasy smudges on the desk, and tissues strewn about. Not to mention, he had a really big fucking cock!

I made him show me after I explained that I’ve been cleaning this place for the past month and I’d never met him, but I can see why the place is so damn messy now. I was so turned on at seeing that fantastic cock, that I just HAD to have it. The whole time I’m sucking his cock I’m wondering if his dad’s is just as big as his…. Fuck it! I don’t care if I get fired.

Call Molly 1-888-402-8669 for any fun fantasy or role-play phone sex talk. Anything goes with no restrictions. As nasty as we both can get!