Role-play Phone Sex with Slut Molly

I know this might be hard to believe but before I started doing phone sex, I used to clean houses. Yes, that’s right. I was a hot busty maid for a short while. I figured, why not spin my experience cleaning houses into a fun maid role-play phone sex fantasy?

Role-play Phone Sex

Imagine I’m working hard scrubbing away all day while wearing a tight white t-shirt and cut-off denim shorts with my ass in the air. I’m making sure all the baseboards are scrubbed to perfection. In this role-play phone sex fantasy, the crazy woman-of-the-house won’t tolerate anything less than immaculate, especially since her husband is always staring as my tits and ass. She’s looking for any excuse to fire my ass, and I definitely need the job.

I’ve already folded all the laundry, dusted, and made all the beds. I go back upstairs into this giant house to give the place a good look over to make sure I’ve done my job right. And….. What do I find in one of the bedrooms? Some teenager jacking off in the study! What the actual fuck?! In this role-play phone sex fantasy, I haven’t yet met the son of the couple I’m cleaning for and I demand for him to explain who the hell he is and what he’s doing.

He had that deer in headlights look and then grabbed his shorts to cover is boner and started stammering and yelling back at me… “Uh. Um, who the hell are YOU?” It’s quite amusing to think about, but then I got a little pissed off that he made a mess of the study I just cleaned. There was a knocked over bottle of lotion, greasy smudges on the desk, and tissues strewn about. Not to mention, he had a really big fucking cock!

I made him show me after I explained that I’ve been cleaning this place for the past month and I’d never met him, but I can see why the place is so damn messy now. I was so turned on at seeing that fantastic cock, that I just HAD to have it. The whole time I’m sucking his cock I’m wondering if his dad’s is just as big as his…. Fuck it! I don’t care if I get fired.

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