Phone Sex Therapy with Nancy

Call me for a phone sex therapy session and tell me all those nagging thoughts in the back of your head. I am more mature and experienced than most phone sex girls, and I make the perfect woman to confess all your naughty secrets. Tell me anything. Tell me everything.

phone sex therapy and confession

Talking to a sexy woman with a sensual voice can be so relaxing and therapeutic. I like to make men feel so uninhibited that they feel the spontaneous desire to confess sexual secrets which they would never tell anyone else. As an open-minded and non-judgmental woman, I don’t find any confession shocking or scandalous. Why don’t you call me now for Phone Sex Therapy? You can tell me anything. Literally, anything goes. And you might find that confessing a secret to me is such a relief for you, psychologically and sexually.

I don’t have a degree in any therapy modality, but I’m not faking that I do. What I do have is an alluring voice and an intuitive way of understanding men that allows me to have an insight into the male psyche and a solid grasp of male behavior. I can advise you on almost any type of problem or issue you may have, sexual or otherwise.

A lot of men call me about relationship or sexuality issues. Examples: They want to know if their wife or girlfriend is cheating on them. They want to know if they are straight or gay. They want to know if they should continue pursuing a perverse fetish. I have no limits when it comes to Phone Sex Therapy. Some phone sex therapists don’t let their “patients” masturbate when they are in therapy mode, but I don’t have any restrictions!

When you need someone to talk with about things you can’t tell anyone –

Call Ms Nancy for phone sex therapy and her phone sex confession line 1888-402-8669

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Nancy

I know your type. You are a panty boy phone sex slut, aren’t you? You started out sniffing panties you got out of hampers when you were visiting your friends. Sometimes you’d even sniff the panties of the women living in your own house. Then after a while, you started stealing them and taking them home or to your bedroom to jerk off with. Did you wrap them around your dick and jerk with them or did you hold them up to your nose and sniff them while you jerked off? Maybe both?! Did you feel ashamed because of whose panties you were sniffing? I bet you did, but it still didn’t stop you, did it? You shot your load right in them. I wonder how big your stolen panty collection is? You probably have a whole drawer full, don’t you?

panty boy phone sex

And then one day, you decided to slip into a pair and the rest is history! After a while, wearing panties wasn’t enough for you. You started going online and looking at lingerie sites and you finally bit the bullet and made an order. You got stockings, garters, bras, panties, and probably even more. You started putting the lingerie on after work and wearing it to bed at night. You probably even started wearing panties to work instead of boxers. Maybe you’re even wearing stockings and a garter under your pants, too. And it feels so good that you don’t even care if anyone notices, do you?

Do you want to eventually get to the point where you only dress in panties, lingerie and stockings? If you’re looking for a girl to help you with all of your panty boy phone sex fantasies, you should give me a call. I will take you there and help you be exactly who you want to be… a super naughty panty boy slut!

For panty boy phone sex, call Nancy – 1-888-402-8669

Phone Sex Confession Line with Nancy

Tell me your secrets on my phone sex confession line. Think of me as your phone sex therapist, the woman you can tell anything and everything. I mean it too. There is nothing you can say that will shock me or freak me out. No judgements here. I know there are things that happened in your past that some will think of too taboo, too perverted, too twisted. Those are the stories you need to tell me and I want to hear. Comforting you and reassuring you that you’re not alone. I know it feels that the things that happened to you never happened to anyone else, but you would be wrong. I know, right?

phone sex confession line

It could be that your phone sex confession are just taboo fantasies you have. I’d have to say one of the more common confessions I hear are from men who want to see their wives and/or girlfriends getting fucked by another man. And not just any man, he wants to his pretty wife getting pounded by a huge big black dick. Admit it, you want to see that too! I bet your fantasies run ever further, maybe it’s you with a secret cocksucking fantasy. What if you were the white breeder slut for his BBC? You and your wife could be knocked up together and owned by the neighborhood gang bangers.

So you’re thinking that’s not very taboo. It’s all relative you know. And speaking of … I want to hear those taboo experiences as well. The kind that happened at home or at school. Maybe with the hot MILF or GILF next door. Or your babysitter? Believe me, I want you to be comfortable to share all the sexy and pervy details. This is your phone sex confession line and I’m just hear to listen. Or more. Tell me what you want and what you need.

Call Nancy 1-888-402-8669 for her non judgemental phone sex confession line today.