Fem Dom Phone Sex with Nancy

Hello there and welcome to my world where I’m in charge and you do as you’re told. I am not your typical Fem Dom phone sex woman, I don’t yell at your or bark orders at you, it’s more subtle than that. I am naturally Dominant, it is who I am and it is what I do. Men, and women, obey me because they feel my confidence, my power. There is no need to force it on you because you embrace my Dominance and know this is how it’s meant to be. When I tell you to behave yourself, you do. There are real world consequences to your behavior.

fem dom phone sex

I won’t think twice putting you over my knee for a spanking. There are times I’ll just put you in time out, make you stand in a corner and be quiet. You won’t even have to be naked to endure the humiliation of being treated like a child. Other times you will be naked and I’ll be fully clothed. CFNM is a useful training tool. There are many ways to discipline you and I take advantage of most of them. It’s not always about pain. Sometimes your punishment is to send you away for awhile and make you think about what it is you really want. Those who serve me do so out of desire to please and serve. Have you not heard that servitude is it’s own reward?!

I will control your cock and your orgasms. There will be lots of edging your orgasms. Oh don’t worry because I’ll let you stroke. And tease. And stroke. But no cumming. Not until I say so. You might find yourself in panties or with your asshole plugged up. Tie a ribbon on your balls and think about me all day. A little pain and a little humiliation goes a long way for both of our pleasure.

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