Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

fetish phone sex

Fetish phone sex is my favorite things. Or, I guess I should say it’s a lot of my favorite things. There are so many fetishes out there that just when I think I’ve heard it all, someone calls me and surprises me with a new one that I’ve never even heard of.

I don’t want you to think I don’t love more common fetishes, too. I really do. Among those fetishes, I think that foot and shoe fetishes are my favorites. I mean, what woman doesn’t love having her feet massaged, worshiped and pampered? And don’t even get me started on how much I love shoes and dangling them in front of your face.

But let’s get back to those unusual fetishes I was talking about. Do you have an amputee fetish? I had a guy once tell me that he had a fantasy about getting a private show from a stripper with an amputated leg. He wanted to see her wrap her leg around that pole and then give him a steamy lap dance. He loved to rub that stump.

Do you have an odor fetish? I bet you can only get off when a girl has kinda let herself go a bit. My favorite thing to do to someone like that is to not wear deodorant all day. I’ll work out, clean my entire house and make sure I sweat a LOT. Can you imagine what my arm pits are going to smell like at the end of the day? Sniff my armpits and feel your cock get instantly hard!

There are so many unusual fetishes we could get into. Latex fetish, giantess fantasies, hair fetishes, and tons more. The sky is the limit with me. And if it’s a fetish I’ve never heard of? That’s totally a bonus. Call me and teach and let’s play your kinky fetish phone sex fantasy. I will be waiting to get freaky with you!

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