Creative Cuckold Humiliation Phonesex

I love cuckold humiliation phonesex, and the more creative it is, the more fun it is for the both of us!
Cuckold Humiliation Phonesex
It’s always fun to switch up the erotic humiliation, and get to tease my cuckold while enjoying my bull.
Ever since I started dating, I have been the blow job queen, I really love the taste of cock between my lips.
And it makes it so much sweeter when I have a cuckold who would do anything for me to suck him off, agree to anything at all.
And you will do anything for your favorite cuckold phone sex snow bunny, wouldn’t you?
Watch as I slip into the sexiest lingerie, highest heels, I love being the sexy girl of your cuckold fantasies, isn’t watching me get all ready for a hot night the best sweet humiliation ever?
Now, sit over there in a corner, close enough to take every sexy detail in, my amazing ass, my juicy spread pussy, my open lips, as I look right at you and tell you, you know what you’ve been begging me to do for you for weeks?
That one thing you’ve been craving more than anything else, my lips on your cock?
Well, guess what today is?
I am going to suck a big cock right here, right now, isn’t that just what you want more than anything else?
The cuckold humiliation phonesex part is, I’m sucking a big cock in the sloppiest loudest messiest way I can for maximum turn on, it’s just not your cock now, is it?
But after I have my bull hard as a rock, I can give you some attention now.
I smile and look at you, and the moan you let out as my mouth envelopes your cock cage makes me almost as wet as my bull’s cock does.
Did you really expect any less from your creative cuckold humiliation phone sex babe?

Body Worship Phone Sex With Connie

Body Worship Phone Sex
Facesitting, throning, queening, smothering, oral servitude, it’s all body worship phonesex, and it’s exactly what you crave, as a submissive male.
Or have you never heard of Queening?
Give me a call, I am always happy and horny to educate you on all my very favorite ways to pass the time, like body worship phonesex!
Oh, that got the attention of your cock, didn’t it?
Now, the only thing left to do is figure out the best way to please me, your Cuckold Mistress.
And as a cuckold, getting to be my clean up boy is the ultimate reward, wouldn’t you say?
I am a dominant Cuckoldress, and you are a submissive male, and we are going to have the best power exchange you’ve ever had.
Look at me, and imagine me cuckolding you night after night, while you wait and stroke, until I come home and tell you exactly what I was doing, exactly who I was cuckolding you with, every erotically humiliating detail.
And then, commanding you to please me in the only way that you can, the only use you have, as my body worship cuck.
My sensual voice commanding you to get on your back, right now, as I take off my creampie panties and you groan in anticipation, wanting the chance to body worship your Queen more than anything you’ve ever wanted.
Start at my pretty feet, licking, tasting, and if you do a very good job, you will be allowed to go higher.
Long silky legs, leading up to a just fucked creampie pussy.
And the best part of a woman’s body, is so close, isn’t it?
That’s right, my ass, filled with all that fresh cum from one of my lovers.
As a cuckoldress, receiving body worship, especially ass worship, is one of my favorite ways to introduce you to cuckolding.
And look at my ass, how could anyone not want to lick it clean?
Body Worship Phone Sex with Connie.

Forced Bi Phone Sex with Mistress Connie

Forced Bi Phone Sex
I love forced intoxication, it’s just so cute when you have to get drunk to tell me what you really want from a Femdom Mistress, and you can tell me anything.
Drink up, I can always tell when a man wants to be a forced bi faggot, but if you need to get intoxicated first, by all means, I’ll make you drink until you tell me all your secrets.
Your favorite Forced Bi Phone Sex Mistress in your ear, using her sexy voice to get you to drink just a little more, and tell me all your fantasies about being forced to suck cock.
One more sip, just a few fingers of that liquid poison, and tumbling out of your mouth is all the secret feminization fantasies you’ve had since you got your first hard on, being made into a sissy slut, being cock mocked for your shortcomings, and maybe even making you take a trip to my favorite place, a glory hole!
I love making you into a cock sucking barbie doll, long blonde wig, lots of pink lipstick on those hungry for dick lips, fishnets and a miniskirt to complete the feminization, you faggot bitch.
Oh wait, how about some clear heels and a cock pop, now what else does a basic faggot bitch need to get attention at the glory hole and really stand out from all the other thirsty cocksuckers?
How about a stripper name?
Crystal Beth, China White, Peaches?
Now the fun really starts, I am going to pimp out your sissy pussy, ads, bbc and stripper poles, oh my!
I am going to make sure you make your Forced Bi Mistress Connie proud, and get both of your holes stretched out and cock filled!
Just what you’re looking for, that forced bi forced bi money shot while your Mistress makes you get even more fucked up!
I know how much you enjoy a forced bi phone sex fantasy, call me!

Cuckold Confessions Phone Sex With Connie

Cuckold Phone sex
I can not get enough of cuckold confession phone sex calls, well, any kind of confession call, but especially interracial white wife black ones!
I absolutely love to hear all about your cheating wife cuckolding you with big black cock, how one day your wife was happy and the next, she was making fun of your small white penis and moving in some bbc into your bedroom!
Are you really that surprised, after all, what white woman would ever settle for anything less than a superior black cock?
I love hearing you ask me “Is my wife cheating on me with black cock” , you know my answer will always be an erotically humiliating laughing “Yes”!
Telling me “I think my wife cuckolds me“, well, yes, if your sexy wife is anything like me, she’s been black owned since high school, why would something like being married stop her from fucking bbc?
And I can be the queen of cuckold humiliation phone sex, because what I really want to know is, do you like the way your wife pussy tastes of that black cock?
Will your wife ever stop fucking black cock?
No, once you go black you never go back, especially not to you and your small white cock.
From where this cuckold confessions phone sex queen sits, from what you’ve told me so far, your wife is a slut for bbc, and not only is there no cure, do you really want her to stop, Cuckold?
It makes you so hard and turned on, doesn’t it, telling me what a slut wife you have, how she is dressing different, doesn’t want you to touch her anymore, but only wants you to watch her with her lover!
I’ll tell you how lucky you are, after all, some hot wives put their cuckold husbands in chastity, some in a cock cage, while others, gulp, make their cuckolds into a forced bi phonesex faggot.
Oh, you want to hear more about cuckold confessions phone sex?
Call 1 888 402 8669 and ask for your cheating girlfriend Connie.

Fetish Phone Sex

Hey hey hey phone sex guys, you all have been keeping me so busy with all your twisted kinky sick fantasies, I can hardly catch my breath!
B has a demented mind that make me rub my fat puffy pussy over and over till I squirt, so yes, keep those sick demented phone sex fantasies coming!
B has a sleep fetish, breaking into my house at night, waking me up by slapping my face, choking me out (I fucking love breath fetish roleplay), and cutting my wet panties off while I try to fight his hard body and hot cock off me!
Doesn’t get any more hardcore than this, and I fucking love it!
B loves that I am a major fucking pain slut, and there is nothing I can do but come when he’s making me choke on his cock!
Kinky, twisted, fucking sick, no taboo and no limits hardcore phone sex whore is just the beginning.
Want to play rough with a twisted pain slut?
A slut whore who is the most extreme twisted no taboo phone sex freak ever?
Call me.
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Femdom Humiliation Phonesex

Sissy Humiliation Phonesex

Cuckold humiliation phonesex rocks, but there’s so much more to fetish humiliation than just fucking a bigger cock than you have.
Some of my favorite fetish humiliation roleplays take humiliation to a whole new level, especially with public humiliation!
Playing around with gender roles is something I’ve done forever, dressing up everyone from my little brothers to my boyfriends in my creamy panties, but now that I’m a big girl, I bring a big strap on to my sexual escapades!
I took one of my gender switch fetish sissies to the strip club the other night.
I dressed my sph sissy in my creamy panties, my black corset, and my high stiletto heels,and that public humiliation of being outed as a sissy nearly made that little four inch cock explode!
After showing my sissy off in public, I then took Sissy back to one of the rooms that strippers take clients back too.
I forced Sissy to give me a lap dance, making Sissy bump and grind in front of the open door, so that everyone could see the lengths a sissy in a feminization humiliation roleplay would be forced to go to.
Sissy showed me how a natural born cocksucker worships a big thick strap on, with pretty sissy lips, gagging on my strap on until I thought Sissy would pass out!
But the forced feminization humiliation didn’t end there.
What is a trip to a strip club without a lap dance?
You know you want to hear all about what happend in my sissy humiliation phonesex roleplay next.
Call me!
1 888 40 Bunny

Creampie Fetish Phonesex

I need to tell you how much I love my fetish phonesex cuckolds!
And right now, I am here, with a just fucked by black cock cunt, pussy full of jizz, cuckold creampie just leaking from my snatch.
Bet that got all the creampie fetish phonesex cuckolds attention!
There’s just something so hot about knowing I just got fucked by bare back black cock, round ass up, face down, titties bouncing, and taking that big load of jizz in my fat pussy, making my pussy happy like only big black cock can!
And then coming home with my pussy leakig a big creampie wet spot onto my pretty panties.
Seeing you waiting for me in bed, the doing a slow striptease.
Tight tank top slowly over my head, showing you these amazing tits.
Turning away from you, raising my short skirt a little as I bend over, giving you a shot of my round ass,
Shimmying out of my little skirt, leaving on my silky panties.
Strutting over to you in just my silky panties and black high heels, smiling into your eyes, watching as you get hard as a rock.
Straddling your face, and slowly easing down my creampie panties.
You ready to make me happy, creampie cuckold?


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