Fetish Phone Sex with Layla

What’s your fetish? Why do I ask, well I get asked it all the time. I must say that loves ALL fetishes. I know, sounds a bit vague, but it’s true. Now there are things that get me a little more hot & bothered as compared to others. Overall though, there’s something so seductive and sexy about fetish phone sex. I want to hear your darkest and deepest desires.

fetish phone sex

That’s right, I want to hear about your dirtiest and naughtiest secrets. Let’s hear your confession. What is your favorite fetish phone sex fantasy – whisper it if you must or shout it from the roof tops. What plays in your mind over & over again? What gets your cock hard and your balls swollen. What gets you aching, thrusting, throbbing, & ready to fuck. Oh & for those women out there with a favorite fetish – what gets your pussy wet. Tell me yours & I’ll tell you mine. Nothing is too wild for my pussy. I have no limits and no taboos. Nothing gets me hotter than exploring your most arousing fetish phone sex thoughts. Want me to start? Of course you do, well one example that comes to mind & this one gets me really really worked up. So I have this incredible fetish for torture. It’s true, maybe I should be even more specific – what I actually have is a fetish for teasing and tormenting the fuck out of men & women too. I want to fuck with you – that’s my fetish. I’d love to take you to the edge of an orgasm & stop. I’d have to make you beg for more of course. What fun would it be if I let you off easy. Just the thought of it gets my pussy all hot & bothered. I fantasize all day about different ways to do it too. You wouldn’t believe all of the ways I have thought of to tease the fuck out of someone. It’s pretty fucking incredible. Want to know more? You’ll have to beg like you have never begged before if you really want to know. Now then, I’ve told you mine – tell me yours. What’s your fetish? Perhaps, I’ll use it to torment you. Just sayin’…

1 888 402 8669 and ask for Layla for fetish phone sex

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Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Memphis

Nasty to the core, there is nothing like being the dirtiest BBC bitch in town. I might have grown up on one side of the tracks, but when the sun goes down, so do I. Holiday weekends are my favorite time to play. That’s why I couldn’t help but share what I did for Labor Day Monday. Most spend the day soaking up the last sun of the summer, but the call of the wild was hitting me hard. I needed dick, more importantly, black dick. Now don’t go telling on me, but being the only snow bunny in a bar of chocolate soldiers turns me on. No good can come of getting lost after dark unless that’s your goal and it sure was mine but those of you that know me already know what a sucker I am for big black cock phone sex!

big black cock phone sex

As I entered the bar a cackle of amusement came as my hands pushed my tits to heave up over the brim of my Bra. Men love big tits, and I put mine on display. Next thing I knew I had four sets of hands ripping at my clothing and calling me all kinds of filth. Whore, slut, tramp, and some racial ones I will have to share on the phone. Those naughty names are the ones that always get my pussy drenched and ready for big black cock phone sex.

Spread out over a pinball machine, the enormous cocks took turned using all three holes. Oral, anal, and balls deep in the hungry pussy. I always craved big black cock , and they didn’t disappoint me. Stretch to capacity; every opening dripped cum. You would think I would be sedated, but no. I needed a creampie phone sex slut to clean this mess up. My pussy gushed, as another filled me full. Being dirty feels so damn good. Tempted? My pussy is full and ready for a cleanup. Remember, big black cock phone sex makes me scream and moan like no other. Call your bad girl Memphis at  1 888 402 8669.

AIM: XXX_Memphis

Trampling Phone Sex with Riley

So you like to be trampled on like a human throw rug? That’s cool….I can get with that kinky program. So I want you to get down on the floor now, first on your belly, dial the phone and ask for Riley for trampling phone sex, and just lie there and wait. I have a whole collection of shoes I am going to try out on your body, and you are going to love every crushing second of it. First I’ll start out gentle to get you warmed up – just my bare feet on your back and ass cheeks. Do you feel the balls of my feet pressing into your ribs, and all of my weight on your spine, causing it to crack and pop? I’m going to dig my toes into your ass, make sure you really feel me walking around on your back side. Then I’m going to put on some chunky heels and repeat, followed by stilettos digging in all up and down your back and ass.

trampling phone sex

After your back and ass have had all the tenderizing they can take, I want you to flip over for some trampling phone sex on your front side. Now you won’t be able to hide that rock hard cock I know you have from feeling my heels digging into your body, but I’m going to ignore it for a while. First I have to trample all over your chest and belly – bare feet first, chunky heels second, and stilettos last, all included. Maybe I’ll grind my shoe on your mouth, like I’m putting out a cigarette – I bet you’ll like that so much that you’ll even lick your lips when I’m done grinding my shoe on your face. That’s exactly what I like to see when I do it, so don’t disappoint me. And when I’m done walking on you, I’ll take my shoes off and go at that cocky bulge with my bare feet. Trust me, sweetie – your dick will never feel the same!

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Riley for hot trampling phone sex!

AIM: Rileys_Ready4U

Big Tit Phone Sex with Jocelyn

It always makes me giggle to see guys staring at my amazing rack. The truth is, I know I look like the girl next door, but I love big tit phone sex as much as any guy! Pulling these big ripe melons out my bra to play is the best part of my day. And it’s even better when I have you telling me just how to make them feel so fucking good!

big tit phone sex

Tell me how to squeeze my big beautiful breasts. Make me pinch and twist my nipples until they throb and you hear me moan and beg for even more big tit phone sex. I love the way they look when when I’m lying in bed with my legs spread wide like a slut. It’s my favorite way to play with myself: one hand in my sweet juicy slit and one tweaking my perky nip!

When I’m having big tit phone sex though I love to sit in front of my mirror for you and describe every little detail. How my nipples crinkle when I lick my fingers and wet them down. How my pussy gets all moist and slick when I squeeze my tits together just begging for you to slide your cock between. I always end up playing with my creamy peachy center when we are having big tit phone sex. It gets me off the way you want to suck on them, squeeze them and even spank them to watch them jiggle like jello! Have you ever rubbed your throbbing mushroom head against a hard perky nipple? I love when it leaves sticky precum for you to suck off!

Should I finish riding your hard fuckstaff? I can smother you with these huge jugs while you throb inside my tight cunt. But how much fun would it be to paint my amazing tits white with all those ropes of jizz after all this hot big tit phone sex? Then I can lick it all up from my cleavage!

Twitter: @JezebelJocelyn
AIM: PlayWithJocelyn
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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Sasha

How badly do you need me? Well, let’s be honest. I secretly need you just as bad. I have a confession. I need to have an orgasm constantly to function throughout the day. You can guide me or I can guide you. I love guided masturbation phone sex. Either way I’m going to have my fingers soaking wet from my pussy juices. I want to tell you how that dick needs to be rubbed. I want you to rub it as if I was there watching. Let me tell you how to grab those balls while jerking off. Let me expose you to secret spots that will bring you ultimate pleasure. I’m no girl next door, I believe in keeping it real and raw. No fake moans, no fake noises! Only me getting off to you and only you!

guided masturbation phone sex

Dirty guided masturbation with me only has one rule….. Don’t dare grab for that lotion or lube. Spit on it as I would do if I was there. Let’s keep it raw and dirty as I guide you on busting the most fulfilling nut of your life. Don’t hesitate to go another round. I am at your disposal. If you are more of an aggressor, it’s okay! I’m so into all types of guided masturbation. I love being dominated and told what to do. Sometimes I like to put others in place and sometimes I need to be put in mine. This is your fantasy baby.

I’m free to guide you through as many rounds as your hard dick can handle. I will be keeping up with you. My plan is to have two orgasms to your one. Let’s play. Come to me with all your tension and leave feeling brand new. Tell me how you want to me rub on my clit during our guided masturbation phone sex session. Fast, slow, stop, start, finger, lick, let’s play.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Sasha for guided masturbation phone sex

AIM: SpicySasha_4u YAHOO: SpicySasha4u

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Heather

Are there any of you men out there with a small cock who enjoys being humiliated and treated like the worthless piece of trash because you know you’re unworthy of pleasing a woman? Well, if that’s what gets you off, Heather is your go-to girl for small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I would like to tell you about my special little ‘friend’ that I’ve been having phone sex with for a while now. He refers to himself as ‘Twirls,’ but to me, he’ll always be my little punk sissy fairy with a small penis. I recall the very first phone conversation we had and how he’d pleaded to dress him up in women’s clothes to make him look more feminine since he didn’t feel like a real man with his minuscule cock. It’s amazing how far these men with little cocks will go to please their mistresses in an effort to overcompensate for their lack of girth. Since the little sissy’s favorite color is red, I’d decided to dress him up in this little red dress with some black pumps so he could show off his legs. You should’ve seen how big this sissy’s eyes widened once he saw how ‘hot’ he looked after getting dressed. Little did this little fairy know of a sadistic plan that I’d conjured up for him. I’d arranged a gathering of a couple of my guy friends with the purpose of showing off Twirls and exposing his small member. I wanted my friends to know what a pathetic loser he was and how desperate he was for my approval because of that small thing he called a penis. Once my friends had arrived, Twirls had no idea that he was going to be the main guest of honor. My two guy friends (aware that Twirls was actually a guy), kept commenting on how sexy Twirls was, and my you should’ve seen how much that little fairy blushed after receiving those compliments. After getting some alcohol in his system, he and my two guy friends began doing a lot of unimaginable things to one another. I knew Twirls was into dressing up like a woman because of his small cock, but I was unaware of how curious he was of other men’s cocks. Surprisingly, my two friends give in to Twirl’s curiosity and whip their huge cocks out for Twirls to suck. Twirls does not know it, but I secretly recorded the entire ordeal and plan on sharing it with more friends. I knew he was ashamed of how small his own cock was, but I’d never envisioned him experiencing what a cock felt like going down his throat. Once my guy friends ‘finished’ on Twirls, I knew that this would not be the last time my small cock friend Twirls would indulge in a cock or two. Who knows? Maybe next time in an effort to compensate for his small penis, he’ll take those cocks in other places aside from his mouth. If this is a phone sex experience you would like to have with Heather, call me at 1-888-402-8669, and I can guarantee that neither you or your small pathetic cock will be disappointed.

AIM: Talk2Hot_Heather
Yahoo: Talk2HotHeather

Body Worship Phone Sex with April

Admit it – you have never seen anything as amazing as my hot, tattooed body. You know very well that I am a woman who is more than worthy of being worshiped during a body worship phone sex call – from my well manicured toes all the way to the top of my head. Worshiping is the only way you’ll ever get to touch me. You would be very fortunate to have me allow you to even be in my presence. I know that you will always say “Yes, Goddess” when I tell you how to worship me. You wouldn’t dare say no to me.

body worship phone sex

Tell me – what is your favorite part of the female anatomy. If you’re a fan of feet, mine are the perfect ones to worship. I get weekly pedicures and they are undoubtedly prettier than any feet you’ve ever seen in your life. Your place is at my feet, and you need to get started on licking, sucking, and cleaning them with your tongue. If you are a really good boy and do a good job, I might even let you stroke your cock and shoot your load of cum on them. You’re going to have to clean that up with your tongue, though.

Maybe you are an ass man. I know you can’t wait to work your tongue in between my ass cheeks and lick up and down. You don’t even mind that I might be a little stinky from being on the go and a little sweaty all day. I mean, it IS summer. What did you expect? But you wouldn’t let that stop you from worshiping my ass, would you? I didn’t think so.

No matter what part of my perfect body you are in the mood to worship, I am the perfect woman for you. Call me now at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for April for body worship phone sex.

AIM: Freaky_April
Yahoo: FreakyApril

Erotic Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with Arianna

Anyone else super horny today? Just me? Come on I cant be the only one craving some alone time to enjoy some sensual touching. Ok well your craving some alone time and I am just eager for an erotic mutual masturbation phone sex fantasy.

Yes I said erotic but I am just as open to something a bit on the taboo side too. Pretty open minded girl here!

mutual masturbation phone sex

Right now my mind is racing to maybe you in your office or apartment and I am across the alley way. You can see into my place and have a birds eye view of what I am doing. What is it I am doing?

Well I am leaning back in my chair in front of that wide open window. Soft cotton dress pulled up to expose my pretty pink panties and those fingers of my just gently caressing over my pussy mound.

Now here is the joy of a mutual masturbation phone sex fantasy instead of being that kinky voyeur watching in on things you can join me. You can listen in on me touching my smooth pussy. Listen to every wonderful detail of how I am touching my body and well how wonderful it feels.

Course I get to listen to you touch yourself from the joy of that hand stroking up and down your hard cock to your heavy breathing. Hmmm just getting wet thinking of it really.

The added excitement is the erotic fantasy we spin around our masturbation session. So if your in need of an orgasmic release today give me a call for some erotic mutual masturbation phone sex. Just ask for Arianna when you call 1-888-402-8669. Cant wait to get off with you!

ariannateases on aim


Leg Fetish Phone Sex with Julia

I had a dream that I seduced you with my leg fetish phone sex. You came over one evening after a long night of partying and wanted to feel my nice smooth legs all over your body. I climbed on top of you in my six inch black stiletto pumps and caressed your skin with my recently shaven legs.

leg fetish phone sex

You instantly became a slave to my movements. It was as if you were in a trance as I continued to stroke my legs around your cock and the rest of your body. As you closed your eyes, your cock continued to rise to the occasion begging to get a release, but it was time for you to worship me in leg fetish phone sex. I pushed you down to your knees and made you plant kisses all over my legs. My pussy was peaking through my black thongs as I placed my right leg on the bed for you to focus even more.

Your temperature began to rise as our session became even more intense. I stood over you with every intention of teasing you with more leg fetish phone sex. My goal was to have you obsessed. I wanted you to not be able to function without being able to touch my smooth legs. I wanted your cravings for me to always get the best of you so you would strive to be a good boy and always get a taste of my offering. By now, your entire body was shaking and almost ready to orgasm without me even doing much to your cock. My sensuous voice told you to look at my legs as you released your nut. I took over your soul in that same moment. You promised me that from that day forward you would never seek the touch of another mistress.

Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Julia

AIM: sweetjulia_4u

Faggot Phone Sex with Erin

I bet you’re thinking why would a hot girl like me bother with faggot phone sex calls. I wonder that too sometimes! For real, I love to fuck and I’m a size queen and I believe the bigger the better and there’s no such thing as too big. But there’s something about faggot boys that really get me going. You on your knees begging to suck my lover’s 9″ cock. I want to watch you gag on his man cock as he fucks your face. Fuck, that turns me on and makes me wet.

faggot phone sex

Being a faggot boi, I know your mouth is watering for his creamy sweet jizz, but I don’t think you’ve earned it, and my needs cum first! I told you I was getting wet, so off you go to the corner to watch him fuck me like I deserve. I know you’re jealous when you see me cumming all over his cock. You don’t wanna be him, you want to be me! I know I’m right. I bet your little teeny lil dickie is all hard in your panties wishing you could take his cock like I can. No worries though, my lovers and I are going to train your faggot ass to take the biggest of cocks. Bend over, spread that ass, and show me what a hungry pussy boy ass you have.

I’m betting on the fact you’re a greedy faggot, one cock is never enough. Can’t say I blame you, I’m a fan of 2 cocks at a time. You can be the party toy and you damned well better make all those cocks cum. I don’t want a mess either, so whatever you don’t swallow you’ll lick up for the floor. A good faggot never wastes a single drop of precious cum.

Are you a faggot needing to be used be a hot sexy girl like me? Then pick up the phone and call 1-888-402-8669 for Faggot Phone Sex with Erin.

aim – sexyeroticerin

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