Cuckold Phone Sex with Kelly

My boyfriend got so mad at me last night when he saw me flirting with this smoking hot guy at the bar.  You should have seen his face when I told him the guy was coming home with us for a filthy nasty cuckold phone sex party…and that my boyfriend, well, he was going to be the cuckold!  At first, he said hell no. I think that is a normal reaction to hearing that your sexy girlfriend plans to fuck some stranger in front of you.
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But after a bit, he realized it was a losing battle — I always get what I want.  Either he could watch me fuck this guy, or he’d have to spend all night wondering what I let him do to me and if I liked my new fuck buddy better.  He told himself that at least as a cucky he could be sure nothing went wrong.  But he quickly learned he was not just going to watch and make sure I was ok…he was going to be my forced cuckold phone sex bitch!  Before he could say anything, I had my new cuckold phone sex lover grab him and tie his hands behind his back.  Then I told him to shove his dick down my boyfriend’s throat and make him suck his cock until he was good and hard for me.
Oh, I loved the look of pure surprise on his face.   I let him fuck me up the ass, pound my cunt until I squirted multiple times and do things my boyfriend has never done.  I said, “pay attention, you’re being schooled on what I really like”!  Lets put it this way, if he doesn’t get the hint, we’ll just have to have another hardcore cuckold phone sex session!
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Harper

I’ve been in a relationship for a while now. I could have ended it when I found out his secret, but I thought it would be more enjoyable for me if I kept him around and used him in all of my cuckold phone sex fantasies.

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He came across as this strong, masculine guy – sexy and smart – wined and dined me. After our first date he took me back to his place and things started getting hot and heavy. I dropped to my knees to suck his cock, because that’s one of my favorite things to do – especially when it’s a big one – that’s when I found it. There was no big cock in his pants. Instead it was a 3 inch cocktail wiener, a poor excuse for a dick.

Instead of leaving disappointed, I made him put panties on. He tried to argue with me, but I took pictures of that little dick and told him I’d put it on social media. He shut up after that. I made him get on his knees and lick my pussy until I came and he’s been my cuck from this point forward. I’ve enjoyed him more than I ever would have if we’d had a standard relationship.

Now, he keeps my pussy wet and ready, and cleans me up after I get fucked by real men! He brings us drinks and watches while I’m satisfied over and over again. I think he actually likes it when I make him clean that cum out of my pussy. I’m just training him for the real thing. He needs to get cum directly from the source and before long he will be sucking dick like a pro.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Heather

Come be a good cuck, and please me with some cuckold phone sex. I love being your girlfriend, because I can do whatever and whoever I want. The whole street knows me as the cheating girlfriend, but i don’t care. You’ve been such a good sissy lately I think you should be rewarded. When you get home from work today, you may or may not find me bent over the living room couch, getting rammed by Marcus. You remember Marcus, the one from work that I always told you not to worry about and you believed me.

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You know how much I love and miss getting fucked by big dicks, especially big, black dicks. It pleases me to see you so accepting of your role as a cuck. Do not think just because I am rewarding you with cuckold phone sex. that you get to join this time around. Maybe Ill change my mind and let you taste my sweet, cunt juices off Marcus’s bbc. We all know an average size, white man cock does nothing for me anymore. Ever since I got my tight pussy stretched out by a bbc, I have not wanted to ever go back to that pink meat. No longer do I have to pretend to be enjoying your average size cock anymore. It was getting tiring have to fake it so many times. It was also getting tiring having to be a cheating wife behind your back. Having you wear that 12 inch strap-on to fuck my brains out made me want the real thing so much more. You hated it, but I loved it. You will be a good cuck for me this time with cuckold phone sex and clean up your wife’s cunt filled with all of Marcus’s thick, warm cum. He cums a lot so you will have plenty to clean, taste, and eat. Do not act like you do not like it. I see how you devour my pussy after it’s been filled with another man’s cum. You stick your tongue so deep and far inside me to make sure you don’t miss a drop of my cunt juices, or his cum. It’s never your cum because that would mean I have to actually let you fuck me. That’s not going to ever happen so do not even think to ask!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Abby

If you think I would EVER fuck your tiny little dick, you are sadly mistaken. You’re a loser, plain and simple. You know what I would do, though? I would LOVE to make you watch me fuck a real man. I’d prefer a big black cock. I mean, that’s the stuff cuckold phone sex dreams are made of. A pathetic white dicked man watching me get absolutely split wide open by a black bull – that’s one of the most amazing and pleasurable things that could ever happen to a girl. It makes me so happy and it makes me cum SO hard. So, I guess in an indirect way, you could help make me cum, but it will never be by letting you fuck me. It’s not like I would even be able to feel your pathetic cock, anyway. You’d probably still cum anyway, wouldn’t you? You’d probably be so excited to be close to a hot girl like me that you might not even get it inside me before your cock started dribbling cum.

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If you’re a really good boy, I MIGHT even let you clean my pussy up after it’s fucked by a big black cock. Losers like you dream about eating that black creampie out of my gaping pussy. You know it’s really the only time I’d ever let you touch it. I’ll let you spread my lips wide and stick your tongue all the way in so you can get every drop of the cum out. Make sure you don’t waste any. You’re privileged to even be getting the cum, so don’t spill it.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Phoenix

The best cuckold phone sex is honest phone sex. Guys don’t call me to have me tell them their little dick is the best thing I have ever felt. They call me for small dick humiliation because they know a black cock whore will have no problem telling them the truth. I don’t fuck small dicks, which means I don’t fuck you. I bet you wish your wife was just like me, letting you lick all that BBC cream out of my sweet pussy. You are not alone. I was already a black cock whore when we met. Black men don’t want to date white women, they just want to fuck us. I was stuck with the decision of dating a great guy and being financially secure and loved or having great sex. You and I compromised. I get to have my cake and eat it too.

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You get your sexual satisfaction knowing you get to watch and participate in a way, while I get pounded by big black dicks. I don’t need a real job and I get all the sexual satisfaction I can handle. Trust me, when it comes to BBC phone sex, I am no novice. I can handle a lot. I have been a black cock whore since I was a younger and I have been a cuckolding girl for almost that long as well, the tiny dick boyfriend I had in high school learned all about cuckold phone sex pretty damn quick. I am in the unique position to not only cuckold my tiny dicked white callers but help them turn their wives into women like me. If you have been married long, chances are your wife is already a cheating whore if you have a small prick. The goal then is just to get her fucking in front of you, so you can enjoy the fun too.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Kennedy

Alright, let me get this straight. You want me, your wife, to fuck another guy. You’re actually begging me to get all dressed up and go pick up another guy to bring home with me and have the fuck-session of my life in our bed? Can’t say I’m against it. Especially knowing how much of a secret thrill having another man’s dick inside me gives you.

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You can’t help but find yourself turned on when I tell you that I can’t wait to go out and get my pussy pounded by a stranger. It makes you the perfect man for cuckold phone sex, and you know it. I love whispering in your ear about my adventures from last week when I wore the tight little black dress that you bought for me and the highest heels that I haven’t been able to wear since I met you. The guy that felt me up at the club absolutely loved my clothing of choice and was delighted when he discovered that I wasn’t wearing panties underneath. I don’t think he would have been able to refuse anything once his fingers brushed my wet pussy lips!

One night, I’ll be so brazen that I won’t even bother to check if you’re home. In fact, maybe my fuck toy choice for the night will agree with me that you should watch! What an interesting cuckold phone sex experience for you that will be!

So, one last time, just to make sure, you want me, your wife, to go out hunting for the best cock I can find and bring him home to fuck me? You know that I love having another man’s dick inside me, and I know you get hard just thinking about it!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Kennedy

Some guys just can’t help but get massively turned on by the idea of their girlfriends and wives cheating on them. Guys that have an average or below average cock know that their girl could be getting much better action in the sex department, and they often encourage their girl to get what she needs. And they get to jerk off while they think about it. But what I love about cuckold phone sex with my man is that I know I’ll be taken care of in all the ways that matter, and that I hold the power in the relationship.

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I love telling my men stories about how I went away on a business trip and used the opportunity to hunt down a big, hulking black guy and rode his cock all night long. Or about my time with the last guy that I dated for a while, where he would come over while you were at work and fuck me in every inch of the place, including our bed. He had access to parts of me that you’d never be allowed near. I love to swallow his cum, while your dick has never even been in my mouth.

Imagine if you called me up while I was in the middle of a wonderful, rough fuck session and you had to listen to be get rammed and choked from the other end of the phone. You’d pull out your dick and turn it into some cuckold phone sex, I bet! I know you love to hear me scream and moan while another man plunges his cock deep inside of me. You love hearing his skin slap against mine while I cum around him and call his name. And knowing that he’s spilling his load inside my pussy? It’s such a thrill!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Katrina

Hey guys! Are you ready for another session of confessions 101? Welcome to my world of perfection. A world in which I deserve only the best, don’t you think so baby? I mean after all, perfection deserves royal treatment! We both know that you cannot resit my scrumptious curves, tits and ass or my long brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. I guess that is why my newest cuckold phone sex bitch had to lie to me.

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It is also the reason, I had the hottest dream the other night. It involved a black cock and a cuckie. Go figure! One had something to offer me, while the other, well he was pathetic and had nothing to offer. He had one too many short-comings for my liking so I had to teach him a lesson . I mean if you had a choice in a dream or real life, which would you choose? Man meat that can stretch you, or a man with a tic-tac between his legs? Exactly, I chose the man meat, but I used him to my advantage. My dream was vivid, colorful and detailed. I have to confess my dream felt so real!

First, I tied my cuckie to a chair, then I put a cock cage pathetic dicklette. Once secure, I put a gag in his mouth. After all I don’t like complaints. Why go easy on him? He meant nothing to me. Plus, I was about to show him how a real man fucked a woman during cuckold phone sex. I could hear him whimpering in pain as that clit of his grew in that cage, and there was nothing he could do about it. I would claim “poor thing,” but I honestly had no empathy for him. Absolutely none! The fucker couldn’t offer me anything, other than to sit where he was and watch me cry out in pleasure as I got fucked by a REAL man. By the end of my dream he got the perfect punishment. I can tell you that I didn’t want it to end. When I woke up, my hand was in my panties, they were sopping wet, and I had to change ALL of my bedding.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Kelly

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You are such a pathetic cuckold phone sex slut. But honestly, you can’t help yourself. It was so easy to break you and take control of your dick and those cum filled swollen balls. You wait with a hard cock, just dying to cum as I’m over here sucking giant cock,  swallowing cum,  and taking big manly cock deep inside me. How does it feel when I forbid you to cum? Yet, you bear witness to the   the multiple orgasms I get to have when I am taking massive cock over and over. And seeing my fuck buddies go balls deep in me as they yell out with pleasure, that must really frustrate you.  Good, you need to learn to live with the ache in your balls.  You know those big balls are cumming in my mouth or on my perky tits or deep inside my pussy and you are there just edging to the sound of it.  You are so fucking frustrated and in pain that you drop to your knees lick the cum off me or out of me if I hint that I may allow you a release. Hell, you would even deep throat the bull cock that just came out of me if you thought you would get to cum. I love when you are in pain like this. You would fucking do ANYTHING I commanded just to edge that dick for me. Maybe a nice strap on fucking to make you cum like a little bitch? I know you hate my huge cock up your ass. It is embarrassing and humiliating enough, but to watch your little penis cum like a woman taking a fat cock has to crush that ego, too.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Pepper

Your sweet Princess Pepper knows what you want. And what do you want? Why, to see me getting fucked by other men while you helplessly watch, of course! Cuckold phone sex is one of my favorite types of calls. You know that a girl like me deserves nothing but the best, and you…? Well, that’s just not you at all. I need other men, REAL men, to come and fuck me like you never could. I need them to throw me around, use me like a toy, to fuck me and fill me in ways that you’re simply not capable of. I need men with strong bodies, big dicks, dark skin… That’s right! I’m not just a cuckold phone sex Princess, but I’m definitely a BBC Queen, too! Can’t you just imagine it? My sweet body, groped by several gorgeous black studs, their hands all over me, their dicks hard and ready, my pussy drooling with lust.. And you, with no way to stop it, with nothing to do but just sit and watch!

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Oh, don’t worry, baby. After they’ve had their fill of me, after my sweet pink pussy and ass have been used and stretched and filled, that doesn’t mean that it’s the end. Your cuckold phone sex Princess will want plenty of love and attention after that. And that’s where you come in. You get to clean me up after they’re done, you get to snuggle with me, and you get to get all the love that I have to give. I like to keep my love life and my sex life separate, you see? They’re for fucking me stupid, for giving my body what it craves, and you give my heart what it needs after.

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