ass worship phone sex Goddess

ass worship phone sex

Do you see this ass? This ass isn’t for you. This ass is only for those that truly understand how fine my ass is and that it deserves to be worshipped. Not smacked, not pinched, not hooted at. Worshiped. Like the divine ass that it is. I’m a Goddess baby and every part of me is perfection and you’ll worship all of it if I wish it. You’ll lick the sock fuzz from between my toes if I command you. Hell boy, you’ll lick the cum of that fucker over there from my pussy if I say so. Am I right baby? Yeahhhh, I’m right. So let’s talk about ass worship phone sex and all the ways you are going to pay homage to my ass. Kiss my ass. Both cheeks, all over in nice small kisses. Use your teeth every once in awhile. Not to hard, but let me feel something baby. Get on your knees and then get behind me. Just kneel with your face titled up so I can back up and sit down on your face whenever I want to. Take a nice deep breath and smell how sweet my skin is. Get your nose in between my cheeks, way in there baby. Smell my sweet perfect ass. Now run your tongue up and down my crack. Tease me baby, tickle and tease me with that tongue, back and forth in my crack. And when you get to my asshole, flick your tongue over it. Flick it and then stick it. Shove that tongue of yours right in my tight asshole. Grab my ass cheeks in your hands and squeeze them as you spread my ass cheeks apart so you can tongue fuck my asshole fast and furiously. Oh yeah baby, let me bend over a little and arch my back and stick that ass out there for you. Oh yeah baby, that’s right, tongue fuck me until my pussy is so wet you can see a hint of dew on my pussy lips. If you can make me scream and moan and cum from your tongue fucking then I’ll let you take my sweet ass with your cock. I like it nice and deep. Just remember that you have to clean up when you’re done. *laughs* You’ve been thinking about ass worship phone sex with me since you looked at my picture so I’m pretty sure there’s nothing you won’t do if it pleases me and my ass.

I’m waiting lover, call me. I-888-402-8669, ask for Vanessa for ass worship phone sex

strap on fetish phone sex

strap on fetish phone sex

I’m Goddess Vanessa, your sensual strap on domination mistress. I love my strap on cocks so much that I always have a harness ready to slip on and big dildo ready to use. I’ve fucked a few of my pretty bedtime bunny girlfriends and they loved it. But my biggest strap on fetish phone sex fans are men, like you. Straight ordinary every day men, who can’t resist getting down on their knees in front of me and worshipping a long plastic dong. When you suck my cock I like you to really get into it. Don’t just lick it with the tip of your tongue and call it a day. I want you to take my big thick strap on cock in your hands and make out with it.  Kiss it, lick it, stroke it, rub it on your face, whatever it takes to impress me with your desires to worship the strap on cock. I want to see you deep throating my large cocks before we are done playing! Are you a first timer? Don’t worry, we’ll go nice and slow and work that sweet ass of yours nice and delicately. Or shall I pound your ass without mercy? *laughs* I’ll put you on your back and push your legs up like a girl so I can tap that ass of yours. Or maybe I’ll sit down and have you come bounce up and down on my cock. Mmmm, I bet I can get you bouncing nice and fast on my love stick. I have all kinds of dildos, in every shape and size you can imagine. Have a favorite? As long as I can put it in your ass, I’m not picky about what I use. Speaking of what I use, when you call strap on fetish phone sex, have some toys nearby. If you don’t have a dildo you can always improvise with things around the house or office.

So grabs something long and hard and call 1-888-402-8669! Ask for Mistress Vanessa anytime you want to have some strap on fetish phone sex fun.

slutty sissy phone sex

sissy training phone sex

Hello there my prissy princess. Are you ready to come over to Mistress Vanessa’s and play? I have so many pretty pretty princess things to try on you today. I like my sissies to be properly dressed at all times. It’s only the best for my bitches. So many panties, silk, satin, lace, cotton, all of them pretty and feminine. You have to wear everything sweetie. The pretty panties, the matching bra and of course some sexy stockings or knee high socks. It depends on how I’m dressing you during this sissy phone sex call. I actually think you need to be in one of those slutty costumes from Halloween. You’d look cute as Miss Muffett. Guess what you get to sit on later.  *laughs* You need your makeup and hair done and then that cute little short dress with the fluffy skirt can go on. You look adorable and slutty at the same time. Which is perfect for what I have planned for you. I’m taking you out to meet some of my friends. No mistress party though, you’re going to meet my friends down at the biker bar. They will love a scrumptious piece of candy like you. I feel like I’m tossing a baby lamb into a den of lions. Exciting right! Come now my pretty doll, you’re going to do great. All that practicing you’ve been doing with my strap on dildo will come in handy. I’m going to let those boys pull your mouth open and take turns fucking your pretty face. Your makeup is going to get a little smeared. By the time they are done with you you’ll just be one big smear. Your mouth will be the appetizer and your dirty pussy will be the main course. Those nasty biker boys are going to stretch that pussy open and fuck it all night long. They’re just going to run a train on your ass and then your mouth. Back and forth until my dolly is all used up.  I did mention that I lie my sissies on the slutty side right? Good because sissy phone sex with Mistress Vanessa is not rainbows and unicorns. Maybe a unicorn horn… *laughs*

Call me at 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Vanessa for sissy phone sex

sissy training phone sex fantasies

sissy training phone sex

I’m Mistress Vanessa, the Goddess of your dreams, and I’m going to take your pathetic ass and turn you into a proper sissy slut. That’s right faggot, you’re calling me for some sissy training phone sex. I know a cock sucker when I see one and baby, you’ve got cock all your face. *laughs* Get used to it sugar lumps. From now on you will call me Mistress at all times. You will always refer that the piddly pecker as your clitty. That’s right naughty girl, you have a clitty now. And that means that you have a pussy too. A pussy that I’ll teach you how to use, like a perfect sissy slut. Let’s get you dressed properly first though. You’ll have to get rid of those ugly boy clothes. You’re a sissy, you’ll only wear dresses with me. Dresses with frilly panties and pretty bras underneath. We’ll shave and wax all that man hair off of you so that you are soft and smooth. I’m going to make you look just like my very own frilly doll. You’re going to wear cupcakes dresses sweetie and very high heels. You’re going to have to practice keeping your lip gloss You can start by getting down in front of me. Oh yes, get down on your knees princess and open that mouth of yours. I have a nice pretty purple strap on cock that you can practice with. While you suck that plastic dick you better keep your eyes open and glues to me. I’m going to tell you all about how I’m going to train you and teach you to be a slut. How you’ll be my go to girl for all the best bang parties. You’re going to be all dressed up looking like a perfect princess, until you’re stripped down to you panties and surrounded by throbbing cocks. I know you’ll want to always impress me with how eager you are to do what ever I ask. I’m going to enjoy making you prove that you are my best faggot sissy slut ever. That’s what you want from our sissy training phone sex right? To be the best sissy faggot you can, to suck and fuck like a real professional faggot! Yeah that’s exactly what you want sugar lumps, to be the best cock guzzler in town. And I can help you on your road to success. With me, you’ll be one of the greats baby. You’ll swallow loads of cum and I’ll take pride in knowing you are my best slut ever.

Start your education today baby. Just call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for Mistress Vanessa for sissy training phone sex