Bratty Domme Phone Sex with Avery

I am such a spoiled princess and I will get my way, and I will have you wrapped around my pinky finger, during our bratty domme phone sex session. You will give me what exactly what I want or I will let everyone know about our little affair we have going on. Although I do require you to shower me in gifts and spoil me rotten there will be so much more to our affair. You will satisfy me in every way before I even think about letting you cum.

bratty domme phone sex

That is right you heard me I will not let you cum until Im completely drained and have had multiple orgasms, and I will warn you it will take me awhile I am insatiable. There is a lot of stuff I will need to be your pampered princess, think your wife will notice your bank account depleting? All the sexy lingerie and stilettos I will need for when we are together, so I can walk around teasing you. I will need spa trips, and so many cute dresses to go out in also. There is so many fun fetish fantasies I want to have you play out for me during our bratty domme phone sex session, and you will not be able to say no, I mean why would you want to say no to me anyway. Maybe if you are a good slave and spoil me just right I will eventually reward you, but then again probably not. Why would you deserve a reward from a beautiful spoiled princess like myself. Your first order of business is to pull out your credit card right now and call me at 1 888 402 8669. Make sure you ask for Avery for bratty domme phone sex!


Cock Sucking Phone Sex with Phoenix

Hey there slut boys, cock suckers, and wanna-bes, on your knees begging and groveling to be the best little cock whore you can be, just for me. You can’t believe how lucky you are to be in the presence of such a sexual Goddess like myself… during our cock sucking phone sex session you will get on your knees where I will stand in front of you. You will assist me in sliding on my harness and strap on and you will help me adjust the straps for the perfect fit. It is 9 inches long, pink, veiny and thick.

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Next, I will have you open your mouth and I am pretty sure you know what is going to happen next! You are now going to show me how you would suck a guy off for me. If I feel that you are doing a good enough job sucking my cock I will invite one of my sexy bulls over and you can perform on a real cock. I will enjoy sitting there watching as my sexy, big, huge, bull wraps one hand around your throat and the other on the back of your head while guiding you to your knees like a good cock gobbling cock whore. Your mouth will already be open as he pulls out his long, thick, throbbing cock. I will be standing behind you now holding your hands behind your back so you can’t resist. You can try to act shy and you may act like you do not want to be a cock sucking loser, but I know your secret kinky fantasy is to have a huge, thick cock sliding in and out of your throat. Call me up for cock sucking phone sex, lets start your training! I will have you begging in no time!

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Barely Legal Phone Sex with Jocelyn

I know most guys think of some cute just graduated type of girl when they hear about barely legal phone sex, but I’m here to talk about something a little different. Something I know all you guys thought about at some point when you were teenagers yourself: Having a smoking hot college coed like me guide you through your first barely legal phone sex encounter! *giggles*

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I know exactly how to make you feel amazing. You don’t have to worry about a thing! Ever since I got to college I’ve been horny as a fucking bunny and corrupting an innocent young man like you… well, that gets me dialed to like, fucking eleven!

Do you still live at home, where we’re going to have be sneaky about getting it on with other people around all the time? I love to try and make a virgin squeal when we have to be almost silent- it’s one of my favorite games ever!!! *giggles* Or maybe we have to keep meeting up in cars in empty parking lots after dark to have our barely legal phone sex??? You can pick me up and I’ll give you road head all the way there, until we park and can start fucking for real. There’s always my dorm room, of course. But only if you think you can handle TWO hot coeds at the same time!!! *giggles* My roomie hates to be left out, even if she does have a boyfriend!!!

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Memphis

What to say about humiliation phone sex? Well it is one of the most enjoyable things ever! Let’s face it – if you are willing to pay a girl to laugh at you and degrade you to the point of tears and utter embarrassment then you are a pathetic loser. Most of my calls are like that and talking about a natural fucking high right there! Guys think they can handle my humiliation, but they often end up crying and begging for more because it’s the best they’ve had in awhile. It kinda makes me laugh really hard because you’re supposed to be a big touch man but in reality, you’re a pay piggy loser for the attention of a woman who wouldn’t give you the time of day if you weren’t filling up her bank account. I know I certainly wouldn’t talk to you if it wasn’t for that.

humiliation phone sex

I want to know when you had sex last was. I am sure you’re going to say something like “Oh, I don’t remember” because it’s pretty obvious that you don’t get laid very often. I mean have you ever even been laid?! I get laid whenever I want to – sometimes more than once a day and the best part is you’ll never ever get to experience that type of life. Honestly… Who would even want to fuck you? I’m sure maybe now and then you find some ugly skank to give you a pity fuck or maybe will fuck you for money, but that’s not even close to the same thing as being with someone who really wants to have sex with you. Someone that craves and desires you in the worst way is something you’ll never feel. You’ve probably given up hope a long time ago and to be honest if I were you I would have as well.

Do me a favor and ask yourself this. Are you ready for the best humiliation phone sex ever? I mean, I can make you cry if I really want to, so I consider that the best ever. You’ll see. All you have to do is gather up the courage to call me. Let’s see what kinda courage you can muster up. If you’d like a double dose of soul crushing humiliation I have a couple of friends that can join our call. Let’s just say…you’ll never be the same again. Dial 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Memphis.

BDSM Phone Sex with Jayda

My panty boys love when I torcher them with BDSM phone sex. Teasing their little cocks isn’t enough. You panty wearing sissies crave to be my cum whores. My sissy submissive boys love playing with Jayda because I own your boy pussies! When I clamp your hard nipples, you get beyond excited. Spanking your firm ass gives me great
enjoyment. Do you want me to spank your ass until it turns red with my riding crop? Do you want me to fuck your ass with my 10-inch black strap-on and have an anal play? Maybe I will scratch your back with my long nails and break your skin. The sight of my domination would please me so much. Worship me for BDSM phone sex that you deeply desire.

BDSM phone sex

Let me blindfold you, so you can guess where I will pounce on you next. I would bite your nipples and squeeze your balls. Wouldn’t you just like that kinky shit? I would ball bust your pathetic dick and smack your ass cheeks. Worship your femdom goddess. I own your ass! You love your tight asshole toyed with, don’t you? You like the pain your mistress brings you, don’t you? I want you to get down on all fours and be my sissy pony. I will make you do the lewdest things naked and take full control of your body and your cock. You will do everything your master tells you to do because I if not I will put your cock in a chastity belt and keep the key. Disobeying my orders will only cause you not to be able to touch that small cock of yours until I tell you to. You love when I dominate your dick. I know you love screaming when we have my BDSM phone sex but you can’t because I normally gag you so I can hear you scream louder. Your pain is my pleasure. I will make you my slave, and you will worship your goddess sissy boy.

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Voyeur Phone Sex with Cassie

Hey Hon! As I mentioned before, I have always loved walking around the house nude, have ever since I was small. My favorite part is when unexpected guests pop in, and I’d love to have some voyeur phone sex with you. Are you my next-door neighbor, returning that wrench you borrowed for your leaking pipe? Or maybe you’re making a sticky, sweet treat and need to borrow a hardened stick of butter? Maybe you need to borrow some honey, but I’ve used all mine for something other than baking?

voyeur phone sex

Or maybe you’re my substitute mail carrier who is delivering a very special package to the hottest woman on the block? I don’t remember ordering anything, but I love unwrapping presents. Especially if it’s a late Christmas present I shouldn’t be opening in front of my husband or parents. Especially if they’re as big and hard as the one in your trousers.

I’m always titillated when the doorbell rings, and I anticipate opening the door, the sun bronzing my beautiful, lush body. The nip of the chilly air making my nipples harden. My nipple rings stand out prominently whenever I’m cold or excited. Or is it from expectation? I love the look of surprise, astonishment, or even the swelling in your slacks that tells me you like what you see. I might toss my bright red hair a bit to catch the sunlight, and preen a bit for you. I just love showing off my gorgeous body to new people.

If the package is large and unwieldy, I’ll have to invite you in to help me move that big thing. I’ll then have to thank you properly for being such a big help. Would you like some fresh baked cookies, or some tea? Maybe something else has caught your eye that you’d prefer? I’m so in your debt, I’ll do just about anything to thank you properly.

I can’t wait for you to show up at my house for some voyeur phone sex. Or, if you have an extra special request, feel free to email me first at I can’t wait to hear from you hon!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Abby

Holy shit, that’s the smallest dick ever. Wow. I’m shocked that you would even take your pants down in front of a woman when you have something that looks like that between your legs. I’m so glad that you’re about to pick up your phone and call me for small penis humiliation phone sex because that’s really the only reason I would ever have anything to do with you. You’re not a person I would even speak to unless you’re paying me to. So that’s what you’re going to do because you want to talk to a Goddess like me and that’s the only way you will ever be able to. If your credit card isn’t involved, then I’m not interested.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I want to know if you have ever even had your pathetic, puny dick inside a woman. I seriously doubt it. I mean, I don’t know what self respecting woman would ever let you touch her, much less put your poor excuse for a dick inside her. I guess there might be someone who would have pity on you, but let’s just get something clear – I am not that woman. I would rather never have sex for the rest of my life than let you fuck me.

What I WILL let you do is get down on your knees and get a big fat black cock ready for me. That’s really the only thing you’re ever going to be good for. And who knows, you might even develop a taste for big black cocks. See, then you’ll be totally useful for something. You might not feel like the worthless loser you are.

Are you ready for some small penis humiliation phone sex now? I for sure know that I am. I can’t wait to degrade you and make you feel even smaller than your dick. Call me and ask for Abby at 1 888 402 8669.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Avery

I went to the spa today for a full pampering. I got a full body massage, manicure & pedicure, I picked a deep red polish to for my pretty toes to match my fingers, there is something so relaxing about spending the day at the spa, reminds me just how much of a spoiled princess I really am. Now I am here ready for our foot fetish phone sex call.

foot fetish phone sex

I just love to play with a big fat stiff cock with my size 6 feet, but we won’t start there now will we? I think a little foot worship is in order after all these beautiful feet will be the ones you cum all over when I am done with you! Let us begin our foot fetish phone sex session with you sucking on each and every toe through my flesh colored panty hose while they are still in my strappy stilettos, ohhh the thought of watching your tongue slowly lick my toes has my pussy dripping wet, just like you should get my feet before I stroke your dick with them. Next let’s get out of these panty hose and grab some lube, is your dick good and hard from tasting these delicious little toes? If not do not worry too much, we can get it there by letting me caress your balls with the tips of my toes working my way up slowly to the very tip of your head, once your erection is throbbing and pulsating I intended to tease you a bit, after all isn’t that just what a spoiled princess like me is good for? You will cum only when I say you can, and I plan and making this process long and hard, pun intended “giggles”. So are you ready for our foot fetish phone sex session? I know I am.

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Voyeur Phone Sex with Phoenix

I had one of my dirty sluts dress up in the cutest outfit and do the nastiest things during Voyeur Phone Sex. He had to strip and slowly get naked in front of hundreds of people during a concert. I made him get up on stage and start singing his favorite song during a little open mic segment. People watching his cock get hard while he blushed from just the idea of being watched by so many people. I got on stage during our kinky fantasy and got on my knees and let the whole crowd watch me swallow that throbbing cock.

voyeur phone sex

I got so excited at the thought of him up there being watched that I had to join in! I ended up getting on my knees on the dirty floor, sucking his cock while getting fucked by many of the bystanders that wanted to get involved in the fuck fest we had created. They were all shocked and surprised when he pulled his thick cock out, sliding it down my throat while everybody that had not joined in just watched in amazement. The extreme, naughty things that I end up getting into with this caller is always my favorite call of the day. He turns into such a sweet little cum dumpster for his bossy mistress. He starts out thinking he is in charge of the call until I switch on him and make him do whatever comes to mind. During voyeur phone sex I also made him stand out on his balcony, fully nude, letting all of his neighbors watch as he stroked his cock while I slid my strap on into his virgin ass hole. I love having people watch us have hot, kinky sex. I love filling him up with a huge cock while others watch us, even better when they join in our voyeur phone sex.

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Panty Lover Phone Sex with Shay

Moving into my new apartment has taken some time to get used to. Being on my own and surrounded by neighbors in an apartment complex has been very interesting yet very freeing. I have met many professional people that live around me and I have found great amusement in many of them.

panty lover phone sex

Take for example the older man who lives in the building across the way. I see him here and there in passing and in my semi-daily run depending on this crazy weather we keep having here. I ran into him last night in the laundry room. So I had a ton of laundry to do which included lots of panties as I’m a bit of a panty whore.

I was truly thinking about my last panty lover phone sex caller from a week ago as I sorted my panties on the folding tables they have in the laundry room that a few buildings all share. He kept sneaking peaks of me sorting my panties as he hanged many of his work clothes nice and neat on hangers. I don’t know what came over me. But it sure made me thinking of washing clothes different.

I was nice and said hello and introduced myself but he was very shy but I could see he was watching me and my panties out of the corner of his eye he just wasn’t saying anything to me. In one of the moments of him staring at me, I held up a pair of grey cotton panties with huge white polka dots all over them and asked if he liked this pair. I didn’t expect anything more than a dirty look from him. But with an evil grin, he said well you could try them on and show me. I couldn’t believe it.

I have never turned down a chance to be a show-off and I was not going to start now. I lifted my sleek black skirt up over my hips to show off my teal lace panties. I let him stare at them for a moment as I thought about the panty lover phone sex callers I have had and it truly made my pussy ache with want. As I slipped them off and down my legs, he was just staring at the way the panties fell down my legs. I bent over and stepped into the grey panties. As I pulled them up when I got to my knees I teased him a bit and let my fresh shaved pussy be the star of the moment.

His smile got bigger and so did the growing lump in his dress pants. I did a funny yet sexy few poses in the grey panties for him. To say he had a winning smile would be an understatement. I picked up a different pair of panties but this time put down a towel on one of the chairs in the laundry room and tried on the second pair of panties for my new neighbor. Now I knew he was a panty lover just by his body language.

As I sat down in the chair this time I made sure to spread my legs as I slipped the black thongs so he could see the sweet pinkness between my legs and better yet how moist it was. I had heard a car door and it had startled me and I stood up and watched out the window in case we had company on the way in. But when I turned around I could tell he was stroking his cock inside his unbuttoned dress slacks.

Being the tease I am and knowing that my panties were now wet from my excitement. I once again bent over slowly wiggling my ass towards him and took those panties off. Making sure when I bent that I parted my legs just enough to show him how hot and wet my pussy had gotten as I was teasing him just like I do on the phone with some of my panty lovers. I handed him my wet black thongs as he stroked himself in front of me. I swore I heard him cum as I was walking out the door with a basket of my clean clothes. Not having my own washer and dryer could prove to be interesting LOL. I hope my new panty lover friend keeps those panties for those times when he remembers what happened in the laundry room. I hope he uses them to stroke his cock too.

Want to be my panty boy? Looking for some hot panty lover phone sex? Well I’m your girl call me 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Shay.

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