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I’ve got an oral fixation, I love putting things in my mouth, especially your cock. Listen to me lick and slurp and slobber all over your hard dick when you call me for cock sucking phone sex. I’m a cocksucker and I’m proud!  hahah What can I say? I’m cumming when your throbbing dick is rubbing all over my freckled face and my tongue is tasting your balls. Yup I have a thing for your balls too, love to hold them in my mouth and give them a tongue bath. All this and more to be rewarded with a hot creamy load of your cum. I’m not shy about my love of cum either, in my mouth, on my face, wherever. As long as I get every fucking drop.

cock sucking phone sex

Ohhh did you think this blog post was about cock sucking phone sex where you’re the one with a dick in your mouth?! It can be that too! We can share my favorite BBC, tongue kissing with his beautiful black cock between our lips. Look at him slide his cock between my D cup tits and you can suck that big head as it pops out between them. Make him cum all over my boobs and I’ll let you lick them all clean. Did I hear you say you would rather have a cream pie? You are a dirty little cum slut too? I love it! We’re more alike than you think.

When I started phone sexing a few years ago I was really shocked at the number of guys who wanted to be cock suckers just like me. Not even faggot boys, just straight guys who love dick in their mouth. haha maybe you’re bi? Can’t say you’re straight if you love dick in your mouth. I love to see you showing off your cocksucker skills on a line of cocks just waiting their turn.

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Cum Eating Phone Sex with Erin

What’s not to love about cum eating phone sex? I mean, for real, cum is just so damned tasty and it’s only fair that we share it together. When I suck your dick and give you the best blow job ever, I expect that you’ll blow that load right in my mouth. I’m not going to swallow it just yet, I love to savor the flavor of your jizz. And I’m not going to keep it all for myself, cum here and kiss me, baby, taste your sweet cream all over my lips. As I slide my tongue in your mouth to tease yours, you can’t help but taste yourself. So sweet, and so fucking hot.

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Do you know hot it makes me for you to taste your cum like that? Reach between my thighs and feel my dripping pussy. I can’t wait to cum all over your face next and then kiss you and taste my cunt cream on your face. I can feel your cock getting hard for me again as I kiss you deeply. The taste of our cum on our mouths is only second to how good we’ll taste after you fuck me. Feed me your cock and I’ll lick up every drop of your cum mixed with mine. And get down between my legs and eat my sweet cream pie pussy. If it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for you! And when you see how hot it is, you’ll never say no again.

I can hear you saying now how much you want to eat your cum, but it’s so hard to do after the fact. The best way to solve that is for you to cum twice for me on our phone sex call. Really, you can do it, and I will help. I make lots of guys cum twice, or even 3 times on a call. And they always taste and eat their cum for me! You will too.

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