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So you want to knock me up? Call me for impregnation phone sex and let’s talk and play all the ways that can happen. I’m a horny and fertile slut who craves cock and cum deep in my young belly. Fill me with your seed and make me pregnant. I don’t know why this fantasy turns me on so fucking much. It’s almost as if I can feel your precious sperm filling me up making it’s way to meet up with my eggs. You think I’m crazy, but I can feel that hot jizz making it’s way deep inside me.

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Tell me, is it the baby I’m going to have or the changes my body is making? I already have D cup tits, but you just know once I’m impregnated my tits are going to get huge! Your cock is aching just waiting for my boobs to grow, my nipples get thicker and darker, and my breast ducts fill with milk. Suckle on my titties and drink up. I wonder if my pussy will get as wet when my little baby is breastfeeding as I do when you are?! Didn’t you know I was a sick and twisted pervette too?! Well, I am! We could call this taboo impregnation phone sex if you like!

Stroke my growing tummy. Feel how much hotter and wetter my pregnant cunt is for your cock. Fucking me on my back knowing that your super sperm has made it’s way to knock me up. I love how excited you get running your hands over my tight young body being stretched out with the baby growing. How sexy to see my fat tummy, huge boobs, on my 18teenage body.

The only thing hotter than impregnation phone sex, is talking about how my big black lover is the one who knocked me up! I can’t wait to see your eyes when that baby pops out and only then will you know I’ve been cheating on you with your BBC boss. You had your suspicions, but now you know. What will your family say when their grandbaby is black?!

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BBC Impregnation Phone Sex with Erin

BBC impregnation phone sex has to be one of the hottest fantasies I play on the phone. I mean, I am a big black cock lover in real life, I just haven’t been knocked up … yet. Let’s talk about how much you want to see me, or your wife or girlfriend, bent over and getting fucked hard by a big black guy. Hearing me cum over and over while he fucks my white pussy like you never could. Watching my hot cunt open up for his cock and when he’s all done, see it gaping open. I’d offer you my cream pie, but I want all his sperm deep inside my belly. I want him to knock me up with his black baby.

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I think the most humiliating fact about getting pregnant from my BBC lover is the look on my white boyfriend’s face when he finds out. It’s bad enough for him that everyone knows I cheat, but once that black baby pops out, the evidence is obvious. Every one will know that your wife or girlfriend is a dirty white slut for BBC. I could be their white breeder slut. Have so many black dicks dumping their cum in me, no one will even know whose baby it is. How fucking hot is that?

You’re going to love when I’m pregnant too. My big tits are going to get even bigger. My belly will grow soft and round. And what I know from friends, I am going to be as horny as I’ve ever been. Ever fuck a pregnant girl? Up on my hands and knees, my fat tummy underneath and your cock just fucking my hot cunt. Fuck me on my back and you might even be treated by some titty milk if you’re sucking on my boobs at the same time!

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Hey all you hot and horny guys! Guess what time it is for Ms. Katrina? That’s right it’s that time of the month again, I’m ovulating and oh so ready for impregnation phone sex! I know that it makes you hot thinking about fucking me without a rubber…..mmmm… baby, I love that idea too! It will be so hot to watch my belly grow and rub my hands all over it. To feel the life grow inside of me, and to know that you’re the one that gave it to me. Oh baby! I just can’t wait! Mmmmm…

I don’t care how many men I have to fuck to get what I want, all that matters is that I get pregnant. There’s only a small window of time, for me to get pregnant. My tight pink cunt is wet thinking about all the things we can do to get me pregnant, and all the different positions we’ll get to try. Mmmm… baby that excites the fuck out of me!

To get you all worked up, I’m going to start by pushing you down on the bed in my bedroom. I’m going to unzip your pants, and pull them off, and tie your hands and feet to my four poster bed. I’ll be the one controlling this impregnation phone sex call. I’m going to tease you, until your shaft is rock hard. If you’re wondering why I’ve got you tied down it’s because you won’t be getting off until I say so. After all we have to save every last drop of your batter to fill up my creamy wet pussy. Mmmm….. I know you want to give me what I want, don’t you?

I know you’re going to get all hot and bothered as you watch my body change before your eyes; As my perky breasts become full and fill-up with my sweet milk, my body will become even more curvy as my belly fills out and becomes round. I can’t wait to feel that life move within. Mmmmm, baby! I know you want to give me what I want, so call your impregnation phone sex vixen Katrina at 1 888 402 8669.

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Lately I’ve been having these crazy dreams, hot dreams about getting pregnant! I’d love to play out these dreams, with some hot impregnation phone sex. You are a young college student trying to make ends me and really having a tough go at it. . You work in a very high-end restaurant in the chic part of town just trying to make enough tips to cover your tuition, you are surrounded by hot professional women and you know we are all loaded. . You are my waiter today for lunch, towards the end you come over and ask if there’s anything else you can get me before you hand me the check. I barely look up at you from my smart phone. . But when I do, I give you a good once over from head down to toe. But I can’t help but stop and notice the growing bulge in your pants. . You see the ring on my finger so you know I’m married but you also know that I like what I see, so you give me your best dazzling white smile. I slip you a note with my phone number and address of the hotel and room number for you to meet me in an hour. You may be poor but your dick is way more important than paying the bills, you just love pussy and you know you’re going to get it now.  When you show up you find me waiting in bed already half naked wearing sexy garters lace panties and bra and nothing else, you immediately get hard and start to get undressed. . Now this is where impregnation phone sex gets real fun. As you walk over to the bed, I explain to you that I’m very rich and my husband is very rich and it would kill him to find out that I was cheating on him. But we are also trying to get pregnant so I’m going to hire you as my stud. . You are going to be the one who knocks me up for as many children as I wish to have, you will be paid, but . That will be your only job, you need to fill me with that baby batter. Well this seems like a win-win situation for you to get to ride this beautiful bitch bareback without any consequences.

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I love impregnation phone sex fantasies!  The idea that you are fucking me and cumming inside me and filling me up with your sperm to make a baby is so damn hot.  I think what makes the fantasy even dirtier is when we make it into a taboo roleplay. You love the idea of knocking up someone you shouldn’t.  I know you find it so exciting when you see younger girls with full pregnant bellies and milk filled tits.  Or imagine the fantasy we could play where I am your wife and your are my cuckold and I get pregnant from my big black stud.  Your hot wife, pregnant with a black baby. Nothing like a little humiliation with our impregnation phone sex fantasy.

Close your eyes and listen to me scream, make me pregnant, knock me up, when you are fucking me.  Imagine fucking me for the next 9 months with my fat pregnant tummy and huge lactating breasts.  Suckling and drinking milk from them with your cock inside me.  Your balls are twitching right now just thinking about it, aren’t they?

Impregnation phone sex does not always have to mean just me being pregnant.  I have talked with a few of you boys, or should I say sissies, who have these very same thoughts.  You can be my breeding sissy slut and my well hung studs will keep your pregnant all the time.  So hot to imagine my sissy with her pregnant belly and even tits that get bigger and bigger filled with milk.  I bet you are even like me in that you want nothing more than to get knocked up by a big black cock and be his sissy breeding wife.

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I’m Raven and I love being your cumbucket. I’m so tired of waiting to get pregnant think you can help me out by filling me up with your hot load? I promise you won’t be disappointed in the freaky sex we have! I have absolutely no limits.When it comes to impregnation phone sex  I’m like an animal in heat! I long to feel a hard cunt drilling in and out of my hot young cunt. Face down, Ass up. That’s how I like it when I am your impregnation phone sex slut. All I think about is being impregnated by men, all sorts of them! Ones with cocks that can stretch my nasty holes until I am gaping with cum spilling out! Mmmm yes baby it makes me so horny! To be drilled hard and treated like a cum dumpster, taking one hot load after another. My pussy pulsates as I type this. The thought of being impregnated by men, whether it be men I actually know or complete strangers – it gets me really HOT. I want to be told just how nasty I am too as you fuck my cunt until I am raw, spewing your cum deep inside me, filling me until I can take no more… I hope you will enjoy feeling all that cum deep inside me from the previous men who have fucked me today. All of that cum getting squished around by your cock as you thrust yourself upon me. Make it filthy! Give this freaky young slut all of your seed! I’ll do anything you say to be your impregnated whore. Giggles bring your buddies around if you want! As long as each of you fuck me good and give me all of your cum then it should be a good time!  So what are you waiting for this impregnation phone sex whore loves when you go bareback, you told me that my pussy feels to good to wrap your big cock up.  And, you have never liked pulling out instead you love filling up my sweet coco pussy with hot baby batter. So give it to me baby I can’t wait to see my flat stomach swell from being knock up by you. Hehehhe

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impregnation phone sex

I love having phone sex because I get to have sex with someone new every day.  But sometimes, I get a burning desire to take my fantasy a little bit further and I want to have impregnation phone sex!  Just the thought of filling my belly up with your joy juice makes me shiver in sheer delight.  I don’t like to wear condoms, especially when I’m having fun with a hot guy. I like an extra happy ending, if you know what I mean 🙂  After all, I am Riley, the nasty cum loving whore and whenever I get some sperm, I always want more.  Do you ever have impregnation phone sex fantasies?  I would love to feel your throbbing hard cock inside my tight pink pussy and hold you inside of me while you are cumming!  I want all that warmth inside of me and I want to make a baby with you.  There are no rules, we can do it however and whenever you want.  I just want to hear you whisper in my ear that you want me to have your baby.  Yes, just say those words to me as we cum together.  C’mon, admit it.  You fantasize about making a baby with a hot chick like me, don’t you?  We would have so much fun trying over and over again.

You don’t have to wait anymore.  I’m here and I’m ready for you to explode inside of me during a sexy impregnation phone sex call.  I can’t wait to see my belly full of your hot lovin’.  Let’s not wait another minute. Please, don’t make me beg you to call me…

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