Strap on Phone Sex with Erin

strap on phone sex

There are so many ways we can get into Strap on Phone Sex! You have two holes and I will use one or both, well, no or, I will be using both your slutty holes. I may turn you into a cocksucking bimbo who drools as soon as you see my big fat lady cock. But you better put that “Cocksucker Red” lipstick on before you wrap your lips around my dick. You know that I will make you have powerful oral cravings, cravings that can be satisfied by my cock first, but then, you may end up craving hot flesh, and not just a toy. Now you know what my devious oral training will lead you to become! Although I do understand some of you would never suck a real cock and prefer phallic worship of a girl’s cock. As long as you’re sucking my dick, I’m good either way!

I also like to use my strap on for anal training. All men should get fucked by a girl at least once, to know what it’s like to be a bitch! Bend over and take my girl cock now! I have strap-ons in different sizes and colors and different harnesses too. I guess you could say I collect cocks! I even like wearing sexy lingerie and my strap on and walking around my house stroking my cock and feeling the power of my cock. You see, unlike you, I wasn’t born with something ridiculously small or something that can’t get hard when a woman needs to be fucked or something that spurts too quick. I have an ever erect cock that is absolutely perfect. You should envy my cock and you should want to worship it and worship me.

I play with experienced anal sluts and newbies too. So if you’re looking for strap on phone sex, 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin.

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Cock Control Phone Sex with Erin

cock control phone sex

Telling men what to do has always been a specialty of mine, so cock control phone sex was just a natural next step for me. Telling a guy how to stroke his cock is such a huge turn on. I do love to do it over the phone, but I really do get a special thrill when I do it in person. I love watching a man get so turned on that he almost can’t even stand it. He is so horny and he wants to cum so badly that he is actually breaking into a sweat. I give new meaning to tease and DENIAL.

But since we aren’t with each other in person, a cock control phone sex session is going to have to do. It honestly can sometimes be even hotter than seeing it go down in person, and if you don’t believe you’ll just have to call me to find out! I can tell by a man’s breathing how close he is getting to orgasm and how much he’s struggling. That’s sexy as fuck, especially when I am in control of your cock and orgasm.

Are you ready to surrender control of your cock to me? Are you ready to let me tell you how to stroke your cock? It’s more than just giving you jerk off instructions (JOI) and it’s almost like edging with me in charge. Maybe you’re an alpha male and you’re in control of everything in your daily life – work, home life, etc. I know you’re used to that and you might not think that giving up control, especially of your cock, would be hot, but trust me, it will be. Just give me a call and make sure you have your lube ready. Make sure you’re ready to submit to my commands and I promise, it will be one of the hottest things you’ve ever done in your life.

If you’re a good boy, I might even let you have an orgasm at the end of our cock control phone sex call. Do you think you can be good and wait until I tell you? Do you think that you’ll deserve the opportunity to cum? Give me a call and surrender to me and maybe you’ll get lucky.

Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin!

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Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

panty fetish phone sex

Imagine drawers full of pretty panties, sexy stockings and beautiful lingerie… Imagine an alluring woman whispering in your ear about what she is wearing while she seduces you… If you enjoy the erotic sensuality of Panty Fetish Phone Sex or if you love women in panties, garters, stockings, hose and lingerie, I’ll be here on my bed, wearing something ultra sexy, waiting for your phone sex call. I might be dominant by nature, but I am extremely erotic and it doesn’t mean I am always the Dominant, I love to switch and I love when we’re equal partners too. I have a dresser with drawers full of lingerie and over 100 pairs panties of every style and color to tease and entice you with.

There are no limits with me. You may be interested in calling me if you enjoy wearing panties, stockings and lingerie yourself. Not all men who wear lingerie are sissies. Some men are into lingerie as a fetish. I am a sophisticated woman who understands the difference. Some men like stealing lingerie and fantasizing about the women they purveyed their treasures from. Other men steal used panties and scented lingerie to inhale the pheromones or perfume while they masturbate. Pheromones are very powerful. There are so many possibilities we can explore together.

Do you want to go fantasy lingerie shopping at Victoria’s Secret or a swanky boutique like Agent Provocateur? We can even shop at VS or another store online while we’re on a phone sex call. Tell me what you would love for me to wear that would totally turn you on. Or I will dress you up in satin and lace and make you look and feel so good or so girlie.

No matter what your panty fetish phone sex fantasy is, I am the girl to make it happen. Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin. I can’t wait to play with out panties together!

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Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

fetish phone sex

Fetish phone sex is my favorite things. Or, I guess I should say it’s a lot of my favorite things. There are so many fetishes out there that just when I think I’ve heard it all, someone calls me and surprises me with a new one that I’ve never even heard of.

I don’t want you to think I don’t love more common fetishes, too. I really do. Among those fetishes, I think that foot and shoe fetishes are my favorites. I mean, what woman doesn’t love having her feet massaged, worshiped and pampered? And don’t even get me started on how much I love shoes and dangling them in front of your face.

But let’s get back to those unusual fetishes I was talking about. Do you have an amputee fetish? I had a guy once tell me that he had a fantasy about getting a private show from a stripper with an amputated leg. He wanted to see her wrap her leg around that pole and then give him a steamy lap dance. He loved to rub that stump.

Do you have an odor fetish? I bet you can only get off when a girl has kinda let herself go a bit. My favorite thing to do to someone like that is to not wear deodorant all day. I’ll work out, clean my entire house and make sure I sweat a LOT. Can you imagine what my arm pits are going to smell like at the end of the day? Sniff my armpits and feel your cock get instantly hard!

There are so many unusual fetishes we could get into. Latex fetish, giantess fantasies, hair fetishes, and tons more. The sky is the limit with me. And if it’s a fetish I’ve never heard of? That’s totally a bonus. Call me and teach and let’s play your kinky fetish phone sex fantasy. I will be waiting to get freaky with you!

Call Erin at 1-888-402-8669

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Phone Sex Slut Erin

phone sex slut

Hey guys! One of my favorite things to do when it’s cold outside is to warm up with hot and nasty fucking and sucking. I know I tend to be on the dominant side, but I am just a girl, and I can be the nastiest phone sex slut around. Push me up against the wall with your hand on my neck and use your other hand to rip my dress off. You will know how much I love it when I moan with pleasure. When I feel your hand grab my big tit and your knee grinding my pussy, I might have a small orgasm right then and there. Pull my hair, bite my nipples and slap my tits. I am your horny and cock starved phone sex slut!

Push me on my knees and slap my face with your fat cock and see my open wide and stretch my tongue out just to have a taste. Let me worship your beautiful dick before you slide your throbbing manhood down my throat. You don’t even care when my eyes start to tear and I’m gagging like a bitch just for you. Shove my face in your balls and feel me lick them clean and if you want to bend over, I’ll use my slutty tongue to lick your asshole too. I hope you won’t mind if I have to slide my hand between my legs and start to play with my hot twat.

Bend me over doggy style and tell me to spread my legs and use my hands to open my slutty cunt for your cock. You can’t believe hot red and swollen my pussy is, as I start to thrust back and beg for your cock. Oh yes, baby, I will beg. I’ll beg for you to fuck  me like your dirty whore, your cockhole and slut. Slap my ass, slide a finger in my asshole and use me like your favorite slut. Pull that dripping wet dick out of my sloppy slutty snatch and ram your cock right up my ass. My ass is so fucking tight you won’t be able to stop yourself from blowing your load deep in my belly. I hope you will wait though and pull out of my butt so I can clean your cock, I love ass to mouth action. All I ask is for you to cum all over my face and tits and watch me try and lick up every fucking drop.

Looking for a hot and kinky phone sex slut? Call Erin at 1-888-402-8669

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Foot and Leg Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

leg and foot fetish phone sex

I know that most guys like what’s between a woman’s legs, but every now and then you find a man who is a fan of more. That’s where foot and leg fetish phone sex comes in. There are men who worship and have a fetish for legs and feet and it’s one of my favorite things in the world. A man who you don’t have to bribe to massage and worship your feet and legs? Yeah, count me in!

Let’s start with feet. I have had so many men tell me that feet turn them on more than anything in the world. Bare feet, dirty feet, painted toenails, stocking clad feet. You name it, it’s a turn on to a man out there somewhere. It’s so much fun to have my feet massaged and pampered. It’s what I deserve. It’s also fun to put a humiliation spin on it and make a man sniff my dirty feet and shoes and lick them, too. Or maybe you want to watch me walk around in a pair of really expensive shoes that you bought for me. Do you want to watch me to cross my legs and dangle that shoe from my stocking clad toes? I’ll do any foot fetish phone sex roleplay you want!

Maybe legs are more your thing. Do you love my long, lean legs? Do you love my muscular thighs and imagining how they would feel wrapped around you? You’ll probably never know, but you can imagine it. I know you’re dying to get your hands on them and massage them with some hot oil while you tell me how absolutely perfect they are.

Are you ready for some foot and leg fetish phone sex yet? Call Erin at 1-888-402-8669. I can’t wait for you to tell me which part of me you’re going to worship and the way in which you’ll be doing it.

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Kinky Phone Sex with Erin

kinky phone sex

It’s no secret that I love hot, wet sex, and kinky phone sex! I am a girl who knows there’s a time for making love and a time for down and dirty fucking. I love both! I cherish the nights (and mornings and afternoons) when we have hours to spend exploring each others bodies and teasing and pleasing each other. Bringing each other to the point of cumming and then holding back. Playing our bodies against each other like the finest music. Making each other cum and cum over and over again, and still wanting more! But then there are those days when time is short, we’re both horny as hell and a quick hot fuck and cum is all we need. I love when you bend me over the kitchen table and fuck me on your way off to work in the morning! Don’t be surprised if I just pull my panties up and go to work with your cum in my pussy and panties all day.

I love getting to know you, the little things and places I touch that instantly turn you on. I get off on hearing your secret kinky phone sex fantasies that you just haven’t been able to share with anyone else. I want to know what makes you tick, what makes your cock get an instant boner and what makes you cum the hardest. Sit back in your comfy chair and let me get down on my knees and take your cock into my warm and willing mouth. Feel my tongue and lips make love to your dick and your balls while you tell me just what turns you on. Does it feel better when I just slide my tongue over the head or should I put kisses down the entire shaft? I’m a believer in all of your erogenous zones so don’t be surprised when I tease your tight lil butthole with my finger when your cock is down my throat. Don’t get too comfortable because next you’re going to be face deep in my creamy hot pussy.

Hard, fast, and kinky; or slow, soft and sensual, Erin is your girl for all things phone sex! I know your cock is throbbing, pick up the phone in your other hand and call me now at 1-888-402-8669. Be sure to ask for Erin for all your kinky phone sex needs.

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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Erin

guided masturbation phone sex

If you are like most men, there are few things that give you more pleasure than stroking your cock and cumming.  Of course it’s always better when I am there and can take care of your cock in person, but since I am not, there are those times when you just have to take matters into your own hands. That is when a hot guided masturbation phone sex call comes in to play. It is the next best thing to being there!

As you’re stroking your cock just imagine my sexy voice telling you just how to stroke, my sweet whispers in your ear guiding your hand up and then down your cock and gently touching your balls. I will bring you to the point where the pleasure is greatest and not let you go over the edge; at least not yet. I’ll take you to the edge and back again, teasing and tormenting your throbbing cock. I love the way your balls feel so heavy and filled with cum.

Have some lube or lotion when you call me for guided masturbation phone sex too. I am really into having you feel the different sensations before you get your cock all slippery and after. I’ll have you fucking your hips in the air right into your hands just like you were fucking my pussy. No JOI session would be complete without a lot teasing either. It always makes your cum better when you tease and edge for at least a few minutes before you explode.

I love the look in your eyes if you let me watch during our guided masturbation phone sex session and I especially get off on those moans and groans as I stroke your cock using your hands as my own. Don’t be surprised if you here me moan a little, I won’t be able to resist playing with my pussy while you jerk your cock for me.

For guided masturbation phone sex, call Erin at 1-888-402-8669

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Erin

tease and denial phone sex

The only thing better than teasing you and your cock until you think you are just going to explode with pleasure is denying your orgasmic relief. I know you think it is just cruel to tease you like that, but trust me, when I do finally let you cum, it’s going to be mind blowing and you are going to wonder why you don’t deny yourself more often. Some call my form of tease and denial, edging phone sex, but when it comes down to it, it’s all the same isn’t it? Teasing and edging your cock to the brink of orgasm and then stopping. Taking it away. Watching your cock dance and throb and your hips trying to fuck the air. That is what turns me on and makes my pussy so fucking hot and wet.

You will stroke your cock for me and pull and tug on those heavy cum filled balls. I might even have you put on a cock ring or tie your cock and balls up nice and tight. Both will keep your cock hard, intensify the sensations and when you finally do release, well, it’s just added pleasure just for you. If you have a vibrator bring that along for our call. It’s okay if you don’t like ass play (although I have no idea why not?!) it’s the vibrations I want to tease your cock even more. Stroke and tease cum closer to the edge. I hear it in your moans and your pleas to let you cum. I’ll bring you even closer and then feel my hand slap your cock to stop your orgasm. I have no intentions of ruinng it, this time, just delaying it for as long as we can.

For tease and denial phone sex, call Erin at 1-888-402-8669

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Sensual Domination Phone Sex with Erin

sensual domination phone sex

Sensual Domination phone sex, like any other kind of Domination, is purely subjective and can take so many different forms and fantasies. To me, sensual Domination usually involves some sort of light bondage, a lot of teasing – edging – denial, guided masturbation, anal play – strapons, and more. JOI, CEI (jerk off instructions and cum eating instructions) also fall under sensual dom in my mind. If you have never been under the control of a Dominant woman and it’s something you fantasize about, let me introduce you to what I think of when you call me for sensual Domination.

I lead you into the bedroom and sit right at the edge of the bed while you stand in front of me ready to serve and obey your Mistress for the night. “Strip”, I say, “Nice and slow, put on a sexy strip show for me”. I turn on some rhythmic music in the background and lay back watching you get naked for me. You see my cross my stockinged legs and notice the soft white skin of my thighs. I smile as I see your cock get harder and you blush when you see I notice. Once you’re naked I have you turn around for me, bend, over, spread those legs, I want to see every part of you.  I stand inches from as you feel my hand reach for your balls and squeeze (not too hard, just hard enough) and lead you to lay back on the bed. I straddle you with my perfect tits in your face as I slip the blindfold on and tie your hands with my stockings to the headboard.

Now you are at my mercy as my long nails scratch down your neck and over your nipples. I might even get those clamps, I have one for each of your sensitive nipples. I’ll slip a cock ring over your dick and might even tie your balls up into a tight little pretty package. For tonight, those cock and balls belong to me. You do trust me, don’t you? Before you know it I am sitting and riding on your face, smothering you with my juices and my ass. You’re here to please me, don’t forget that. It’s my pleasure that brings yours.

You know this only the beginning, let’s see where we can take this sensual domination phone sex fantasy. Call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin. I’ll be anxiously awaiting your call!

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