Leg Fetish Phone Sex with Julia

I had a dream that I seduced you with my leg fetish phone sex. You came over one evening after a long night of partying and wanted to feel my nice smooth legs all over your body. I climbed on top of you in my six inch black stiletto pumps and caressed your skin with my recently shaven legs.

leg fetish phone sex

You instantly became a slave to my movements. It was as if you were in a trance as I continued to stroke my legs around your cock and the rest of your body. As you closed your eyes, your cock continued to rise to the occasion begging to get a release, but it was time for you to worship me in leg fetish phone sex. I pushed you down to your knees and made you plant kisses all over my legs. My pussy was peaking through my black thongs as I placed my right leg on the bed for you to focus even more.

Your temperature began to rise as our session became even more intense. I stood over you with every intention of teasing you with more leg fetish phone sex. My goal was to have you obsessed. I wanted you to not be able to function without being able to touch my smooth legs. I wanted your cravings for me to always get the best of you so you would strive to be a good boy and always get a taste of my offering. By now, your entire body was shaking and almost ready to orgasm without me even doing much to your cock. My sensuous voice told you to look at my legs as you released your nut. I took over your soul in that same moment. You promised me that from that day forward you would never seek the touch of another mistress.

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Sock Fetish Phone Sex with Memphis

Hey my fellow kinksters! It’s your favorite freak here ready to give you something you’ve been waiting for. I know how kinky you are and that regular things don’t excite you. Your love for sock fetish phone sex has taken your sexual cravings to new heights. Every time you see a picture of me in nothing but tube socks you get hard and can’t wait for me to stroke your cock with them.

sock fetish phone sex

One day you decided you wanted us to shop for new socks so I met you at the mall so we could give into your fetish. We gathered dozens of socks and took them into the dressing room so I could try them on for you before you purchased them. I made sure to take off everything before I began modeling for you. With every pair I tried on, your cock grew harder. You wanted to have a quick sock fetish phone sex session right there in the dressing room but I kept denying you. It wasn’t until I tried on my last pair of thigh high socks that I finally decided to give in.

I placed both of my feet in your lap and leaned back as you began massaging them. The store was closing soon and I knew they were wondering what was taking so long but I decided to take my time and seduce you with my sock fetish phone sex. I began to rub my feet together on your fat cock, hoping to milk it of its sticky substance. I wanted to see a grand explosion right there in the dressing room and have you cover my socks with your man juice. Your grunts turned to moans as you began to cum. We left out the store with our purchased socks while you kept the cum soaked ones as a souvenir.

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Taboo Phone Sex Roleplay with Erin

taboo roleplay phone sex

I’m the girl who doesn’t say no. When you call me for a taboo phone sex roleplay call, you don’t ever have to ask if I’ll do it. because I will always say yes. I’ll say yes to taboo fantasies other girls won’t do. I wish I could tell you the details of what I mean when I say taboo, but it’s not allowed. Dark and twisty fantasies, sick and demented desires, I welcome the perverts to cum play with me.

How about a taboo accomplice phone sex roleplay? I’ll put on my schoolgirl outfit and we’ll go to the mall while I make some new “friends”. I can’t wait to have them over to your place for drinks and more. I’m big into bondage after we strip’em naked. I don’t even mind if we fix them drinks first to make it a little easier for us too ~wink~. I can’t wait to spread them open for our use and abuse. You know that bald little slit is going to be so fucking tight on your cock. Imagine how much tighter with my hands around her neck?! No limits, anything goes, taboo phone sex.

I love religious blasphemy phone sex, the nastier the better for a girl like me. What better way to celebrate Christmas than fucking on the altar and cumming all over the bible pages. Maybe we need to sacrifice a virgin! I can tell you about my first taboo sexual experiences and you can share yours with me. Or maybe, just maybe, you know someone special that you want to be her first time? You know what I mean. Taboo all the way!

This is just a sampling of the taboo phone sex roleplay fantasies I love to play on the phone. No matter what your perversions, I’m the taboo fantasy phone sex girl for you

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