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Are you looking for some down and dirty fun tonight?  I like it anyway you want it!  Hard and dirty or sultry and sexy.  I’ll suck your cock while you lick my clit and make you beg for more!  I’m not afraid of your secret desires.  I know that you’ve got your dirty little secrets and so do I!!!!  Don’t be afraid to reveal all your kinky phone sex fantasies to me!  I’m your girl in every way!  Don’t forget our free sex chat room where you can tell me what you’re looking for before we play!  It’s going to be a wet call! 

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No! Don’t! I don’t like it when you touch me there. I think he would be really mad if he found out you were doing this… but how come my pussy is so wet?!?!  Wanna join me in some extreme phone sex? I like a man who’s ready to get rough with me. Anything you want I’ll do, even if I don’t want to. Just take off your belt, wrap it around me and show me how a real man fucks! My pussy is aching to feel your cock forcing it’s way into my tight little hole. Your strong hands over my mouth so no one can here me scream for you to stop just makes me feel so helpless. I think I like it.

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It’s sure is hot this summer and sure would love to go down to the river to skinny dip exposing every inch of my luscious body against the hot sun and flowing water.  The coldness of the sparkling river making my nipples hard is just turning me on making me just want to place my fingers inside my wet pussy and my tight ass rubbing and rubbing until I release.  If I am lucky I might have a nice gentleman out there that may want to join in with me.  Care to join me for some hot MILF phone sex tonight darling?

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I have my favorite vibrator right here next to me. I’m sure you wont mind if I use it during our kinky phone sex session. If you have nipple clamps, a butt plug or a cock ring you like, bring them with you when you call. Perhaps your own vibrator or dildo would do the trick for you this time around. It’s all kinky , naughty and penetrating fun. I’m wet and ready to fuck my pussy hard with my toys… Get yours and cum join me for sex toy phone sex.

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Oh my gosh! Last night I had the MOST amazing babysitter phone sex ever! I just love playing the innocent babysitter that is seduced by the hot horny guy while his unsuspecting wife is upstairs tending to the children. He slides his hand inbetween my shaking knees, up my thights, sliding his finger around my white cotton panties, teasing my sweet pussy… eventually sliding his finger into my panties and rubbing up against my soft pink pussy lips… gently stroking the slit of my pussy. I hear him panting heavier and harder for me…. Mmmm!!! Let’s see where we can take this dirty fantasy…. *Kisses*

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I love taking a naughty sissy and dressing her up like a slut. We’ll get your hair done, manis and pedis, and then do your makeup. What will you wear, pretty girl? Maybe you just want to wear sexy lingerie like mine. Or maybe you want to dress up in a mini skirt, sexy top and some 4 inch heels. What do you want to do after you’re all dressed up? Call me for some feminization phone sex and tell me exactly what you want…I bet you want a thick cock!

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I love wild fuck parties! Especially if there’s alcohol involved. Nothing is hotter then getting sloppy sex. So why not get sloppy during sex? I love fucking when my man’s away. He has now idea how often I get rammed and crammed full of dick. C’mon, I know you love kinky phone sex girls! Just look at me… you know I get down and dirty. Or maybe you like innocent phone sex calls? I can play innocent, too. *wink* That is until you get me in bed. You’re in for a wild ride! Let’s have phone sex now! I can’t wait any longer for some hot cock.

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YAY I am back guys did you miss me *giggles* I am your naughty teen slut Darcy I love extreme phone sex and lots of other kinds of calls but I am like SoOoOo in love with cream pie phone sex! I get so wet thinking about how it feels when you pump my young pink fuck hole full of your hot baby batter *giggles* Or if you wanna be real kinky you can just lick cum out of me….I have lots of dirty ideas.
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