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I like being a bad girl for all the horny men. Especially the older ones. I like teasing and flirting with them making their cocks rock hard and dripping pre cum until they are ready to give me what I want and that’s all of their thick hot cum. I’ll get down on my knees with their dicks right in front of my pretty little face ready to feel my hot wet mouth wrapping around their thick throbbing meat. Let me make it dripping wet so you can get ready to take my other little holes. Which will you take first my dripping wet pussy or tiny little ass? I know you are thinking dirty taboo thoughts about my tight young body aren’t you?  I know how to milk your cock dry…So let me be your bad girl and fulfill all of your barely legal phone sex wishes. Call me I can make your dirty phone sex fantasies cum true!!

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I am Layla, your “full service” slut. I am as wild & kinky as you want. Delve into those “freaky” things with me. I want you to have explosive wet dreams about me. Nothing is off limits with me. So if you want some hot no limits phone sex, I’m your girl!

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Are you seeking a sensually dominant woman?  A woman with a silky smooth voice, who can take you places in your mind and on the phone where you may have never ventured before?  A woman who can make you yearn to please her, make promises you know you cannot keep?  Call me and let’s explore the world of sensual domination together.  I’m very experienced in domination phone sex, and I love a long session of body worship starting right at my toes, working up my long sexy legs, to my sweet ass and pussy.  Make me cum and you’ll be rewarded!  Or perhaps you prefer to be sensually bound to my bed with silky scarves, or soft leather cuffs while I tease your cock til you think you are going to explode, bringing you to the edge of orgasm again and again.

I love hearing you moan and whimper for me, begging Mistress, please let me cum!  Knowing by the sound of your breathing you are getting closer and closer to that sweet orgasmic release, and that at any moment I can push you over the edge, making you explode or I can simply smile and say, not just yet baby.  Which will it be?  Either way our call will end in erotic ecstasy, with both of us cumming in a hot, steamy climax.

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I could use some new panties. You should buy me some. They would look so cute hugging my cute little ass. I know you have always wanted to fuck me you perv. I see the way you look at me ^giggles^  Bratty teen phone sex is so much fun. I bet you would do whatever I told you to for a piece of this young sweet pussy or maybe you just want to take it. I am a brat so why not give me what I have coming to me ? I also like forced phone sex so don’t be afraid anything goes with me 🙂

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Hi boys! Wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about my playful side. I know I spend a lot of time with you, doing all those seductive and sexy things that make you cum. But I have a playful and innocent side too. I love to do all the things that regular girls do, like shop (lol), eat out, and hang with my friends. I love to camp on the weekend near the water (on a river or lake) and often go out with the girls to pound a few beers or a glass of wine (or two…or three). I absolutely love animals and babies when they aren’t mine.  I love to eat in bed and don’t really care if there are a few crumbs in the bed when I wake in the morning. I like Karaoke and often go out to my favorite bar to sing to my favorite songs wearing something seductive, so if I miss a note or two no one will really care. Distractions are my friend some times. I love to tease, which brings me to my seductive side…but most of you know about my seductive side. hehe  And some of you know that I can get very dirty for phone sex when provoked. double hehe! And don’t let me forget… I just love my panty boys…you know who you are! So let’s talk playful or call me for some wild no taboos phone sex. Muah sexies! I’ll be talking sexy to ya real soon!

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Now my love I have been dying for you to come enter my bedroom while the hubby is at work to pleasure every inch of my luscious body and make me feel hot and horny so I can squirt out my hot pussy juices all over your hard cock.  MMMMM you know you love fucking me knowing I already have a man but who says I can’t have a variety.  I can’t just have one dick and be happy, fuck no I need yours baby and want it sooooo bad that I can taste it.  Let me grab your cock and blow you like you have never been blown before.  Young are we??? That’s ok this cougar needs some spice in her life since her hubby isn’t doing it for her.  Come grab this MILF phone sex hottie before someone else does.

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I got you just where I want you my pretty pet. Bound with your wrists behind your back and your legs spread apart with a bar. You look so helpless there trembling and shaking like a leaf. Your ready for anything I can give for you, whether you want it or not. For tonight my helpless slave, you will be experiencing forced-bi phone sex. I’ve got a wonderful selection of cocks for you to be forced on tonight, 15 of them in fact all different sizes, personally selected by and all perfect for a bound and gagged forced bi phone sex slut like you. You’ve been dreaming of this day your entire life, fantasizing about when a hot flaming hot red head mistress forces you to do unspeakable acts you never thought possible. Mmm I can’t wait.

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I’m way too young to be dressed so sexy… all ripe, tight, tender and pure dressed in all white just for you. Your perfect little phone sex present or gift to unwrap! I’m dressed in sexy white lingerie, stockings and everything. I want to be your purest princess. I like any roleplay involving teen phone sex, too. *giggles* Will you join me for some cherry poppin phone sex? You can be my forceful senior prom date… I’m dressed so perfectly and beautifully… will you make me ALL yours? My satin dress would look so good all sticky and stained from our hot sex. It’s so big, I don’t know if it will fit, but I want you to shove it in anyway!

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Do you love the feel of a woman’s hard nipples pressed upon your back as her hands are running down your chest lower to the place your hardness is standing erect and in need of some attention? The feel of her lips on the back of your neck, kissing you so softly, then whispering in your ear she is going to make you feel like a king tonight? She kisses her way down your back,slightly using her tongue getting your body so hot and heated you think you are going to explode right then and there. Her hands wrap around your hard cock as she kneels behind you and nibbles gently on your tight ass checks.You turn around, grab her hair and shove her head onto your member,needing her wanting her,thrusting into her like a wild man. The build up is so close you can feel it running throughout your whole body. Not yet honey,I want to be the mouth wrapped around that throbbing cock. I want to be the sensual slut you lose your seed in. Call me for some hot sensual phone sex tonight baby,I am hungry to taste you.


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I bet you’d love to have a mistress who is as hot as me, wouldn’t you? Or maybe you need a girl who is great at GFE phone sex. Your wife doesn’t really do it for you anymore, so you need a phone sex slut like me to get you off! I know you have lots of dirty and kinky fantasies, but that’s okay! I love it! The more nasty you are, the more it gets me excited! Or maybe you like fetish phone sex. See if you can shock me with yours! I think I’ve heard pretty much everything… but every time I say that, someone calls me up with something new. So let’s see what you’ve got!!

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