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Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

You know what I love more than just about anything else in the world? Panties!!! That’s why I love it when you guys call me for panty fetish phone sex! You would not even believe the number of panties I have. Seems like I’m always buying a pair every time I go to the mall. I have every different kind you could imagine. Slipping into a pair of sexy panties makes me feel so hot. It makes me feel like more of a woman. Sometimes all it takes to make my pussy wet is to put on a brand new pair of panties.

panty fetish phone sex

But you know what else gets me hot? When guys call me for panty fetish phone sex and tell me that they want to wear a pair, too. I bet it makes your dick super hard just slipping into a pair, doesn’t it? What kind do you prefer? Lacy boyshorts? A sexy thong? G-string? Maybe just a pair of bikini panties to tuck your dick into. We can get all dressed up together in our panties and have a really good time. I like hearing about you rubbing your dick through your panties. Maybe we can indulge in a little bit of mutual masturbation phone sex. We could listen to each other touch ourselves and have mind blowing orgasms. How hot would that be??!

But you know, there is actually one more thing we could do. I think you probably already know what I’m going to say, don’t you? I could get out my strap on and teach you a little bit about what it’s like to be a girl. And now that your interest is piqued, why don’t you pick up the phone and call me for some panty fetish phone sex? I’ll be waiting for you

Erin 1-888-402-8669

Twisted Taboo Phone Sex with Erin

Sick, twisted, perverted, are just some of the words my callers use to describe me after a twisted taboo phone sex call with me. I admit that I’m a perv, although I prefer the term pervette. My lust for those taboo fantasies is equal to yours and you would be surprised at just how far I am willing to go. Just what do I mean when I say twisted taboo? I would tell you everything here, but they won’t let me. It’s too taboo and too deviant. The good thing is when you call me for taboo phone sex, I can and I will tell you all the naughty sick and twisted details.

taboo phone sex

Taboo phone sex means something different everyone. It’s all about what you know and how you were raised. My last fun caller thought ass licking was taboo; do I dare tell him how much sicker and twisted that could be? Voyeurism is another taboo fantasy, especially if you use those binoculars or peep and sneak pics and vids where you shouldn’t. Cuckold fantasies, cheating wife, even BBC, are taboo to some guys. Who doesn’t love a big black dick and a little sissy white cream pie eater after?! Call me for those fantasies too, nothing is off limits in my world.

I want to push the limits of decency, of what is socially acceptable. I want to take your teacher/student and babysitter roleplays to the extreme. How about a day trip down on the farm or to the local kennel? The hottest taboo fantasies usually involve fucking people society says is a big no. Whether it’s an age difference or someone close to you, it’s the intimacy and forbidden that makes those ideas so hot. You know what I’m talking about don’t you? No limits, all taboos.

For twisted taboo phone sex call Erin 1-888-402-8669

aim – sexyeroticerin

Dominant Ass Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

Do you love Dominant ass fetish phone sex? Do you love to stare at women’s asses wherever you go or stare at butt pics on the internet? Well stop staring and start worshiping! Worship my ass, bitch. I want you to sniff it, lick it, kiss it and make love to my ass. I will turn you into my personal ass slave who will worship my ass 24/7. You will beg to worship my ass. And beg for me to ass smother you. And grind my ass right into your face. I will use you as my personal seat cushion so the only you thing you breathe is my hot sweaty butthole.

dominant ass fetish phone sex

Ass Fetish Phone Sex is exactly what you need to blow a massive load. Get ready to sniff my crack, lap in between my cheeks and find my little pink rosebud with the tip of your tongue. Then you will tease my little quivering pucker hole till I tell you to slide your tongue right into my tight ass and tongue fuck it till I cum all over your face. That’s right, work that tongue deep in my ass. In and out. Show me how much you love your tongue against my perfect starhole.

My pussy gets so wet when you worship my perfect ass. Having you worship my ass is a huge turn on for me and why deny me the pleasure I need, too? Stare at one of my ass pics and imagine what it would be like if my ass was right in your face. Dial my phone sex line now so we can get into a hot Domination Ass Fetish Phone Sex call.You know I will also dominate you with my ass if you love ass domination! Nothing is forbidden when it comes to Ass Fetish play with me. I have no taboos.

Call Erin at 1-888-402-8669 for Domination Ass Fetish Phone Sex

AIM – SexyEroticErin

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Erin

It’s no joke that I am a size queen and a lover of small penis humiliation phone sex. The guy I met the other night thought it was a joke until he realized I was dead serious. He was so fucking hot and sexy and one of the best kissers ever. I was so damned horny that I knew he was the one I’d bring home for a hot nasty one night fuck. Imagine my surprise when I reached inside his pants to find, ummm, nothing? Okay then, maybe he’s a grower? I was so turned on there was no going back. After a little stroking I knew that my hopes of getting cock were dwindling away to nothing.

small penis humiliation phone sex

I didn’t say anything to him yet, as I pushed his head down between my legs. He was going to make me cum one way or the other. I guess it’s no surprise he was great at eating pussy, most lil dick boys are. Overcompensation or something like that. I think he knew how disappointed I was in his useless lil dick that he licked me until I came 3 or 4 times all over his face. I think he thought I was going to suck his dick after that, but you and I both know that was was never going to happen. Laughing out loud I told him that if I wanted to suck something so small, I’d meet up with my girlfriend with her big fat clit. He looked so sad and pathetic.

The fun part started when his teenie peenie started to twitch when I was laughing. Don’t be telling me how mean I am when I’m making your balls tingle and dick hard. You love sph and love it even when more when I can’t stop laughing. Put on some fucking panties and cover that thing. I don’t even want to be reminded that you aren’t a real man. Would you believe he dribbled his cum while I called him a little dick loser?

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Erin 1-888-402-8669

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Erin

The best part about tease and denial phone sex is when the teasing is done, the denial has become tortuous, you finally get the release that you need. That’s right, the reason for tease and denial is to build up all your sexual energy until you feel like you are going to explode. Want to be guaranteed a mind blowing orgasm every single time? Tease tease tease, deny deny deny. Listen to jerk off instructions and do what I say. My plan is to take you to the peak and then stop. Not a ruined orgasm, just a delayed one.

tease and denial phone sex

When you call me for a tease and denial phone session it really helps to plan enough time to really get the full effect. Sure, I can tease you for 10 minutes and let you cum, but is that really a tease? Better yet, call me for 10, let me tease you and then deny your orgasm. Go about your day and follow a few instructions. Call me back a few hours later for more teasing. And if you can wait even longer … we can play like this all day. Or all weekend. Or all week. Lots of teasing and keeping you focused not only on your cock, but me too. It’s your call, your choice, just my advice to get the most out of our call.

If you’re into a really extended tease and denial phone sex session, it helps if you have some lube handy. I am very tactile and if you like panties or stockings it will only make your cock feel even better. A cock ring will increase pressure and keep you hard; if you don’t have one, a shoestring or hairband works wonders. The more I deny and the more desperate your begging to cum becomes, the hotter and wetter I get. If you get your pleasure from mine, you’ll follow my lead and do as I say!

For tease and denial phone sex call Erin 1-888-402-8669

AIM _ SexyEroticErin

CBT Phone Sex with Erin

Oh yeah! I can be a Sadistic bitch when the mood strikes and I just love CBT phone sex. I want to hurt you and I will get off on hearing you beg and scream for mercy. Trust that I have the real life experience to only hurt and not injure. And I will hurt you. We will give the term blue balls brand new meaning. We will talk before we play so I have an understanding of your pain threshold and limits. Limits to be respected and sometimes pushed.

cbt phone sex

To really get the most out of our cock and ball torture phone sex session, you will need to have a few toys to play with. Nothing fancy, no need to shop. Bring a shoestring or even better a leather shoestring. Clothespins, clamps, candles, toothbrush, toothpaste, something to use for weights. Have a belt handy and a wooden spoon or spatula. I hope you’re into ass play too, so bring a dildo or 2. Be sure you have some lube, icy hot would be even better. This list is rather limited, so bring any other toys that you think I might have a fun time using. I am experienced, so if you have things like a violet wand, tens unit, needles, knives, scalpels, etc. have those with you too. You’re in good hands with me.

After reading the list of toys I know your imagination is going crazy right now. I know it’s making your dick twitch and your balls ache. I want and need to hurt you. When you feel my soft and strong hands squeezing your balls and pulling them, you’ll know I am the one in charge. Surrender your cock and balls to me. Feel the pain. It’s okay to cry. Thank me for the pain and beg for more. Mercy? Not until I decide we are done.

CBT Phone Sex with Erin 1-888-402-8669. For pain sluts and pain pigs.

aim = SexyEroticErin

BBC Impregnation Phone Sex with Erin

BBC impregnation phone sex has to be one of the hottest fantasies I play on the phone. I mean, I am a big black cock lover in real life, I just haven’t been knocked up … yet. Let’s talk about how much you want to see me, or your wife or girlfriend, bent over and getting fucked hard by a big black guy. Hearing me cum over and over while he fucks my white pussy like you never could. Watching my hot cunt open up for his cock and when he’s all done, see it gaping open. I’d offer you my cream pie, but I want all his sperm deep inside my belly. I want him to knock me up with his black baby.

bbc impregnation phone sex

I think the most humiliating fact about getting pregnant from my BBC lover is the look on my white boyfriend’s face when he finds out. It’s bad enough for him that everyone knows I cheat, but once that black baby pops out, the evidence is obvious. Every one will know that your wife or girlfriend is a dirty white slut for BBC. I could be their white breeder slut. Have so many black dicks dumping their cum in me, no one will even know whose baby it is. How fucking hot is that?

You’re going to love when I’m pregnant too. My big tits are going to get even bigger. My belly will grow soft and round. And what I know from friends, I am going to be as horny as I’ve ever been. Ever fuck a pregnant girl? Up on my hands and knees, my fat tummy underneath and your cock just fucking my hot cunt. Fuck me on my back and you might even be treated by some titty milk if you’re sucking on my boobs at the same time!

For BBC impregnation phone sex call 1-888-402-8669 and ask for Erin.

AIM – sexyeroticerin

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

When “b” calls me for foot fetish phone sex, he knows his place is on the floor, eyes only looking at my sexy feet. He knows if he looks at my face that I will punish him; he doesn’t deserve nor has he earned that privilege. “b” has a very intense foot fetish and I know exactly how to take advantage of that. It’s also a good thing that I love having my feet adored, worshiped and pampered. In fact, the first thing we did was a lesson on just how to give me the perfect pedicure.

foot fetish phone sex

It’s not just the foot fetish that gets “b” off, it’s how I control him with my beautiful feet. It’s knowing how I get off on hearing him beg to be able to kiss my feet gently. How he will grovel and degrade himself to be able to suck on each one of my toes. Sucking on each toe just like it was a little dick. And it’s how much he pays to just talk about what it would be like to lay on the floor at my feet and act as my foot warmer. He craves being used as my throw rug and my foot stool. Just an object to be used for my pleasure.

He knows when I walk on him and trample him that I am pleased with his behavior. For “b” and my other submissives it’s a treat and a reward. In heels or barefoot, you’ll feel me when I stand on your cock and balls. My heel pressed into your belly button. My dirty and stinky bare feet smothering your face.

Foot fetish phone sex fantasies are wide and varied, so don’t be afraid to tell me about your fantasies on our foot fetish phone sexcall. Whatever your fetish entails, I am sure I can help you live it out.

Call Erin 1-888-402-8669

aim – sexyeroticerin

Ass Fetish Phone Sex with Erin

I get so many ass fetish phone sex calls! I guess when you are a nasty girl with a tight, round, perfect ass, it definitely attracts guys with an ass fetish. I’m not complaining one bit either because I love to have a man pay all kinds of attention to my sweet derriere. Kisses on my butt cheeks. A tongue teasing up and down the sweaty crack of my rump. Adore my ass, worship it, make love to my bum. You might find this hard to believe, but there are a lot of times I would rather have your tongue up my rosebud asshole than in my dripping pussy! You will believe me when you feel how wet I get when your tongue is pleasing my fanny.

ass fetish phone sex

Lay back on the bed and watch me lower my bottom right onto your face. A lot of guys who call for ass fetish phone sex really get off when I use them as my seat cushion. Smothering you under my sweaty, musky, tushy. For hours you lay there under my poopchute just inhaling the smell of my ass. I know you love it as much as I do because your cock is rock hard. Wake me up every morning with a gentle butt cleaning with your tongue. Treat my starhole like there is nothing better in the world and I might even let you slide that cock right up my tight asshole!

Maybe your ass fetish phone sex fantasy leads you to wanting to be my ass slave. Well come on over, a girl can never have too many boys caring for her Princess posterior. Crawl behind me on your hands and knees so your tongue never leaves my hiney. If you’re a really, really nasty boy, I might even make you into my personal toilet paper boy. Nothing like a wet warm tongue to clean me up! You’ll have to earn the privilege to feel my ass against your face. First I’ll make you just eat my butt thru my panties!

Ass fetish phone sex with Erin – 1-888-402-8669

AIM – sexyeroticerin

Taboo Phone Sex Roleplay with Erin

taboo roleplay phone sex

I’m the girl who doesn’t say no. When you call me for a taboo phone sex roleplay call, you don’t ever have to ask if I’ll do it. because I will always say yes. I’ll say yes to taboo fantasies other girls won’t do. I wish I could tell you the details of what I mean when I say taboo, but it’s not allowed. Dark and twisty fantasies, sick and demented desires, I welcome the perverts to cum play with me.

How about a taboo accomplice phone sex roleplay? I’ll put on my schoolgirl outfit and we’ll go to the mall while I make some new “friends”. I can’t wait to have them over to your place for drinks and more. I’m big into bondage after we strip’em naked. I don’t even mind if we fix them drinks first to make it a little easier for us too ~wink~. I can’t wait to spread them open for our use and abuse. You know that bald little slit is going to be so fucking tight on your cock. Imagine how much tighter with my hands around her neck?! No limits, anything goes, taboo phone sex.

I love religious blasphemy phone sex, the nastier the better for a girl like me. What better way to celebrate Christmas than fucking on the altar and cumming all over the bible pages. Maybe we need to sacrifice a virgin! I can tell you about my first taboo sexual experiences and you can share yours with me. Or maybe, just maybe, you know someone special that you want to be her first time? You know what I mean. Taboo all the way!

This is just a sampling of the taboo phone sex roleplay fantasies I love to play on the phone. No matter what your perversions, I’m the taboo fantasy phone sex girl for you

Call Erin 1-888-402-8669

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