Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Roni

When you ask anyone what my two favorite things are that I can’t live with out, do you know what they will say?  Well, I do! My two favorite, can’t function without things are smoking fetish phone sex and of course sex!

smoking fetish phone sex

As I am sitting out on my back deck, in my cute pink VS booty shorts and my white tank top, of course no bra, I am looking at the beautiful scenery around and in my right hand is my cigarette!

I am taking one drag at a time and of course my mind is going crazy! So many dirty thoughts are are running through my mind.  I would love for you to join me on my deck.  We can sit here and talk, drink some whiskey and chain smoke our cigarettes.  I’m sure things will start to get a little wild an crazy as the alcohol is getting to us.  I walk over to you, straddle your legs and place my tight pussy right on your cock! As I slowly place the cigarette in between my tight lips, I tilt my head back and exhale my smoke right into your face as you feel my body closer to yours.  Your cock goes inside of my pussy and I start bouncing up and down on your cock as my cigarette smoke is covering your face.  This turns you on so much your cock starts to spew cum so deep inside my tight pussy.  I jump off of you and sit down next to you.  As I look at you, we light up another cigarette and you explain how much my smoking fetish phone sex turns you on.  You ask if we can fuck everyday like this and I can’t help but say yes.

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erotic smoking fetish phone sex

smoking fetish phone sex

It’s almost the weekend and I’m just sitting here thinking about going out to the club with my girlfriends. I have a secret when I go out, I love to put on some bright pink lipstick, dab a little bit of gloss and pull out one of my sweet cigarettes. The club is the perfect place for my smoking fetish phone sex.  I don’t know what it is about sucking on the long stick. Feels so good between my pouty wet lips, you like watching me inhale deeply don’t you?

I notice your pants getting a bit tighter around your thick, rock hard shaft.  You like the idea of me exhaling all the smoke in my soft pouty lips all over your muscular chest. Mmmmmm…. I just love smoking fetish phone sex, it makes my silky black panties soaking wet.  As you watch me suck my cigarette you imagine my soft pouty lips around your rock hard cock, sucking it fast then slow, up and down.

You can’t help but stare at my lips as I take a puff off my cigarette. You watch me take a puff, then blow it out slowly making it look mmm, so sexy! All you can think about is how seductive smoking fetish phone sex is. I see you walking over to my table, as you bend over to ask me my name I blow a big puff of smoke in your face. You can’t take it any more your brawny shaft gets rock hard.

You see me walking outside, watching my ass as I walk by. You follow me outside, and watch as I try to light my cigarette. You cum up and offer me a light, watching me take a long first drag and you instantly get hard. Makes you wonder what my lips would look like wrapped around that big cock of yours.  Our eyes say everything, your eyes say that you love my sexy outfit, red tight dress that hugs all of my curves. You can help but notice that my tits are practically falling out of the top of my dress, wouldn’t be hot to push your cock between them? My eyes and body say “let’s get out of here and go back to my place.” You follow as I start walking towards my car. Once we’re back at my place all inhibitions are thrown out the window. You light up another ciggy while I reapply my favorite pink lipstick and gloss. We head to my bedroom where I push you down on the bed and take out your brawny shaft; I take a deep drag of my smoke and blow the perfect “O” ring that fits around your stiff waiting shaft. I flicker my tongue on the tip making you tingle and sending shivers all the way up your spine. Wondering what happens next?

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smoking fetish phone sex

smoking fetish phone sex

Hello horny boys. I’m just bored here sitting around and smoking my cigarettes and thought I would let you guys know how much I adore smoking fetish phone sex. I don’t know what it is but the feel of the cigarette between my moist lips and inhaling the sweet smoke relaxes me and makes me feel so sexy and sensual. I just love putting in my bright red, slutty lipstick and shiny gloss and putting that stick between my lips and inhaling deeply, then exhaling slowly. It tastes so good. I especially love smoking fetish when I get to blow the smoke in some loser’s face. *giggle*. I like having a sub or loser smell my smoke coming out of my mouth and loving it. It makes me so wet. Mmmm. I think I would have a lot of fun using you as my ashtray. *giggle* Yes, I want to inhale my delicious smoke then shake my ashes onto your toungue and make you eat them. You like that, don’t you? Maybe when I’m done using you as my little ashtray bitch I would love to blow my hot smoke all over your cock and make you want to do it again and again. I know how to smoke and I know what you want me to do with my lips and my sensual mouth. Maybe I can get my hot red slutty lipstick all over your cock after I’m done smoking my long stick.  Call me for some hot, sensual smoking fetish phone sex now and let me blow my smoke all over your face and your cock.

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